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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Letter To The Free Muslims

Shalom Kamal Nawash and Free Muslims:
While it is truly a wonderful thing that you are attempting to transform Islam, and take the religion back from the radicals who have politicized it, you can only find success through the knowledge of the conditions that brought about the creation of Islam, and restoring its original spiritual goals. Perhaps someone with a Sufi background would better understand when I state that while I was present during the time-frames in question that necessitated both the creation of Islam (see , as well as the beginnings of what is today called Christianity (see ), the fact that mankind has been spiritually disenfranchised from the Knowledge of God by those who supposedly represent Him, is not my fault. And this knowledge is not only the original source of Islam, but is available to any Muslim who truly makes the required Journey to Spiritual Mecca during the allotted time of their life (see . One way or the other, every Muslim will be confronted by the Truth, when they eventually pass from this life -- and they will be judged by that Truth, because if they were Truly Muslim from a Spiritual perspective, this Truth would be revealed to them.
In a recent reply to a Wall Street Journal article by Irshad Manji entitled Blind Faith (see ), I take the position that the unthinkable has transpired -- that the Qur'an has been corrupted in order to make it serve the political needs of the ancient (political) Muslim world -- and the same reality that Muslims charge against Christians with respect to the corruption of the Bible (see ), is also true of the Qur'an. And herein lies the problem -- i.e., (1) there can be no true spiritual transformation of Islam, so long as Muslims believe the verses portrayed in my letter to Irshad Manji as the Satanic Verses, remains; (2) anyone who claims that the Qur'an is corrupted (especially a Muslim), is immediately condemned as a heretic, and a Fatwa can be issued for their immediate death; (3) unless a group of Muslims are themselves prepared to seek and stand up for the Truth, then it will be impossible to bring about the transformation and restoral of Islam that you seek.
In the same way that the Dead Sea Scrolls have demonstrated that the forerunners of the Ebionite Nazirene teachings of Yeshua/Jesus and TheWay were the Essenes -- and that the Ebionites were the source of what came to be corrupted under the Christian Church of Rome -- as explained in The Journey To The Distant Mosque (see ), the foundation that set the stage for Islam, was the connection to both the Ebionites ( ), and the Nestorian monks who had been banished by the Roman Emperors as heretics because of their Gnostic foundations. And until these connections are reestablished, linking the three religions and their common spiritual path and objectives (see ), then no real progress can be made at restoring Islam to its intended true potential and goals. Like the corrupted worldly forms of Judaism and Christianity before it, Islam is supposed to be a religion of the spirit -- and the only valid jihad is the struggle within. The word Muslim -- i.e., "one who surrenders (himself to God)" -- is a universal spiritual term denoting a reality that is not of this world. And it shares a similar reality to the way I define Ebionite ( ), as one who is "poor" to the ways of this world, and fulfills the mandate to be in the world and not of it. Therefore, being a member of Islam -- or claiming to be a follower of Mohammed -- does not in any way make one a Muslim. And before one can surrender to God, one must learn TheWay of God, and reject the way of man who always corrupts and defiles the Truth when it is imparted to him by the few who make the Journey to Spiritual Mecca and the Distant Mosque (see ), which is parallel to the Ebionite Nazirene Journey in TheWay to the Inner Kingdom (see ).
In order for both Muslims and all the prodigal sons who are lost in this, the Far Country, to know the Truth, they must be made aware that they have the innate ability to seek the Truth and the Kingdom. That the clergy of Judaism hid this fact, is the reason why Yeshua/Jesus condemned them as heretics -- and that the Christian clergy in like manner hid this fact, is why Mohammed condemned the Christians and Jews as heretics -- and the fact that the clergy of Islam has hidden this fact, is a reality that will confront every Muslim when they depart from this world. And no transformation can be brought about, until the true meaning of the word Muslim is understood -- and the fact that all True Spiritual Muslims have the power to learn from what the Disciple Peter called the True Prophet (see . And this can only be accomplished when Muslims understand that the journey to Mecca is purely spiritual, and is brought about by the struggle of the inner jihad -- when Christians understand that the Kingdom is within, and is brought about by picking up one's own cross and travailing in TheWay -- and when Jews understand the reality of the Final Temple as portrayed on (see ). And since the members of all three religions -- as well as all of mankind -- possess the innate power to bring about the completion of the journey of the prodigal son's return to the Edenic Kingdom of Origination within their own lives ( ), then all the members of man's religions will be held accountable to the degree that they have the opportunity to seek the Truth, rather than the doctrines and dogma of carnal men who dress in the robes of clergy -- i.e., wolves in sheep's attire. And more so of those who condemn the ignorance of others -- even killing them -- while they, themselves, dwell is a parallel ignorance.
You will find a copy of this letter both in the article entitled The Three Lies ), as well as the latest entry in the Brother Of Yeshua Blog (see ).
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Brother Of Yeshua


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