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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jesus The (Law) Professor

On FaceBook a person quoted my own writings (see ) and stated: 
 "When correctly understood, the Gospel account of Jesus can just as rightly be portrayed as being taught by a university professor -- i.e., Jesus the Law Professor, the Science Professor, the Philosophy Professor, the Psychology Professor -- as from a spiritual leader and guide. Why? Because everything that we think, do and say invokes Natural Laws -- and it is these Natural Laws that orchestrate our lives and our individual futures. The bottom line is that everything in this world is moved by the Natural Laws which control every aspect of the lives we live. After all, Jesus stated that not even a sparrow can fall to the earth apart from the Will of God -- and God interacts and moves the hearts and minds of all mankind indirectly through the Natural Laws of Creation. To be ignorant of these Natural Laws, is to be a victim of our own ignorance. What is often portrayed as American Exceptionalism is very much the result of the Natural Laws that were understood and invoked by the framers of the American Constitution."

This hits on something for me. This speaks to why "political correctness" is just lying about natural laws.

The Deists and Masons who can rightly be portrayed as spiritually mature Christians who evolved out of the Age of Enlightenment, understood the Laws of Creation -- and our Bill of Rights and Constitution was created to free Americans from a servitude to the Natural Laws, and create an environment where what has been portrayed as American Exceptionalism can be brought about to serve mankind.  And while the American people have inherited the virtually infinite benefits of their Wisdom, their true motivation of the core Constitutional Framers was to build a Spiritual City on the Hill of Light as an example to all people's of the earth.  And the core Constitutional Framers would fully understand my above statement that the Gospel account of Jesus was in reality a Universal Discourse on how to prevail over the Natural Laws, and have them work and function in the individual's favor to bring about both personal and collective gain. 

The Constitutional Framers who were themselves highly religious and spiritually knowing, were moved to insure that no type of theocracy could arise and rule over the minds and lives of the people.  Why?   Because the mainstream of faith-based believers were led by spiritually disenfranchised charlatans who remained totally ignorant of the true spiritual meaning of the Gospels -- which condition of abject ignorance among the clergy remains the prevalent reality even to this very day.  The Mark of Intelligence and Knowing could only be manifest and brought about, when a person understands and moves within the Natural Laws of Creation -- which Jesus and his disciples and closest followers knew and understood.   In fact, in more ancient times prior to the Church plundering the people into what has been portrayed as the Dark Ages, the basis and foundation of what can be portrayed as True Education and Knowing, was always based upon the Knowledge of the Natural Laws of the Earth and Creation.  And without the Knowledge of these Natural Laws -- and the process of expanding and deepening the Mind and Consciousness within the Framework of the Laws in the development of the person -- the student/person would remain shackled to what the biblical authors portrayed as an animal level of consciousness that was incapable of comprehending the reality of the Soul and the Higher Knowledge of Creation (see ).  And our modern politically correct universities and all aspects of academia, are the epitome of this profound and abject ignorance of the Natural Laws that when properly understood, is what Jesus taught. 

In his Epistles Paul portrays the wisdom of this world as bound by ignorance.  Why?   Because of their ignorance of the Natural Laws.  And while modern Christians send their children to the teachers of this world -- who espouse to these young minds the lawless faux-wisdom and pseudo-knowledge of this world -- they remain the lost prodigal sons and daughters who perpetually dwell under the control of the Citizen of this, the Far Country that Paul portrayed as the god of this world.  From the nations pulpits, charlatan clergy preach the dogma of pagan Rome -- promoting the folly that Christians are exempt from following and keeping the Royal Law -- which was the basis of not only the Gospel teachings, but also the means by which Jesus himself became the Anointed (Messiah/Christ).   Thus, as presented at : those who Jesus himself personally taught, all believed that he (Jesus)"...was justified by fulfilling the Law. He was the Christ of God, since not one of the rest of mankind had observed the Law completely. Had any one else fulfilled the commandments of the Law, he would have been the Christ, for they assert that our Lord Himself was a man in like sense with all humanity" (see Hippolytus, Refut. Omn. Haer. vii. 34).   When the Ebionite Nazirenes  make reference to the Law, this very much includes the Laws of Creation as portrayed in the words "...the designs/laws found throughout Nature and all of Creation".    That the historical man Jesus was a pattern for all of mankind because of his success in overcoming the Laws, is demonstrated in the words: "He was the Christ of God, since not one of the rest of mankind had observed the Law completely. Had any one else fulfilled the commandments of the Law, he would have been the Christ..."   And this confirms this statement with respect to the true potential of all of mankind that Jesus taught, as demonstrated in the words of Hippolytus when he wrote that they believed that when anyone "...thus fulfill the law, they are able to become Christs" (Hippolytus, Refut. Omn. Haer. vii. 34 - see ).   And this is why Jesus taught that he was our brother -- i.e., "Go instead to my brothers and tell them, 'I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God'" (John 20:17 NIV).   

It remains impossible for mankind to evolve and progress beyond what the biblical authors portrayed as an "animal-soul" level of consciousness (see ), without understanding and fulfilling the Laws within the person's own mind and being.  And this essentially important knowledge remains totally absent from all aspects of modern academia.   Thereby keeping mankind a perpetual slave to ignorance and in the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas the victims of intellectual poverty -- i.e., "...But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty" (see ).  And while the Church should be the gatekeepers that provides entrance to those seeking Enlightenment and the Kingdom, it has permitted itself to become shackled by the dogma of spiritually disenfranchised men.  



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