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Saturday, January 04, 2020

The Esoteric Reality of the Races

Can the races be different, and still be equal?  Can men and women be opposite -- and in many instances paradoxically opposite -- and still be equal?   If mankind is going to advance onto a higher plane of more enlightened existence, then the answers to these questions are crucial to understand.  At present, the greatest obstacle to the advancement of mankind, is faux-science that is in reality Scientism, that is masquerading as an actual search for the answers to life (see Science Vs Scientism ).   A person who has developed in accord with genuine science, will find themselves rejected as the person who embraces genuine spiritual religion when they attempt to speak openly in the average Church.  Modern cutting-edge science has in fact proven the validity of the foregoing statement of fact, when they confirmed the wisdom of the mystic and the reality of what can be portrayed as Spirit being the true Source of all that we see and interact with (see The True Facts And Realities Of Life ).  And one of the crucial realties that the mystic has stated that modern science has confirmed, is the fact that organic (natural) man is blind to the reality of Spirit -- even though Spirit is the Source of all that exists.   And while mankind has the ability to break down the wall between the physical and the spiritual, few men are willing to take the time to develop those attributes of mind that enable a person to see and interact with Spirit.  

What this means is that from the perspective of the emerging body of cutting-edge science that is explored at the above links, both gender and race is an expression of man's higher unseen spiritual reality.  What this means is that the races was not formed from a single human source in Africa as explained by Scientism.  But rather, the races exist in the physical because each race is an expression of man's higher spiritual nature that has manifested in the differences among men in the physical life that the soul lives here on earth.  Which means that to understand the different races and their Source, you will have to understand why man's soul and spiritual nature expresses these differences when the soul is manifest in physical life.  But this higher reality is impossible for the adherents of Scientism to even begin to understand, because in their narrow-minded dead-ended mindset where they ignore and even reject the overwhelming facts that are presented to them in order to preserve their fossilized dogma, they have totally alienated their thinking from even contemplating man's higher Source-Reality.     
If we pose the question: Why does different races exist?  We are immediately confronted by a number of questions that has perpetually troubled mankind in his quest to understand the lives he is presently living.  If this world was created by a Higher and Superior Intelligence that most people portray as God, then we must pose the question as to why would God permit slavery?  And why would God permit the black race to be made slaves in such countries as the United States?  These are important questions that our various cultures have no real answers to.  Why?   

In the 1700's a group of highly advanced spiritual souls entered this world together, in order to create a government-environment where evolved thinking and souls could flourish and bring about change for mankind as a Whole.  And therein lies the greatest obstacle with respect to creating such an environment that had the capacity to produce Wholeness.  Why?  Without understanding the Laws of Creation that the Deists portrayed as the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, it remains virtually impossible to even begin to understand the conceptual reality of Wholeness.  
These same highly advanced souls who entered into life and created the Constitutional Foundation of the United States Government, incarnated in the 1800's to insure that the Europeans could not wipe out what we call the Red race who were the Native Americans, and also to free the Black race from slavery.  Why?  In order to bring about the Wholeness of Mind that is necessary as a Foundation to spawn advanced thinking and intellect, it was necessary for all the races to be present on an equal plane, so they could interact with each other.   The Asian race was brought to the shores of the continental United States as part of the necessary labor force to work on the railroads which were connecting the east and west shores.  The Native Americans who are often portrayed as the red race, had to be preserved from the migrating Europeans.  Why was it important to have all the races present in the continental United States?   Because each of the races is an expression of different spheres of mind as patterned in the Tree of Life (see ).   But since the vast majority of mankind has virtually no understanding of their own Self -- i.e., their True-Self -- the concept of the Mind patterned in the  diagram of the Tree of Life that enables man to manifest his great diversity of thought and knowledge, is simply beyond the organic comprehension of all but a very few who have advanced themselves by developing their latent attributes of mind that remain dormant and atrophied in the vast majority of mankind.  

