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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


The Universal Language Of The Soul And the Virgin Birth

There exists a Universal Language of the Soul. The Images of Creation are in fact written in this Language that unifies all of Creation in a discernible format. On understanding the spiritual meaning of the allegorical scriptures, the Church Father Origen correctly stated: “It is sufficient however, to represent in the style of a historic narrative what is intended to convey a secret meaning in the garb of history, that those who have the capacity may work out for themselves all that relates to the subject.” This is possible because the scriptures are composed in the Universal Language of the Soul that is true on all levels of Creation -- i.e., physical, mental and spiritual. Which means that the physical is a pattern -- and when you understand how a child is conceived and born in the physical, then a parallel process exists in the mind and the spirit -- as in the Divine Pattern of Creation (see The Eternal Light - The Trinity

What this also means is that if you understand the pattern in the physical, you can then apply that pattern in the mental -- and eventually the spiritual. When Jesus taught that you must be born again, he was not portraying a counterfeit birth by saying words -- but rather, by fulfilling the pattern of birth on a mental level, and then on a spiritual level of consciousness.  This is why the Virgin (non-physical) birth on a mental and spiritual level is a Universal Symbol across all the religions of mankind. It is not a physical virgin birth that is being portrayed -- but rather, the fulfillment of the pattern on a mental and spiritual level. And this is why there is always twelve disciples and even what is signified in the allegory of the crucifixion. All these symbols are not only Universal, but they present important realities of mind and spirit that must be brought about in the life of the seeker.
In the article entitled, The Persecution Of The Jews , I demonstrate that the Jews were portrayed as blind guides and the devil's spawn, because they interpreted the scriptures outwardly in ritual and tradition -- instead of turning them within their own mind as the Key of Knowledge (see ). Are modern Christians any more blind than the Jews when they promote a physical virgin birth instead of the necessary non-physical birth that must be brought about in the mind and spirit?

Today we are plagued by what is portrayed as the "cancel culture" that is attempting to destroy all that has made America Great. But aren't they just imitating the Church of Rome that canceled all the spiritual knowledge of the Gospels when they did as the blind guide Jews and interpreted the Gospels outwardly in ritual and tradition? And didn't Martin Luther further cancel the spiritual meaning of the Gospel teachings when he ordained faith without works -- i.e., "But do you not know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?" (James 2:20).  It is not blind faith and belief that initiates and brings about the process of birth in the seekers mind and spirit -- thereby permitting the seeker to enter into a Coverture-Marriage with the Indwelling Logos/Son of God (see Coverture-Marriage ). After all, Jesus warned "And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me" (Matt 10:38).  

The Original Gospel teachings which the Church corrupted by removing many of the most important teachings which have been restored at , is of the utmost importance to be embraced physically, mentally and spiritually. And if you as a seeker have not put on the wedding garment of purity (see The Required Wedding Garment ), and are not yourself born of the virgin in a non-physical birth, then you have failed to achieve the very purpose of the life that you are presently living.


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