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Monday, February 24, 2020

Why Was The Gospel Message Corrupted?

Why Was The Gospel Message Corrupted?

In an email the statement about Christianity by Thomas Paine was presented to me: “The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun.”
To which I replied: Notice Paine's words that the Christians put the man known as (Jesus) Christ in place of the sun. Why? The un-evolved Souls cannot fathom both the inner realities of Mind, and the fact that what is seen and observed externally, is a reflection of their own Inner Reality of Consciousness. And a truly enlightened Soul understands that at the lower levels of human consciousness, the person is incapable of connecting the outer with the inner, and therefore can only grasp and embrace the outer. Further, the religion of Christianity has virtually nothing in common with the Gospels, and existed prior to the man Jesus (see Christ Before Jesus ). Quoting from The Importance Of The Corrupted Gospels
Why was it important for the people to embrace a corrupted form of the Gospel? Another important fact that the Christian world has ignored to their own demise, is the witness of the biblical authors that it is impossible for the faith-based Christians who are of a Natural Organic mindset, to comprehend the true spiritual meaning of the scriptures (see Animal-Soul ). With Paul even warning that it was "unlawful" for him to reveal the higher reality that he witnessed -- i.e., truths "...which it is not lawful for a man to utter" (2 Cor 12:2-4), to those Christians who he portrayed as being of a "natural" organic mind. And that because it is impossible for people of ordinary human organic consciousness to understand the deeper spiritual meaning of not only the Gospels, but also the higher reality of the Soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom, it is necessary to provide the congregation of believers with a series of elementary allegorical teachings that contains important catalysts that are employed to bring about the development and transformation of the mind of the believer. When Paul stated that he was only able to nourish the faith-based Christians with "milk", and not the "solid food" of the Spirit, the purpose of the Gospel teachings was to develop their human consciousness through the process of the deepening and expansion of their mind, in order to enable them to evolve into spiritually mature Christians who were able to be nourished by the "solid food" of the Divine Manna of the Kingdom. The very foundation of the New Covenant which few people understand today, conveys the reality that spiritually mature believers will not be dependent upon the written word which Paul correctly portrayed as the "letter that killeth [and] Jewish folktales" (see 2 Cor 3:6; Titus 1:14) -- but rather, with the necessary spiritual maturity they will be taught directly by God -- i.e., "It is written in the prophets, 'And they shall all be taught by God'" (John 6:45). But this ability to learn and be taught directly by God, requires a Wholistic Spiritual mindset and lifestyle that enables the seeker to receive the "solid food" of the Divine Manna of the Kingdom.
Every valid spiritual religion very quickly becomes corrupted, because only those few at the core of the religion are capable of comprehending the original teachings. And as the teachings are presented to those outside the core disciples, they must take on a dumbed down persona. Why? In their pure state, the people are incapable of comprehending the teachings. Quoting from The Cosmology Of The Gospels
When we instruct elementary school students, we present the information in an age and grade-level appropriate manner. We would not even attempt to teach elementary school students physics, trigonometry, and calculus at an age level where they must first learn basic math. And that the consciousness of organic (natural) man is too immature to comprehend the higher reality of the Soul and the spiritual meaning of the scriptures, is why Paul warned that the quasi-historical account of Jesus and the crucifixion is "milk" designed for "babes in Christ" (see ) -- wherein he warned that if he even attempted to convey the Higher Truth to the baptized and confirmed Christians who he personally taught and instructed, that they would reject the spiritual meaning of the Gospels as utter "foolishness". Why? Because the mind of organic man is very much an embryonic seed that must be sown in what is portrayed as the parable of the Sower and the Seed as the "good ground" that brings forth fruit in the form of the Divine Manna that mentally expands and spiritually deepens the mind of the sincere seeker beyond organic human levels of consciousness. Therefore, without this necessary transformational process, the spiritual meaning of the scriptures and the higher reality of the Soul remains beyond the organic limitations of natural human comprehension.
The only reason I can openly write in the manner that I do today, is because of the corrupted Gospels and teachings that kept the semblance of the original teachings preserved. In the subheading, Can I Get An Original Pure Copy Of The Scriptures , I witness to the fact that seven (7) libraries of scriptures were hidden away so that the Original Gospel Teachings could be restored at a later time. In order to bring about that restoration and open the door to higher spirituality, a government needed to be created where Wholistic thinking could be brought about -- which is why the same Souls who lived as the original disciples of Jesus, incarnated in the 18th century to form the Constitutional foundation of the United States (see The Laws From A Deist Perspective ). And these same spiritually advanced souls have re-entered at this time, to bring about a spiritual rebirth.
Pure Spiritual Teachings can only be manifest in the earth by a very few Spiritually Advanced Souls -- and these teachings remain impossible for the vast multitudes on untransfered mankind to in any manner comprehend. So, by necessity, the pure teachings are always corrupted so that a semblance of the teachings can be embraced by a much larger group of people, But, this enables the more advanced souls to assist the more sincere seekers to pursue the Source of the Original Teachings -- which then enable the seekers to open the inner door of consciousness to connect with their True-Self. It is therefore natural for people at a certain level of consciousness to worship the sun as the source of life -- but as the person begins to advance, they can then begin to understand that the sun is a projection of the Source of Light and Life within their own Mind and Being. Whereas, while the it would be impossible for the vast majority of people to grasp the Original Teachings in their Pure Form, they are able to grasp important symbols externally that is a reflection of their own inner reality of Mind and Being.


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