When I traveled to South Africa to visit with a group of seekers who have come together as South African Ebionites (see ), I was asked to baptize the group of seekers.   With respect to baptism, I explained to them that the baptism of the Churches has nothing in common with the Original Spiritual Baptism as explored at Sacraments Of The New Covenant  Because the Gospel teaching on receiving the Kingdom as a Child had been removed from the scriptures, the spiritual meaning of Baptism was no longer understood (see Turn About And Become As a Child ).  And in accord with the purpose and objective of the Original Teachings, the baptism of the Church must be understood as being a faux-baptism.  I then assisted two of the seekers named  Tshiliso and Tsiu to recall some of the previous lives their souls had lived -- which lives opens a window of opportunity for all Black Africans to understand the reality of race and the Natural Laws that orchestrate the lives that all of mankind lives under (see The Laws That Control Our Lives ). 
In the opening of their minds that enabled them to be able to access a degree of Soul-Memory (see ), Tshiliso and Tsiu very quickly learned that their birth was not controlled by fate or luck as man's cultures and religions teach today -- but rather, in conjunction with the Natural Laws of Creator-God, their lives were planned and orchestrated by their own souls prior to their being born into any of the lives which their soul's lived out.  But perhaps even more important was the fact that what Tshiliso and Tsiu very quickly discovered is that their souls had not only lived lives in different time-frames throughout man's history, but also that they had been born into different races in each of the lives their souls had lived.  Which means that their Soul or True-Self, was not Black, and neither was their Soul a male or female.  It very quickly became apparent that each life lived out in different time-frames as different races, was lived out in order to experience the lives that were lived out under the conditions of their birth.  Even more important was the fact that the souls of both Tshiliso and Tsiu had lived lives as Ebionite followers of the man Jesus, and both knew myself and my wife Florence as Ebionites in these lives.  Thus, it very quickly became apparent that each of our lives were brought together in this present time-frame -- spanning different continents and cultures -- in order to bring about an objective that had been orchestrated by our soul's, prior to our entering into this present life.  
If this reality of the Soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lives does not seem to be in harmony with the teaching of the Church, this is because the doctrines of the Church which is based upon Original Sin, originated in the religion of Mithraism.  Quoting from  The Folly Of Original Sin: :
The primary doctrine of the Church is not drawn from the Original Gospel teachings of TheWay -- but rather, the doctrine of Original Sin had to be imported from the Mithraic based teachings of the Iranian prophet Mani, in order to explain and fill the great void that the Church suppression of important teachings on the pre-existent soul created.   Thereby creating a pagan foundation to the Church that rendered Christianity spiritually impotent.   Yet, Jesus himself in the Gospels stated just the opposite in the words: "They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Mark 2:17).   Contrary to the Church dogma, if Jesus is the physician, then those who achieve and sustain a condition of Wholeness, do not need the physician -- and as a physician, Jesus did not come for the salvation of those who are Whole, but only those who are sick and need the physician.   But in total opposition to Church dogma, what this also means is that at the time that the historical man Jesus walked the earth, there existed people who he portrayed as "whole [and] righteous" who did not need Jesus the physician (see The Original Teachings Have Nothing In Common With Church Dogma ).
When Prof. John Allegro was quoted as saying that what has been revealed in the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls is a great amount of overwhelming evidence that “...may upset a great many basic teachings of the Christian Church.   This in turn would greatly upset many Christian Theologians and believers.   The heart of the matter is, in fact, the source and originality of Christian doctrine” (August 1966 issue of Harpers Magazine), few modern Christians have even begun to understand why Prof. Allegro made this statement, which confirmed the position of A. Powell Davies that: “Biblical scholars were not disturbed by what they found in the Dead Sea Scrolls because they had known all along that the origin of Christianity was not what was commonly supposed to have been” (quoted by Millar Burrows in More Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls).  What was it about the Original Foundational Gospel teachings that had virtually nothing in common with what modern Christians believe today?   And perhaps the more important question: Does it matter?
While most Christians remain ignorant of why biblical scholars published these long ignored warnings, the majority of believers felt that so long as the Church had the Bible as their guide, that the facts they remained ignorant of really didn't matter.   Yet, in light of a series of even more profound statement by scholars such as Prof. Bart D. Ehrman that the Bibles that the Church is using has been edited with core spiritual teachings removed -- wherein in his book, The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture, he warns us that: "...theological disputes, specifically disputes over Christology, prompted Christian scribes to alter the words of scripture in order to make them more serviceable for the polemical task. Scribes modified their manuscripts to make them more patently ‘orthodox’ and less susceptible to ‘abuse’ by the opponents of orthodoxy" -- which orthodoxy was to bring the text of the Bible into conformity with the doctrines and tenets of the Church of the Roman Emperor Constantine.   As documented in the article , the Gentile believers who portrayed themselves as Orthodox Christians, had been editing and in their manner of thinking, correcting the scriptures since the first century.   In his Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament, by Dr. F. H. Scrivener, he writes that: "In the second century we have seen too many instances of attempts to tamper with the text of Scripture, some merely injudicious, others positively dishonest". Scrivener states that "it is no less true to fact than paradoxical in sound, that the worst corruptions to which the New Testament has ever been subjected, originated within 100 years after it was composed: and that Irenaeus and the African Fathers, and the whole Western, with a portion of the Syrian Church" used inferior manuscripts.  Under the title of Bible in the Church, the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics writes: "In the first two centuries nearly all the various readings of the New Testament came into existence, the majority of them by deliberate alteration of the text, many for the sake of style, and several in the interests of dogma… Often readings were rejected as falsifications of heretics, but often the heretics were right in their counter-complaint… Every province, every order, every monastery, has a tradition of its own…"   If every province, every order, and every monastery in the first two centuries had their own version of the scriptures which supported their favorite doctrines of belief, then we must seriously ask the question as to what has been passed down to us today? 

