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Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Facebook Censorship Of Religion and Constitutional Rights


Facebook's Censorship Of Religion And Constitutional Rights 


Are White Evangelical Christians racist because they gained seats in the Supreme Court which enabled them to oppose the infanticide of the unborn?  Did White Evangelical Christians oppose Obama because he was Black?  Or because he was a Marxist?  After I made the below post to those who follow me on Facebook, I could no longer access my account.  The post that caused me to be blocked from my own account, is a comment attached to a copy of a post attributed to North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz's statement where he condemns white Evangelical Christians, which was posted by Aaron Casserly Stewart (see ).   Because I made the Facebook post condemning the absolute racism of Pastor Pavlovitz statements, my own account was blocked by Facebook with a security sign-on that did not function -- thereby blocking access to my account. 

I use this account that Facebook suspended, to present Facts to both the Christian and Atheist communities who seek Truth over opinion and ideological dogma.  I have already demonstrated that modern Science has proven the existence of man's Spiritual Source (see The Scientific Revolution  ).  And I use the Facebook account to communicate with thousands of people world-wide, free of charge.  I have no Church.  There is no suggestion of conversion to anything.  And I answer people's questions.  In accord with the biblical Warning To The Watchman (see  ),  if I failed to tell the people the truth with respect to the statements of Pastor John Pavlovitz, then I would be held responsible under the Law.  Therefore, I had an obligation to convey to sincere seekers that the statements of North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz was a spiritual lie and a fraud. 

Religious people of faith are not accustomed to dealing with Facts that Prove the Truth.  And these Facts which I present to readers, enable both believer and atheists to prove the Truth and the Facts for themselves.  Not because I told them the truth that they should believe.  But rather, I convey to them how they can prove the Truth by tapping into the core of their own mind.  Which means that if every person innately possesses the ability to prove the Truths of Life for themselves -- regardless of affiliations with groups or organizations of this world -- then this places responsibility for knowing the facts and the truth on every individual person.  And if God provided every man and woman the embedded tools to advance to a consciousness of Knowing, rather than believing (see The Real Facts Of Life You Were Never Told About  ), then no one has an excuse for their ignorance. Therefore, when the question is posed as to why God ignores the evil in the world?  The answer would be that by virtue of our birth, every person possess the embedded means to not only know all Truths -- but to escape and overcome the ignorance and suffering of this world. 

Actually, the Key to finding the Facts and the Truth was openly stated by the scientist, Nikola Tesla, when he stated: “If you wish to understand the Universe  think of energy, frequency and vibration.   And this is true both outwardly, as well as the Inner Journey that Jesus taught to his original followers to connect and be taught directly by God (see Spiritual Osmosis And The Narrow Gate ).  As stated: "It is written in the prophets, 'And they shall all be taught by God.' Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me" (John 6:45).  When the question is posed: Why can't all Christians inherit the promise and be taught directly by God?  Because the process of transforming the "frequency and vibration of mind has been lost and thrown away by the post-Nicaea Church in the fourth century.  But that was also when the foundational Gospel teaching on the pre-existent Soul that evolves to perfection (reincarnation) over the course of many lives was also suppressed and outlawed.  It is therefore shocking to many Christians when they are presented with the facts drawn directly from the writings of the Church.   And Proof of this fact is demonstrated in an official decree by the pre-Nicene Church itself (see The Pre-Nicene Position Of The Church On Reincarnation  ).  Twenty Five percent of American Christians believe in Reincarnation -- Intuitively moved by the Holy Spirit -- yet the Church continues to withhold the facts as to why the Holy Spirit conveys to them the original foundational teaching of the pre-existent Soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lives as the Gospel account of Jesus taught his original followers.  And, each person is able to develop the ability to recall the previous lives their Soul has lived. 


Which means that the Church itself declares that the foundational teachings were suppressed in the secular take-over of the Church (see The Religion Of Roman Emperors  ).  Why did the post-Nicene Church suppress this foundational Gospel teaching?  Because the belief in Original Sin was imported into the Church by Augustine out of Mithraism (see The Original Sin Of The Church  ).  And under the Original Gospel teachings which were suppressed, there can be no doctrine of hell which was used to control and rule over the people by the Church and Roman Emperors.   In the words of John Wesley: "that fatal period when the Emperor Constantine called himself a Christian; From this time onward - the Christians had no more of the Spirit of Christ than the heathens...." (Wesley's Works, vol 7, Sermon 89, pp. 26-27).  And while the Facts are there, most Christians fear to deviate from accepted Church dogma.            

My Facebook account had thousands of followers world-wide who requested to receive my posts which directed seekers to a series of websites that examined the process of transforming the "frequency and vibration of mind by embracing the Original Gospel teachings which were declared to be heresy by the fourth century Church (see The Law Of The Gospels  ).  And these website articles all support the Gospel commandment to seek only the Logos/Word within you, as your only Teacher (see The One Teacher  ).   Therefore I reject all titles as teacher or clergy -- portraying myself as a spiritual guide.  And with respect to teachers, I further demonstrate that the words of the Apostle Peter has been suppressed, that warn the Christian not to seek an interpretation of the scriptures from any person, organization or Church (see The Grave Error Of Human Organic Interpretation Of The Scriptures  ).  As stated in the biblical Warning To The Watcher: "Death is not physical death -- but rather, the cutting of the person off from the Truth and the Inner Kingdom" -- i.e., "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?' And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'" (Matt 7:21-23) .  Which means that the death to the inner Kingdom that Jesus declared (Luke 17:20-21), will remain over the course of as many lifetimes that it takes for the believer to seek the Truth and the Kingdom within them.  And that this Gospel fact was rejected by the series of Roman Emperors who ruled over the Church beginning in the fourth century, is why the original followers of Jesus were declared to be heretics (see The Ebionite Heresy  ). 

