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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Truth Of Man's Holy Books And Scriptures


The Truth Of Man's Holy Books and Scriptures

Virtually every word set forth in this meme is a blatant lie. While the statement that every scripture was written by a human is somewhat true, there is a grave difference between organic man who is embryonic in his consciousness, and an enlightened one who has achieved the next stage of spiritual birth -- who has experienced the Anointing (Messiah/Christ) of their mind -- and is Consciously connected to the Mind of God (Logos/Word/Son of God).  What is portrayed as Organic Consciousness, can be compared to the intellectual level of a developing fetus that dwells in the womb of its mother.  Because the fetus has yet to be born, it has no idea of the world outside the womb of its mother.  Like the developing fetus who is unaware of his own true reality, organic man does not even know that he is dwelling in what can be portrayed as a Cosmic Womb -- and that he must develop to a higher mental and spiritual level, before he can even begin to understand his own higher reality -- the potential of which he has yet to achieve. 

The core objective of every Holy Book, is to prepare the believer for the next stage of spiritual birth -- to enable the believer who is a serious seeker to bring about the necessary transformation of mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening that consciously connects their consciousness to the Mind of God.  But to accomplish this, you must bring about a change in frequency and vibration of Mind (see Tesla - Frequency And Vibration Of Mind ), by dedicating your life to achieving your own transformation of body, mind and spirit.  It is the change in the frequency and vibration of your consciousness that opens your mind to the higher spiritual meaning of the scriptures/holy books -- thereby enabling you to see beyond the literal/historical facade that the immature carnal mindset remains blind to -- turning the symbolism of the scriptures within your own mind as the Key of Knowledge (see Application Of The Key Of Knowledge ).  When used properly, the Scriptures/Holy Books have the ability to develop the inward-looking attributes of mind through the allegorical catalysts that connect with your inner self -- opening your consciousness -- thereby enabling you to begin to connect with the Divine Mind of God.

The author of the meme does not understand that there is a Universal Language of the Soul -- and all of Creation is embodied with the symbolism of this Universal Language.  Where the inner-self -- i.e., the Higher Soul-Self of man -- dwells in a twelve-dimensional reality -- organic man dwells in this three-dimensional sub-realm that can be portrayed as a mental-womb that is necessary to prepare  him for the next stage of possible birth.  The symbolism used in the scriptures or holy books, are written in this Universal Language (see The Purpose Of The Scriptures ).  From the perspective of the three-dimensional consciousness of man, his own higher Soul-Self and the reality thereof, is supernatural (see The Supernatural Self ).  Therefore, from a three-dimensional level of consciousness, man's own higher Soul-Reality can only be expressed in what can be portrayed as mythological symbolism that the authors of the scriptures employ to open the mind of man to his own higher Soul-Reality.  It is impossible to express a higher twelve-dimensional reality within the limited three-dimensional spectrum of organic human consciousness.  And this is true of a person in Africa -- a person in Asia -- a person in Europe -- as well as a person who dwells on a secluded island or anywhere else in this three-dimensional earthly realm.   Therefore, because the supernatural images that each person sees as they begin to break through the cocoon of the womb that organic man dwells in is the same for all of mankind regardless of the continent they are living, no one is copying or stealing the imagery from other earthly places -- when in fact they are using the symbols and imagery drawn from the twelve-dimensional reality of Universal Higher Consciousness.  The book, The Sixteen Crucified Saviors (see The Sixteen Crucified Saviors  ) is the result of holy men interpreting the higher twelve-dimensional reality of Higher Consciousness as expressed in the Universal Language of the Soul, and expressing the symbolism of man's own supernatural higher reality within the culture of where he is living. Which means that no one stole the symbolism from African texts, as the ignorant author suggests. What is the source of these symbols and images used in the holy books? Once the mind has begun to be opened to mans' higher Soul-Reality, both the authors of those African texts as well as the authors of the texts of all holy books independently used the symbols of man's Universal Language of the Soul which portrays the higher reality of all of mankind.

All of man's institutions very quickly become corrupted.  When an Enlightened Holy Man authors a scripture and associated teachings in order to guide their body of believers into stages of higher consciousness, carnal men very quickly corrupt those teachings and holy books for their own purposes of gaining power and control over other people.  Using Christianity as the perfect example of this secularized seizure of religious texts in order to control the population, it is easily proven that the dogma of the Church has virtually nothing in common with the Original Gospel Teachings (see The Restored Original Gospel at .  And this to the degree that the original Ebionite followers of Jesus and authors of the Gospels, are today rejected as heretics (see The Ebionite Heresy ).  Quoting from this link: "There is an abiding truth that I can set before every Christian that is an undeniable fact that all faith-based believers must eventually confront -- i.e., as a believer, you have never so much as heard the position of the original followers of Jesus that has been labeled the Ebionite heresy."   The Ebionite authors of the Gospels did not compose their Holy Books to in any manner gain power and control over the people -- but rather, to free the people from their organic consciousness and carnal limitations of the sub-realm of this world.  Thereby enabling their ego or earthly self to become the Supernatural Manifestation of their own Higher Soul-Self (see ). 

If you embrace the folly of the author of the meme, then you will remain a prisoner of the abject ignorance of the organic consciousness of this planet which is portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind and being and the Far Country in the parable of the lost prodigal son.       













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