It is easily proven that the very foundation of the Original Gospel Teachings was based upon the ore-existent Soul that evolves to Spiritual Wholeness and Perfection over the course of many lives -- as explored at Soul-Evolution - Reincarnation And Soul-Development .   And the faux-doctrine of Original Sin was introduced into the Church in order to fill the void that the removal of the teaching on the pre-existent Soul created (see The Spiritual Void That Created Original Sin ).   In fact, when rightly understood, the whole concept of Original Sin portrayed the sin that each person's own Soul incurred in their own previous lives.  Which in fact spawned the question that the disciples of Jesus asked him: "Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. And His disciples asked Him, saying, 'Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?'" (John 9:1-2 @ The Three Causes Of Human Blindness ).   And when rightly understood, the verses in question confirms the three causes of blindness -- i.e., (1) the sine of each person in previous lives; (2) the sin of the person's parents; (3) or the blindness of each person having been cast into what Jesus portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind and being.   
Questions Raised For Black Africans: While the Original Gospel Teachings can rightly be portrayed as the Truth of all Truths (see ),  can this Truth be modified and corrupted by Pagan Rome and still be relevant in the lives of Africans today?  While it is true that the corrupted teachings of the Church can be used as entry-level spiritual milk in the lives of faith-based Africans, unless the African Churches begin to seek the Higher Truths that were suppressed by Pagan Rome, their own spiritual development will be severely derailed by the man-made dogma that has been infused into the modern doctrines of the Church -- thereby rendering the teachings of the Church virtually worthless to bring about the primary goals and objectives of the original Gospel teachings.   Which, when understood, provokes the questions: (1) Should sincere Black African seekers be derailed by Roman Paganism that infiltrated and corrupted the Truths presented in the Original Gospel teachings? (2) How can modern Africans learn and know the Higher Truths that were suppressed by the Roman Pagans of the past?  (3) How can the racial divide that inhibits Wholeness, be overcome?   The answer to these questions is to open a window into the Soul that enables the person in this life to not only circumvent the corruption of Pagan Rome, but also a higher understanding of the reality of the Soul that transcends all race, gender and division.  
When myself and my wife visited with the group in South Africa, we opened the window to Higher Truth when I baptized them, and assisted them to overcome their inherent Spiritual Amnesia (see ).  Thus, it was recognized when past-life recall was explored, that while all of us were together in our more distant past as early Ebionites Nazirenes, it was the opening of the spiritual window to the past that all of us entered into this life to bring about for the African Christians who sought to be free of the chains of Roman Paganism.  Thus, these souls entered into this life as Black Africans, in order to purify the teachings embraced by the seekers on the African continent, and restore the Truth and TheWay that was defiled by pagan Rome.  That they have lived lives as every race and both genders, and have now been born as Africans, is to free the people from the folly of Rome.    

