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Sunday, November 29, 2020



What is portrayed in the Meme is one of the greatest differences between Eastern and Western-Original Gospel teachings on the relationship of the body to the Soul.  And in not understanding the Mind as patterned in the teachings of Jesus on the Tree of Life (see ), the Eastern teachings are generally unable to bring about the necessary Wholeness to bring about the next subsequent stage of birth (see Wholeness of Mind & Being ).  The Eastern Religions fail to understand that the Lower Earthly Nature of man is the Feminine Opposite Polarity to the Upper Spiritual Nature -- which means that the two opposite polarities of the Trinitarian Divine Pattern must be reunited in the Center with Wholeness restored (see The Light Of The Trinity As The Divine Pattern Of Creation ).   

Where Eastern teachings deal primarily with the upper spiritual nature through meditation and various forms of yoga, the Essene Ebionite Nazirene Scriptures in their original un-corrupted form, deal with the development and transformation of the lower earthly nature as explored in the above link to the teachings of Jesus on the Tree of Life, and the Restoral of Wholeness.  And that the Soul of Man has an actual lower animal nature that returns back to him -- life after life after life -- where it must be eventually transformed in preparation to bring about the necessary Wholeness and subsequent birth, is fully explored at the link entitled The Formation Of Our Lower Earthly Animal Consciousness .

During the Cycles of Life when the Lower Nature is released from the body in what can rightly be portrayed as Soul-Breath And The Common Ground Of The Fourth Kingdom , man's lower animal nature is released into the earth to incarnate in accord with its level of development.  And with conception when the Soul projects another embryonic image at conception, the consciousness of the lower animal nature of that Soul reforms the physical body in accord with the level of transformation brought about by that Soul's previous lives.  And this is why Jesus taught that many people were actually beasts that walk in the form of man (see Organic Man Ruled Over By His Lower Animal Nature ). Which means that each person's lower nature is reformed at conception and birth -- and the level of spiritual attainment of each Soul is manifest into the life of the person in accord with the level of transformative development that each Soul has attained in its previous lives.  Which gives important meaning to the statement: "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap" (Gal 6:7).  Or, as in the statement of the pre-Nicene Church Father Origen: “Every soul... comes into this world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defeats of its previous life” (Origen, De Principiis).    

What this means is that the ability of each person to comprehend higher Soul and Spiritual Realities is determined by the transformative development of the physical body which the person incarnates into -- as stated by Origen in the Church's official reply to the Pagan Philosopher Celsus where Origen explained in Contra Celsum with respect to what can be portrayed as a person's Spiritual DNA that the Soul inherits from life to life: "Is it not rational that souls should be introduced into bodies, in accordance with their merits and previous deeds, and that those who have used their bodies in doing the utmost possible good should have the right to bodies endowed with qualities superior to the bodies of others?  With the key reality portrayed in the words: "...those who have used their bodies in doing the utmost possible good should have the right to bodies endowed with qualities superior to the bodies of others".  Which means that those Souls who have evolved and transformed their lower earthly/animal nature, inherit a physical body that is more refined, and is able to comprehend man's higher Soul and Spiritual Reality.  While those who have neglected the development of their lower animal nature are inhibited by their untransformed Spiritual DNA that they inherited.  Quoting from Spiritual DNA And The Allotment Of Talents To The Invited Guests : "And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability" (Matt 25:15).   The key concept here is that each person was not only entrusted with a different amount, but that each person was entrusted with an amount "...each according to his own ability."   When rightly understood within the construct of the original Gospel teachings prior to being corrupted by the Church, each person is given their lot in life in accordance with this predetermined criteria of what each soul has accomplished in their own past.  Further, what Jesus taught was that what the spiritually poor complacent people possessed because they "buried" their talent in the earth, would even be taken away and be given to those who had an abundance: “Therefore take the talent from him, and give it to him who has ten talents. For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away” (Matt 25:28-29).   Thus, on the surface, Jesus appears to be a Robin Hood in reverse -- take from the poor, and give to the rich.

In Contra Celsum, Origen explains respecting the Divine Order of Creation as set forth in Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (see The Early Church On Predestination ) and goes on to explain: “For God must be believed to do and order all things and at all times according to His judgment. For the words which the apostle uses when he says, ‘In a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and of earth, and some to honor and some to dishonor;' and those which he adds, saying, 'If a man purge himself, he will be a vessel unto honor, sanctified and meet for the Master's use, unto every good work,' undoubtedly point out this, that he who shall purge himself when he is in this life, will be prepared for every good work in that which is to come; while he who does not purge himself will be, according to the amount of his impurity, a vessel unto dishonor, i.e., unworthy. It is therefore possible to understand that there have been also formerly rational vessels, whether purged or not, i.e., which either purged themselves or did not do so, and that consequently every vessel, according to the measure of its purity or impurity, received a place, or region, or condition by birth, or an office to discharge, in this world..."  How is the "condition by birth" in accord with each person's own accomplishments over the course of their Soul's previous lives?  Because when you incarnated into this world, your own Soul's lower earthly/animal nature reformed the consciousness of your physical body -- thereby manifesting your own Soul's Spiritual DNA.  And the fact that Eastern Teachings generally ignore this reality, is why they teach that you are not the body -- which is only a vessel that you inherit like a new car in each life. 

The Eastern religious teachings which lack the necessary knowledge of the soul that has developed their lower earthly/animal nature, attempts to portray man's journey on earth from the perspective of escaping the Wheel of Reincarnation. They fail to understand that each personality which the Soul incarnates as, only lives One Lifetime (see The Foundation Of The Soul And The Threefold Self ) -- and that because Time is a dimension of Soul-Mind, all the personalities the Soul has incarnated as, continues to dwell in the Higher Reality of what can be portrayed as the Soul Mind-Matrix.  And thus, because the Eastern teachings are focused on withdrawing and escaping this sub-realm, instead of fully embracing it in a positive manner, they fail to develop the necessary Wholeness that the core Gospel teachings are designed to bring about -- i.e., "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Mark 2:17).     In their failure to understand that the Soul or our True-Self is a twelve-dimensional Being of Light that cannot incarnate directly into this three-dimensional sub-realm (see ) -- and that the projected image in each lifetime is embryonic, and must be evolved through the interaction of male and female as explored in Jesus' teachings on the Tree of Life (see The Process Of Birth Within The Tree Of Life ) -- and that through the experiences in this life that evolves the Light of the Soul (see The Evolving Soul ) -- the person who achieves Wholeness and the subsequent stages of birth (see The Four Stages Of Birth ) -- which through Wholeness, has the ability to grow the Light of the Soul and bring about Perfection as Jesus taught.   




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