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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Are The After-Life Documentaries Crackpot Nonsense?

Are The After-Life Documentaries Crackpot Nonsense? 

 To find the answer, we must pose the question: Does Science have a detrimental Ideological agenda (see Science Vs Scientism )? In the same way that a Jehovah's Witness or Evangelical Christian refuses to investigate beyond their ideological border, this is also true of the impersonation of actual Science known more factually as Scientism. The bottom line is that both the proponents of Scientism and their opposite Fundamentalist Christian authorities are equally prisoners in the same boat of abject ignorance.

There are modern scientists who have proven the existence of Spirit as the Unseen Source of the shadow-images we see and interact with in this sub-realm (see The Findings Of The Physicist ). And what these cutting-edge scientists have confirmed, is the reality of Plato's Cave of Illusions (see Plato - The Physicist ). And therein lies the heart of the dilemma -- i.e., both the authorities of Scientism and religion refuse to embrace the wisdom of the mystic who has conveyed to others how to gain entrance into what the scientist portrays as the Unseen Source, and what the preacher portrays as the Kingdom of God. And anyone who has embraced the original Gospel teachings and has gained entrance to the Inner Kingdom, is portrayed as a Crackpot or a Heretic. Meanwhile the vast majority of the population remain in ignorance, because of the folly of the scientist or preacher who remains shackled by their ideology.

While the Netflix and Amazon Prime documentaries leave much unsaid (see Surviving Death ), if the person watching these documentaries begins to make the effort to seek the Truth, they will be guided in their journey in their quest to find the Truth and enter the Inner Kingdom. So long as the person is not shackled by their ideology they were taught by faux-teachers, each person possess the innate ability to gain entrance into the Kingdom and learn the Truth of all Truths. Built into our DNA is the innate ability to return to our Source of Being -- and all we have to do is begin to make a serious effort at seeking the Truth and our Source (see ). And what this means is that these documentaries on Surviving Death and the Afterlife, are merely the invitation being dangled in front of the prisoners of carnal ideology, to break free of their enslavement.

The Original Gospel teachings were designed to set the people as personified in the parable of the prodigal son, free from the illusions of this world which is portrayed in the parable as the Far Country or the analogy of Plato's Cave. But the most important teachings of the Gospels were corrupted by the Church of Constantine -- who used religion to control the people. Rational minded people opposed the Church, and they set out to prove the corrupted and misinterpreted scriptures to be a fraud from a physical-scientific perspective. And in their opposition to each other, both side became shackled by their ideology against the other. But both sides threw out the original teachings which were designed to open the inner door of consciousness that permitted the seeker to connect with the Source of all Truth and Light.

These after-death documentaries are an invitation for seekers to investigate beyond the physical images of this world for the Higher Truth that has been obscured in the conflict between the quasi-authorities of faux science and religion. As the prodigal son's of the Most High, each person possess the innate potential to return to the Edenic Kingdom that can be found at the Source of their Mind and Being. And the inward-journey is accomplished through Wholeness of Mind as professed by the historical man Jesus in the words: "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Mark 2:17). The original Gospel teachings which were corrupted by the Church of Rome, was designed to bring about the necessary Wholeness of Mind through the transformative process of mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening (see ).

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Can You Be Possessed By A Demon Or Earth-Bound Spirit? Quoting
an excerpt from The Hell of Time
What of those who hold strong beliefs pertaining to the after-life? Because they are no longer subject to Time, they can become the victim of their beliefs and mindset. In the same way that our educational systems are designed to evolve the mind of the student from elementary to higher levels of understanding, if the student becomes complacent at an elementary stage -- or, becomes locked into a belief that derails their progress -- then the student/believer becomes locked into that level of instruction or dogmatic understanding. And when that person is no longer subject to Time or the cycles of the body, they can remain locked into a single thought for virtually eternity. Upon being released from the natural cycles of the physical body, many Christians will praise the Lord F-O-R-E-V-E-R. No one who has passed on before them, is able to approach them, unless they are of the same mind as the person locked into the belief of the person. Further, because they have access to those people of the same mindset who are still in physical life, then seek out those people in support of their belief. Many earth-bound spirits frequent the Churches -- with some successfully impressing and implanting their thoughts in the minds of the parishioners -- who often believe that what they are hearing is the voice of the Lord. Many claim to have been told by Jesus, by Mary, some saint or other such being they hold in authority. Which means that those who cling to beliefs in Hell, can find themselves experiencing Hell -- and no one outside of their framework of belief can approach them. Those who believe in eternal judgment, will experience eternal judgment in accord with their beliefs. Those who believe that they will go to Glory, will experience the illusion of their beliefs. Many Atheists will enter into a comatose suspension of all thought and life. Those who believe in meditation as the higher path, can find themselves in an endless meditation. An endless environment of Torah study.

Then there are those addicted to the unrestrained appetites of the body. Many earth-bound spirits will strive to get into and inhabit the body of those who drink alcohol to excess. Excessive drinking of alcohol, opens the door for an earth-bound spirit to get into the person -- and occupy the body of the intoxicated person. Many murders or cases of manslaughter are committed by the spirit that has taken control of the person's body. In many instances, the mixture of alcohol or drugs enables an earthbound spirit to induce rape or violence against their partner. The same is true of those addicted to drugs, gambling, sex and any other addictive behaviors which draws earth-bound spirits into the life of the person -- impressing their thoughts into the mind of the person still in the body. So what is the fate of those of whom the Gospel account of Jesus portrays as who "...did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes." Because of the corruption of the scriptures and the adoption of man-made dogmatic beliefs, the modern Christian has no means to explain why the unbelievers will receive less judgment than the mainstream of complacent believers who those who knew the masters will, but did not properly prepare themselves to live in accord with the Gospel teachings, will receive the greater judgment. In fact, these statements are in total opposition to everything that modern Christians believe. If the unbelievers receive the lesser judgment than the lukewarm believers, then what is their fate. From a modern Christian dogmatic perspective, that would mean the the unbelievers would inherit the Kingdom, while the lukewarm believers would not -- or at least be subject to greater judgment than the unbelievers who committed many sins.

What is set forth in the Gospels as judgment or judgment day, takes place every day of a person's life -- and as explored in the subheading The Octave Test Through The Narrow Gate , every thought that the mind generates and associated action is evaluated and judged. In the same way that an infant is in the process of growing and developing, this world is a Mental-Womb where the mind is in the process of growing and developing through the nourishment of Impressions and Thoughts that are Whole -- i.e., not diminished by the duality of the male or female columns of the Tree of Duality, or the duality of the heavenly and earthly as tested by the Law of Octaves when the person's Impressions and Thoughts are evaluated. Any Impressions or Thoughts that are polarized to the outer Male or Female Columns of Duality of the Tree of Life, is representative of the Forbidden Fruit that in the failure to properly nourish the mind with Wholeness, brings spiritual death. And without the proper balance of the Male and Female Columns of Duality, neither can the Earthly be reunited to the Heavenly as explored at the previous subheading link.

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