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Sunday, January 10, 2021

 The Heritage Of Jesus

Does the race and heritage of the historical man Jesus matter?  While he has in most instances been portrayed as white -- and more recently as black or Palestinian, none of these modern portrayals of Jesus is correct.  Much like the United States today, Atlantis was a spiritual civilization until the agnostic non believing Athenians took over with their demand for wars and concentration solely on material and physical levels of energy.  Which provokes the question: Have these same Souls come in again and taken over the organizations and religious bodies in their endeavor to exert control over our lives all over again?  With the same objectives and intent?  

Before the destruction of Atlantis, such highly evolved spiritual groups as the Essenes had migrated to the other areas of the world prior to the sinking of the continent. And this is why the historical man Jesus was neither white, black or a Palestinian. 

The historical man Jesus had tan skin and long black hair much like many Native Americans -- some of whom also had their roots in Atlantis.  The Spiritual Communities and Groups on Atlantis migrated off the doomed continent. What did the hair of Jesus and many of the Essenes look like?  Much like the hair of the Native American woman at the left. 

How do I know this?  Over the past 45 years I have regressed and assisted countless seekers to be able to recall their previous lives that their Souls had lived (see ). Many seekers who are presently incarnate as Americans, had previous lives as Atlanteans. The Edgar Cayce life readings portrayed many people who had lived lives on Atlantis. And while Plato portrays Atlantis in an allegorical sense, Atlantis did exist -- and it was the source of many spiritual groups that had migrated off of the continent prior to its destruction. My wife and I delved into Atlantis when one of our children was born with Down Syndrome. The technology of Atlantis was highly evolved, even beyond our present technology. But, unlike our modern technology that runs on fossil fuels, the Atlantean technology was run by what can be portrayed as vibratory frequencies. In fact, on Atlantis, Down Syndrome was healed by a use of frequencies directed at the primary cell of the body.

While the present movement towards wind and solar power to replace fossil fuels as a source of energy is inadequate, if the research people were able to tap into the previous lives their Soul's lived, they may be able to resurrect the same energy source that was used on Atlantis and does not use fossil fuels. In fact, now that many of the accounts of UFO's and aliens are becoming revealed by the government, the vehicles used by the UFO accounts use a similar system as was used on Atlantis. Which means that if the people who are engineering these new non-fossil fuel power systems were to begin to connect with their Soul's previous lives on Atlantis, the non-polluting answer they seek is at their finger tips. Moreover, with the facts about reincarnation being revealed in the new Netflix documentary Surviving Death (see ), the solutions they seek could be on the near horizon of emerging technological advances. Additionally, so too can the foundation of the New Covenant teachings of Jesus that have virtually nothing in common with modern Christianity be clarified and restored.  And therein lies the crux of the problem as seen in the fact that the heathen environments which spiritual groups such as the Essenes migrated into, were too carnal to comprehend the Spiritual Foundation of the Original Gospel Teachings (see ). 

Many spiritual seers and voices have predicted the coming of Earth Shifts (see The Coming Earth Shifts And the New Spiritual Beginning ).    With the same Souls who caused the destruction of Atlantis, continuing in their divisive mindset and lifestyle -- seeking control over the people.  And like the Essenes, the more advanced spiritual groups must seek areas where they will be safe from the destructive force of the coming earth-shifts.  


Two Massive Crystal Pyramids Found in the Center of Bermuda Triangle (video)

 Two Massive Crystal Pyramids Found in the Center of Bermuda Triangle (video)


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