Why Is It Important To be Born Into Each Of The Races: So long as man remains ignorant of the purpose of the races, and mankind fails to understand why each soul has been born into each of the races in order to develop certain aspects of mind, the very existence of the races will remain an incomprehensible enigma that will inhibit true spiritual development.  Why?  Because each of the races permits greater critical access to areas of mind that must be developed in order to bring about Wholeness of Mind and Being.   While the person we are in this world is of a certain race and gender, our True-Self is the perfect balance of the male and female opposites, as well as all the races that mankind is born into (see ).   And in order to develop and evolve to higher spiritual maturity, the opposite spheres of mind that provides us with the great diversity of mind must interact within ourselves.  It is impossible for the polarities of mind which we call male and female to interact and develop within the Oneness of the Soul -- and we must therefore incarnate as a male or female in order to bring about this interaction of opposites that is necessary for our own Soul-Development.  And the same is true with respect to the races that are the expression of different aspects or spheres of mind that must interact with each other, in order to achieve growth and development.   And this is why the South African Ebionites had previously  lived lives in each of the races, prior to being born into their present lives -- wherein, their own degree of Wholeness enabled them to tap into Soul-Memory in their search for Higher Spiritual Truth.   

The Races And A Foundation Of Wholeness: With the discovery of The New World (the Americas), Europeans were presented a rare opportunity to create a government foundation that would permit and enable greater growth and development.  In order for each person to advance, they must possess freewill -- and in their understanding of the Natural Laws, the Constitutional Framers were responsible for the creation of a government with individual freedom and liberties that were protected by secular law.  As the nation presently is moved towards Socialism which inhibits individual liberties, the American people have turned upon their First Principles, and are presently moving in a direction that would inhibit advancement.  Because Deists in the 18th century understood the Laws of Mind and Consciousness as portrayed in the words, the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, many of them were able to draw upon the wisdom of their Soul's previous lives -- and this enabled them to understood the necessity for each aspect of mind to be able to freely interact and develop.  Why wasn't this important part of the equation of consciousness openly acknowledged?  Because the concept of the Soul that evolves over the course of many lives in that time-frame would have been rejected as heresy.  But, having drawn from the experiences of their past lives, the Constitutional Framers instinctively understood the need to eliminate the massive regulations that inhibited the free expression of the American People, and this elimination of excessive (secular, theocratic or socialist) regulations freed the American People from the shackles of constraint.  When rightly understood, the great diversity of human thought is the product of a highly segmented mind that is able to perceive from different and often opposite perspectives (see The Enigma Of The Segmented Mind ).  Therefore, all higher development is brought about through the interaction of the segments of mind that each person perceives differently.  George Washington was sworn into office on a Masonic Bible, and both the Deists and the Masons understood that if what is known as American Exceptionalism was to be brought about, each of the citizens must be free to experience and interact from their own individual perspective and aspect of mind. 

Theocracies, monarchies, autocracies, socialism and communism, all inhibit the development of mind necessary for an enlightened and high-functioning society.  The larger the centralized government, the greater the homogenization factor which inhibits all enlightened development and exceptionalism.  All (theocratic or secular) restrictions placed upon individual freedom and liberties, is a detriment to the development of mind.  Proper development can only be achieved when each individual is imbued with self-governance.  
Are The Races The Same? I looked up the definition of Racism on Google and it said: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”   Is this true?  Are all the races the same?  Or does each of the races possess strengths and weaknesses that are specific to that race?  
Modern cutting edge science has begun to confirm the wisdom of the mystic who portrays organic man as an embryonic projection of an unknown and unmanifest higher self that the vast majority of people can be portrayed as a stranger to their true-self (see The True Facts And Realities Of Life ).  And when the path of self-discovery is understood, one of the realities that engulf the vast majority of mankind in a state of self-ignorance, is the fact that in our embryonic condition of mind, we dwell under a cloud of Spiritual Amnesia (see Spiritual Amnesia ).  And those who begin to develop their minds to begin to comprehend the deeper reality of the Soul, begin to acquire what can be portrayed as Soul-Memory -- or, the ability to observe the previous lives that their Soul has lived.  And as the person begins to acquire the knowledge of their Soul's previous lives, they are immediately confronted with the fact that their True-Self has lived lives in all the races and both genders.  Which provokes the question as to Why?  Why does the Soul live different lives in different races?      