It is clear that Facebook is censoring the Constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.  Those who ignore this suppression of God-Given Rights, will themselves loose these rights in the future -- and if not in this present life, then in future lives.  It is the Law that is embodied in the words, the Law of Nature and Nature's God.  My Soul entered this life at this present time not to tell the people the truth -- but rather, to convey to others how they can prove the Truth to themselves -- and this is the Law and the Prophets (see Brother Of Jesus  ).  

The Law is that: "As you do unto others, the same will be returned back to you".   In the case of abortion as promoted by North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz,  those who even support the institutionalized death of the unborn, will themselves be deprived of the Life they are willing to impose upon the Soul's of the developing fetus.  And of them who even support the  infanticide of the unborn with their choice of congregational candidates, Pastor Pavlovitz's words will come back upon them when he wrote: "...You’ve lost an audience with millions of wise, decent, good-hearted, faithful people with eyes to see this ugliness. You’ve lost any moral high ground or spiritual authority with a generation. You’ve lost any semblance of Christlikeness. You’ve lost the plot. And most of all you’ve lost your soul".   And as a Watcher who personally knew the Soul who lived as the man Jesus -- who re-entered this world to restore the suppressed Gospel teachings -- those who even support abortion, will inherit the death they promote, returned back upon them.


Will you expose Facebook in their suppression of the Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Speech and Religion?  Then pass this post on to everyone you can at   .  I can be directly contacted at .   



My Post Across My Facebook Followers and Friends:  I wrote with respect to the below post: This is truly the epitome of a racist portrayal of spiritual ignorance. No one rejected Obama because of his race. They rejected him because of his Marxist mindset that undermines our Constitutional form of government


Aaron Casserly Stewart

An open letter to white evangelicals: We’re done with you.
By North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz
Dear White Evangelicals,

I need to tell you something: People have had it with you. They’re done. They want nothing to do with you any longer, and here’s why: They see your hypocrisy, your inconsistency, your incredibly selective mercy, and your thinly veiled supremacy.

For eight years they watched you relentlessly demonize a Black President; a man faithfully married for 26 years; a doting father and husband without a hint of moral scandal or the slightest whiff of infidelity. They watched you deny his personal faith convictions, argue his birthplace, and assail his character—all without cause or evidence.

They saw you brandish Scriptures to malign him and use the laziest of racial stereotypes in criticizing him. And through it all, White Evangelicals—you never once suggested that God placed him where he was, you never publicly offered prayers for him and his family, you never welcomed him to your Christian Universities, you never gave him the benefit of the doubt in any instance, you never spoke of offering him forgiveness or mercy, your evangelists never publicly thanked God for his leadership, your pastors never took to the pulpit to offer solidarity with him, you never made any effort to affirm his humanity or show the love of Jesus to him in any quantifiable measure.
You violently opposed him at every single turn—without offering a single ounce of the grace you claim as the heart of your faith tradition. You jettisoned Jesus as you dispensed damnation on him.

And yet you give carte blanche to a white Republican man so riddled with depravity, so littered with extramarital affairs, so unapologetically vile, with such a vast resume of moral filth—that the mind boggles.

And the change in you is unmistakable. It has been an astonishing conversion to behold: a being born again.
With him, you suddenly find religion. With him, you’re now willing to offer full absolution. With him, all is forgiven without repentance or admission. With him, you’re suddenly able to see some invisible, deeply buried heart. With him, sin has become unimportant, and compassion no longer a requirement. With him, you see only Providence.
And White Evangelicals, all those people who have had it with you—they see it all clearly. They recognize the toxic source of your inconsistency.

They see that pigmentation and party are your sole deities. They see that you aren’t interested in perpetuating the love of God or emulating the heart of Jesus. They see that you aren’t burdened to love the least, or to be agents of compassion, or to care for your Muslim, gay, African, female, or poor neighbors as yourself.

They see that all you’re really interested in doing is making a God in your own ivory image and demanding that the world bow down to it. They recognize this all about white, Republican Jesus—not dark-skinned Jesus of Nazareth.

And I know you don’t realize it, but you’re digging your own grave these days; the grave of your very faith tradition.
Your willingness to align yourself with cruelty is a costly marriage. Yes, you’ve gained a Supreme Court seat, a few months with the Presidency as a mouthpiece, and the cheap high of temporary power—but you’ve lost a whole lot more.

You’ve lost an audience with millions of wise, decent, good-hearted, faithful people with eyes to see this ugliness. You’ve lost any moral high ground or spiritual authority with a generation. You’ve lost any semblance of Christlikeness. You’ve lost the plot. And most of all you’ve lost your soul.

I know it’s likely you’ll dismiss these words. The fact that you’ve even made your bed with such malevolence, shows how far gone you are and how insulated you are from the reality in front of you. But I had to at least try to reach you. It’s what Jesus would do.



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