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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Melinate People - Original People?

 Melinated People - Original People?

I received this message from a group who portray Melinated People as the source of all mankind.  Is this true?  What is the message of the meme with the statement by Marcus Garvey to all people of the Black race?   It would be similar to an analogy stating that if over the course of your life you owned a dozen different makes of cars -- with the car you own at present being a Chevy -- that if you knew the glorious history of Chevrolet, that you would be more inclined to respect yourself in the present.   Does this analogy sound outrageous to you?  Then consider this question that each person must eventually answer: Are you the body?  Or is the body a vehicle that you have chosen at this time, in order to learn certain lessons? 

In a recent trip to Africa I assisted a group of seekers to recall the previous lives their Soul's had lived (see Past Lives of Tshiliso and Tsiu ).  And true to the above analogy, in each life they lived their Soul's had incarnated into a different racial-vehicle.  There was one life as a Native American.  Another life as a British pilot.  But the more important life to them as seekers of higher truth, was a life as fourth century Ebionite where seekers learned to connect with their True-Self that is a Being of Light ( ) -- where it was confirmed to them that their physical body is very much as a vehicle which their True-Self chooses to experience certain lessons and develop certain areas of the mine.  And for this reason the Soul chooses to incarnate into different races, genders and cultures as explored in the article The Esoteric Reality of the Races .  And only by connecting with their own higher Soul-Self (see ), could they understand the above analogy which compares the race you are presently living as with one of a number of vehicles that one drives for a short interval of their lives.  Which means that the history of Chevrolet has little to learn about your own True-Self and the reason and purpose you chose to be born into your present conditions of life.

When I first saw the statement of Marcus Garvey, admittedly I had no idea as to who he was, or the positions about life that he had endorsed.  So I did a search for him, and found the following statement in the Wikipedia: "Garvey's belief in racial separatism, the migration of African Americans to Africa, and opposition to miscegenation all endeared him to the KKK, who supported many of the same policies. Garvey was willing to collaborate with the KKK to achieve his aims, and they were willing to work with him because his approach effectively acknowledged the idea that the U.S. should be a country exclusively for white people and would abandon campaigns for advanced rights for African Americans within the U.S. Garvey called for collaboration between black and white separatists, stating that they shared common goals: the purification of the races, their autonomous separation and the unbridled freedom of self-development and self-expression. Those who are against this are enemies of both races, and rebels against morality, nature and God." In his view, the KKK and other far-right white groups were "better friends" to black people "than all other groups of hypocritical whites put together" because they were honest about their desires and intentions."

I found the statement in many ways very true -- i.e., "...In his [Garvey's] view, the KKK and other far-right white groups were 'better friends' to black people 'than all other groups of hypocritical whites put together' because they were honest about their desires and intentions."   Where the Left-Wing Marxist activists are using the Black race as a catalyst to diminish the Constitution and what is often portrayed as the American Dream, I agree with Star Parker in her assessment that the Left is merely promoting Uncle Sam's Plantation (see ).  Based upon my own perceptive understanding drawn from countless lives in every race, spanning thousands of years:  There was an important reason why Higher Spiritual Forces brought all the races together to manifest what has been called American Exceptionalism and the American Dream that has attracted people from every country in their search for opportunity and advancement that they could only obtain under the American Constitution.  And if those who lead you, teach you the way to connect with your multi-racial True-Self that is a Being of Light, only then will you Respect all that you have accomplished spanning all the races your own Soul has lived.   

The statement by Marcus Garvey was made across a group that portrayed itself as Melinated People who claim to be the "original people" of the earth.  Yet, all people of the Black race who begin to connect with their Higher Soul-Self, all recognize that their own source is not of this world -- and that their own Souls use the race and gender of each incarnation at catalysts to learn certain lessons that will eventually assist them to escape the ignorance of this world.  Your own True-Self is no more the race of your present physical body, than the make of the car you are presently driving -- and both are merely a vehicle your Soul is presently using.  Which means that if you are presently Black, studying African history will provide you no greater understanding of your True-Self, than studying the make of the vehicle you are presently driving.   If you are a Melinated person, and you want direction in the enigma of the life that you are presently living, then you might want to talk to the Africans who have recalled the lives their Soul has lived in the group, -- and/or seek higher wisdom from those who can assist you in your search for your True-Self that is a Being of Light ( ).    
























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