Those who develop the necessary attributes of mind that enables them to overcome their inherent Spiritual Amnesia and begin to possess Self-Knowledge and Soul-Memory, begin to understand the importance of the races.  Not only does our modern society try to make men and women the same, they also say there is no difference between the races besides outward appearance.  Our PC culture states that if you say that men and women are different, then they define you as a sexist or misogynist.  And if you say that each of the races possess unique abilities, the PC culture labels you a racist.   In their attempt to homogenize both gender and the races, what they are incapable of comprehending is the fact that equal does not mean the same (see The Trinity - Divine Pattern - Linear vs Intuitive Development Of The Mind ). 
When ancient wise men and mystics coined the adage to Know Thyself, it is because the Soul of man which is a Being of Light ( ), is neither male nor female or any of the races associated with this world.  What this means is that there is no such thing as a male or female Soul.   Wise men and women of enlightened vision and wisdom understand that the Soul evolves to Wholeness and Completion over the course of many lives.  And while this fact of reality was originally a foundational teaching of the Gospels and Christianity, it is easily proven that the teaching was removed (see The Religion Of Roman Emperors ).  And in reality, each of us has lived virtually countless lives where we have lived as either a male or female (see ), as well as the different races.   And because our organic consciousness is embryonic, and in this undeveloped condition we are subject to what can be portrayed as Spiritual Amnesia ( ) that must be overcome through our own mental-development, so long as we continue our attempt to homogenize our differences, we will remain ignorant of the causes of our differences.  We therefore fail to develop the ability to overcome our inherent Spiritual Amnesia, because the foundation of our thinking has been derailed by the dogma of Scientism, cultural-philosophy and/or cultural-religion that inhibits our development of mind.   

Mankind's superior intelligence is the result of his great diversity of mind.  Therefore, it is important to understand how this diversity achieved?  When a group of people draw upon different experiences or backgrounds, their diversity is the result of many separate voices that are able to bring their great variety of experiences together and arrive at a consensus or more enlightened position or conclusion.   And what we fail to understand is that when the Blueprint or Cosmology of Mind is understood, man's superior intellect is achieved in the same exact manner.  What this means is that in the same way that a diverse group relies upon the experiences of many to arrive at a consensus or more informed and balanced conclusion, so too does the mind of man.  And this great diversity is the result of different areas of the mind that perceive and understand the same external stimulation from a different and sometimes opposite perspective.  And therein lies the developmental problem: While it is easy to understand how different people from different background experiences can bring a great diversity of thinking to the table of conscious opinion, it is much more difficult to understand how the mind of a person functions in the same manner as the diverse group. 

In order for the different and often opposite aspects of mind to develop, each of the aspects or centers of the mind that is the foundation of man's superior intellect, must be able to evolve and mature separately from the other aspects of mind that see and understand from a different and often opposite perspective.  In the same way that the diversity of the group is founded upon the individual experiences of those who are drawn together to comprise the group, so too is the aspects of mind that is the foundation of man's superior intelligence based upon the individual experiences of each aspect of mind that forms the human intellect.  If a person begins to understand the human developmental reality presented in the foregoing sentence, only then can they begin to understand how the great diversity of human intellect and thinking is brought about and achieved.
Why Is It Important for the Soul to be Born Into Each Of The Races? This question will remain impossible to understand, so long as man remains ignorant of the purpose of the races -- and mankind fails to understand why each soul has been born into each of the races in order to develop certain aspects of mind, the very existence of the races will remain an incomprehensible enigma that will inhibit true spiritual development. Why? Because each of the races permits greater critical access to specific areas of mind that must be developed in order to bring about Wholeness of Mind and Being.  In the article The Transformation of Africa (see ), I explored the fact that each of the people who began to have greater access to Soul-Memory, were able to observe different lives their Souls had lived as different races.   Which provokes the question: Why did the Soul incarnate into different races?   While the opposite polarities of male and female are uniform across the spectrum of all expressions of Mind, each of the races provides access and expression of certain areas of mind -- thereby enabling these areas or spheres of mind to directly interact with each other.  Man possess superior intelligence because his mind is comprised of different spheres that see and understand from a different and often opposite perspective.  By being able to draw from each side of a mental-equation of opposites, man is able to arrive at the highest level of understanding.  But, in order for each sphere of mind to develop, each sphere must be able to uniquely express itself and interact with its opposites.   When the Cosmology of mind is understood, the great diversity of thought, intelligence and understanding of mankind is based upon the Twelve Spheres of Mind as patterned in the Tree of Life (see ).  In order for each of the (12) Spheres of mind to independently develop, they must be able to uniquely express themselves when incarnate in this three-dimensional realm of growth and development.    
While the person we are in this world is of a certain race and gender, our True-Self is the perfect balance of the male and female opposites, as well as all the races that mankind is born into (see ). And in order to develop and evolve to higher spiritual maturity, the opposite spheres of mind that provides us with the great diversity of mind must interact within ourselves. Thus the problem is seen in the fact that it is impossible for the polarities of mind which we call male and female to interact and develop within the Oneness of the Soul -- and we must therefore incarnate as a male or female in order to bring about this interaction of opposites that is necessary for our own Soul-Development. And the same is true with respect to the races that are the expression of different aspects or spheres of mind that must interact with each other, in order to achieve growth and development. And this is why the South African Ebionites had previously lived lives in each of the races, prior to being born into their present lives -- wherein, their own degree of Wholeness enabled them to tap into Soul-Memory in their search for Higher Spiritual Truth.

