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Monday, January 15, 2024


Is Fiction More Real Than Non-Fiction?

What is real, and what is a fictional or allegorical symbol of what is real? For the hell of it, I did a search on the "Rules Of Critical Thought". And I guess they apply somewhat, if you only see and comprehend the physical aspect of man's reality -- which, by the way, is approximately equal to 10% of our true metaphysical reality. What this means is that when we look at the physical form of a person, we are seeing only 10% of that person. Why? Anyone who has begun to develop their higher spiritual vision, understands that Plato's Cave factually states that we are seeing only shadow-images, and not the real thing. Why? Because the Source of what we see is a twelve-dimensional projection that is limited to three-dimensional images of our own Higher Soul-Reality that we cannot see with our physical senses. In the case of looking at the image of a person, we can't see the Being of Light and Pure Intellectual Energy that is projecting the physical form (see  ). Further, where we see a male and female physical form, we can't see that one polarity of the Being of Light is being suppressed because of the three-dimensional limitations of this physical realm (see When Man Meets Woman  ). Further, the purpose of the projection of the polarities of male or female is so the two polarities can interact -- and by interacting, we can grow and evolve -- which enables us to bring about the subsequent stages of birth that the Gospel teachings makes reference to. And like it is stated in Plato's Cave, because of the three-dimensional limitations, we only see a symbol of the higher reality that is being projected.

The limitations that have been placed upon human consciousness unless expanded, only comprehends about 10% of the Higher Truth. As an example: We see the purpose of sex as being for procreation. But what we are seeing is in fact a symbol of our own desire and need to accomplish our subsequent stages of birth as explored at The Divine Marriage  -- and sex itself which connects the two polarities of mind that we interpret as male and female, is the means by which we are able to initiate the process birth that brings about our own mental-expansion and spiritual-deepening.

I recently had a discussion with a group about the Colon as being the physical manifestation of the Foundation Sphere of the Tree of Life (see Tree Of Life  ). It is not that the Colon IS THE FOUNDATION SPHERE -- but rather, the Colon is the 10% manifestation of the Foundation Sphere that is a symbol that conveys to us the functioning of the Foundation Sphere in relation to the other eleven spheres of mind. And if we begin to understand the symbol, then we can begin to understand the source that is projecting the symbol. And this is true with respect to all the organs of the physical body in relation to the sphere of mind that is projecting the symbolic image.

Mankind remains prisoners of Plato's Cave of Symbols and Illusions, because we never think beyond the 10% symbols we observe with our physical senses. Medical Science still believes that the physical brain is the mind of man. It is therefore beyond their comprehension that the whole of the physical body is a symbol of the consciousness that surrounds the body -- a consciousness that is not at all dependent upon the physical form for its existence. Which means that if you understand the functioning of the symbol on a mental and spiritual level, you will be able to understand the higher functioning of that sphere of mind in relation to the whole. But because they don't understand the symbolism, Medical Science has shackled mankind to an intellectual dark-ages cave that keeps mankind earth-bound in the whole of their thinking. To the degree that modern critical thought maintains that if it is not physically seen, then it does not exist. And so long as we continue to embrace the non-metaphysical rules of critical thought, we will remain carnal dumb-asses in relation to our true higher reality of mind and spirit.

Fortunately for us, the lives we live develops our Spiritual DNA -- the existence of which all the critical thinkers of our culture vehemently reject. But what this means is that those who reject the carnal dumb-asses of this world are able to not only attain higher levels of attainment through the process of achieving the subsequent stages of birth, and they are able to recollect and further build upon the Spiritual DNA they inherit from their Higher Soul-Self. Which means that what the carnal dumb-asses of our culture sees as inheriting the physical attributes of the DNA of our parents, is in really just another symbol of Plato's Cave. Which means that someone such as myself and my wife -- as well as other more advanced seeker -- can be born into the abject ignorance of the carnal dumb-asses of the group of critical thinkers who presently rule this world, and we are able to arise into Lives of Enlightenment and even Anointed/Christed Consciousness.

I am truly fortunate because my wife is by definition a Buddhi (Enlightened Female Buddha) who in her past lives has achieved levels of Soul-Birth and Anointing/Christing that enables her to live what the carnal dumb-asses would consider a rigidly believing lifestyle and mindset that manifests the foundation of tapping into one's Spiritual DNA. In fact, wise men and women who are fortunate enough to meet my wife, think that I am cheating -- but our present life is the result of all the hard-core spiritual lives we have lived together. And to insure our success in our present mission, we were born to be once again together in this present life. And further, this has also benefited our children and grandchildren -- all of whom readily throw out what can be portrayed as carnal dumb-ass critical non-metaphysical thinking that is founded of modern cave-man thinking, theology and philosophy which I am working fervently to release the intellectual shackles from that have enslaved the seekers who come to me daily for my assistance. Sixteen of my grandchildren are home-schooled vegetarians that are being kept insulated from the carnal dumb-ass critical thinkers of our culture who don't even understand the difference between a male and female -- much less that they are presently dwelling in the Womb of Mother-God and in the process of achieving the subsequent stages of birth that they know nothing about -- and will remain ignorant of until they experience the typical Spiritual Miscarriage (see  ) that the vast majority of people find out about when they find themselves released from the body when their physical life has expired.
The scriptures are allegorical, because we are presently dwelling as prisoners in an allegorical fictional realm where consciousness is manifest in the symbolism of Plato's Cave of Illusions that are Allusions. And our own male-linear critical thinking which rejects the feminine-intuitive wisdom is the shackles of our own ignorance.


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