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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spiritual Impotence And Self-Imposed Destruction

The recent study published by Dr. Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. (see Study), and carried in a WorldNet Daily article entitled The impotence pandemic, demonstrates that looming reality set forth in the Bible that each person inherits the fruit of their own actions (see The Ten Reasons Why Christians Reject the Doctrine Of the Pre-Existent Soul. And that political correctness not only envelops the New Age and liberal mainline Churches in it's folly, but also the Religious Right who become hostile to the Facts and the Truth whenever it is presented to them.

It is interesting in light of the published findings, that as many as 25% of Evangelical Christians are not only addicted to pornography, but are attempting to use Jesus as a mojo to escape their addiction. If you also count in the many who are attempting to escape alcoholism, drug addiction, and every other addiction of our culture, you can begin to understand why Christians are not only hostile to Ebionite Nazirene forums and web sites ( ), but also incapable of comprehending the concepts that are set forth. In the Clementine Homilies the Disciple Peter states that once you have sat at the table and dined with the powers of evil that move this world, that these same powers of the Left Hand will rule over you -- making you incapable of not only understanding the true meaning of the scriptures, but also the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Inner Kingdom (see ).
Billy Graham perhaps put the finishing touches on the theology of Martin Luther ( ), when he literally reduced Church doctrine to nothing more than saying a prayer to Jesus, and you inherit eternal salvation regardless of how you live your life. So our liberal culture which has no definable moral standards, first immerses young impressionable minds in a spiritual cesspool of over indulgence and addiction, and then those who begin to recognize the destruction of their lives, turn to the Jesus-god of Constantine in an attempt to escape the moral and spiritual depravity that has immersed them in a sea of iniquity. No wonder that if they are presented with facts that their Pagan mojo is counterfeit -- and they must actually be faithful to the teachings of Jesus and TheWay, rather than philosophically believe -- that they become hostile. They don't want to know that they are not only responsible for their own actions and choices, but that they inherit those choices over a multitude of lifetimes ( ). Moreover, it is this very Complacent Christian Doctrine that opposes the teachings of Jesus ( ), that is responsible for our present Sodom and Gomorrah Culture that consumes us like a cancer that is out of control.

What is becoming even more relevant is the young people who have become addicted to violence -- with street gangs daily raping, abducting, ravishing and murdering the innocent. This violence which consumes them, is parallel to the addiction to pornography and the vices of alcohol, drugs and gambling in others. In the same way that those addicted to pornography and sexual perversion become totally ruled by their perversion, so too is the whole of our society. It is the reality that each person reaps what they have themselves sown.

Brother Of Yeshua


At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see what you are saying, and being one who is addicted to the powers of this world, I mostly feel powerless to resist these past actions (from previous lives). The tension created from the futility seems to leave one vulnerable to hope, but in this culture that seems to mean Christianity. I want to reach out desperately, but there is really nothing to grab onto. I feel nothing but emptiness in modern Christianity, and I know that I cannot be saved from outside of myself. I think that is the fear, I must do it myself, not through works per se, but through a sacrifice of myself for myself. I wish the principles where better laid out in what you write for I can't see how they can be lived without a community already steeped in the lifestyle you speak of.


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