In the same way that male and female are equal and in their opposite polarities, not the same, this is also true of the races. Each of the races is a direct expression of certain spheres of Mind within the pattern of the Tree of Life. Therefore, when the Soul seeks to develop certain areas of mind, the Soul incarnates into the race that best manifests those areas of mind associated with that race. And in this respect, while each of the races are different -- different frequencies within the human spectrum of Mind -- their development and equality is of the utmost importance. In fact, each race can only mentally-expand to the degree that the development is balanced with the other races which each are an expression of Mind.

In order to create an Enlightened society in the New World, it was necessary for each of the races to be both present, and equal. And while this equality could not be brought about in the 18th century, the same Spiritually Advanced Souls who created our Constitutional form of government, incarnated in the 19th century to free the black race from slavery, and insure that the red race was preserved from being wiped out by the Europeans. Wholeness requires equal development of all the Spheres of Mind -- and it was necessary for each of the races to develop together. In the same way that male and female development is dependent upon the interaction with opposites, so too is the mental development dependent upon the development of each of the races. Without black mental advancement, the other races would have been limited and unable to achieve the necessary Wholeness.
As a people, we have elevated many to a higher level of Spiritual Consciousness and Manifestation. How? Through the necessary Wholeness (see Wholeness of Mind & Being ) of Mind and Being. Wholeness requires the development of the male and female opposites, and the development of Mind that are the direct expression of the Races that must be Equal yet very different.

Frequency Of Races: Quoting Nikola Tesla: "If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration."  These words of Nikola Tesla and been confirmed and verified by modern quantum physics, that all things in this world are energy, frequency and consciousness.  And each race being a different frequency and expression of human consciousness, presents to the Soul the ability to work on and develop the area of mind that corresponds to the racial frequency of the body incarnated into.  And this is why the Soul must incarnate into different races over the course of the many lives the Soul lives in its development of Wholeness and Perfection.

A wise man would learn how to communicate with the previous lives his Soul has lived. Our present life was orchestrated and brought about, by our Soul's personalities that serve as the foundation of our present consciousness. Why we were born into this present life? Why we are encountering the obstacles that confront us? Why our Soul chose our present life? Was it to pay back debts we owe to others? Or did we enter this life with greater freedom and choice because of the gains our Soul accomplished in our previous lives. In our own Soul-Journey, what was the conditions of our past that brought us to our present station in life? Very few of the answers to our present life can be found in our physical ancestors -- while virtually every question of our present can be answered by understanding how we got here in relation to our Soul's previous lives. Moreover, only when we become aware of the conditions in our own past that created our present, can we begin to understand how to supercharge our efforts in the future lives we are presently laying the foundation of. 

If you study the history of your present race, you have not at all gained an understanding of your roots, because your Soul has incarnated into different races and cultures in every life that you have lived. And since your True-Self is not at all defined by the race you are in this present life, the idea that your race reveals to you an historical account of how you came to exist in your present life, is a bogus fraud and lie.  Your true past in not the product of a single race or culture that you presently find yourself immersed in -- but rather, all the races and cultures that have developed your unique abilities you have evolved over the course of all the lives your Soul has lived in your journey to Wholeness and Perfection.  Which means that unless you seek out and understand why you were born into your present race and culture, you have thrown away the opportunity to gain self-knowledge. Therefore, each race your Soul has lived as, is like a journey through many towns -- and your Roots are not drawn from a single point in the journey, but from all the races and cultures your Soul has lived and passed through.


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