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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Did Jesus Have Freewill?

Did Jesus Have Freewill

The question is asked: Did Jesus have freewill? 

This question would be asked in relation to the statement in the Gospel of Matthew by someone who attempts to read the scriptures historically -- failing to understand the spiritual meaning. What is allegorically portrayed in the crucifixion is the Absolute Perfection of the Soul that every person has incarnated into this life to achieve. Quoting from The Cross You Must Bear To Your Own Crucifixion

Can you understand the meaning of the Cross from the perspective of the Crucifix? What do you see? Jesus hanging on a cross. Which provokes the question: How do you pick up your own cross DAILY, and travail in TheWay, as Jesus commanded -- i.e., "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me" (Luke 9:23). Jesus did not say that you must believe that he was crucified. What Jesus is stating is that you must "come after [him]" by "taking up [your own] cross daily" -- that you must carry your own cross "EVERY DAY" (DAILY) -- and with your own cross, you must bring about and submit to your own crucifixion. But what does this mean? What does carrying your own cross DAILY, entail? Belief in the cross as an event in the life of the historical man Jesus, does not in any manner equate to taking up your own cross every day of your life, and carrying it to your own crucifixion. Thus, while our knowledge of the cross that each person must carry is crucial, few Christians possess the in-depth knowledge to understand the symbolism and meaning -- especially when they rely upon the historical image of the crucifix that portrays the Cross in an historical context that is relevant only to the historical man Jesus.

No other words have been more misunderstood than what is personified in the deeper meaning the Cross than the critical concepts of crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. Let us just say they are so loaded with heavy dogmatic baggage, that their actual spiritual meaning is hopelessly lost when it is realized that the words apply to each and every person in human existence. While crucifixion obviously refers to an old method of executing people by hanging their bodies’ up on a cross and letting them die. If we believe that is the meaning of crucifixion when used in the scriptures, then it prevents us from understanding that it can have many other meanings pertaining to the nature of life and how the lost prodigal son gains freedom from the Citizen of this, the Far Country, in his quest to return to the Edenic Kingdom. Every person has a choice to embrace the process of mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening, or to remain carnal and intellectually disenfranchised. In the same way that a developing fetus lives to be born from the cocoon of its mother's womb, every Soul enters this life to bring about the Final Stage of Birth that is allegorically portrayed in the Gospel account of the Crucifixion. Therefore, the man Jesus used his freewill and choice to fulfill the very purpose of Life -- and inherit the Promise of the Kingdom. While he could have returned to living the sense bound physical appetite-driven mentally depressed spiritually disenfranchised existence of organic man and woman. He used his freewill and choice to fulfill and prevail over the Law, and enter into LIFE in accord with the PROMISE.

Your Soul entered this life to bring about what is allegorically portrayed in your own Crucifixion.  And if you are not working on bringing about -- and sustaining this crucifixion DAILY -- then your life will be a spiritual failure.  And, because you will be returned to the Domain of your own Higher Soul-Self where you will dwell forever with all the other personalities your Soul has lived as, you will be known for the fruit of your accomplishments in this life.   Unlike the other lives of your Soul-Brothers and Sisters, you have an advantage that they did not.  You have esoteric self-knowledge at your fingertips.  All the knowledge of the Self and the Mysteries of God, has been made available to you, if you take the time and effort to seek it out. For you, even the teachings that were suppressed by the Church has been restored by the original author and made available free of charge at .

Most of us have sufficient finances to travail the spiritual path.  And because you have these advantages at your fingertips, your other Soul-Brothers and Sisters looked upon the life that you are presently living as a possible catalyst that will change the plight of your Soul forever.  Will you, though your actions, become an "invited guest" to TheCall in the future (see TheCall To The Wedding Banquette ).  Therein lies the problem:  This plight is contingent upon your actions with respect to your taking the most advantage of the choices in your life, and bringing about your own Atonement as personified in the allegorical account of the crucifixion.  Will you prevail over the Laws as the man Jesus did? (see The Law Of Octaves ).  Or will you squander away your greatest opportunity perhaps ever presented to you in all the lives your Soul has lived?  Therefore, because you are presently living a life of great opportunity, you will be known and defined in the world in which you will dwell forever, by the choices you make in this present life.  









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