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Monday, December 19, 2022

The Great Lie Of The Church and the Great Commission


The Great Lie Of The Church

If you believe the lie of the Great Commission since it was corrupted by the forth century Roman Church, then your life as a seeker has been derailed and dead-ended. If you believe the Truth of the Gospel Message, then it is therefore a matter of life and death that you investigate the Facts.  How can each and every Christian know the Truth?  If the original Gospel teachings were understood -- and a seeker tapped into the Divine Mind as Jesus taught -- then you would not be preaching the corrupted Church teachings that have slain the vast majority of blind believers. Quoting from

The Great Commission: Another such doctrinal corruption is found at Matthew 28:19, where it teaches the Trinity where it reads: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you"(Matt 28:19-20). And therein lies the problem as seen in the fact that it is impossible to "...teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you", while preaching the Trinitarian doctrine that Jesus was God incarnate as portrayed in the words: "baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost".   Why?  Because the doctrine of the Trinity undermines and even cancels out the need to "...observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you" -- even to the degree that those original followers who Jesus personally taught, who witnessed to the absolute need to observe all the teachings, were condemned as heretics by the same Church that corrupted the Gospels -- inserting the Trinity into the Great Commission.  

Of this verse The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics writes: "It is the central piece of evidence for the traditional view. If it were undisputed, this would, of course, be decisive, but its trustworthiness is impugned on the grounds of textual criticism, literary criticism and historical criticism"

In the Hibbert Journal (1902), F.C. Conybeare is quoted regarding the spurious verse: "In the course of my reading I have been able to substantiate these doubts of the authenticity of the text Mathew 28:19 by adducing patristic evidence against it, so weighty that in future the most conservative of divines will shrink from resting on it any dogmatic fabric at all, while the more enlightened will discard it as completely as they have its fellow-test of the three witnesses".
Conybeare then goes on and quotes the biblical scholar Dr. C.R. Gregory, and writes: "In the case just examined (Matthew 28:19), it is to be noticed that not a single manuscript or ancient version has preserved to us the true reading. But that is not surprising, for as Dr. C.R. Gregory, one of the greatest of our textual critics, reminds us, 'The Greek MSS of the Text of the New Testament were often altered by the scribes, who put into them the readings which were familiar to them, and which they held to be the right readings' (Canon and Text of the New Testament, 1907, p. 424)".
Conybeare then writes: "These facts speak for themselves. Our Greek texts, not only of the Gospels, but of the Epistles as well, have been revised and interpolated by orthodox copyists. We can trace their perversions of the text in a few cases, with the aid of patristic citations and ancient versions. But there must remain many passages which have been so corrected, but where we cannot today expose the fraud"
With regard to the assertion of those many scholars who claim that the New Testament has not been interpolated to support what is known as orthodox doctrines, Conybeare goes on to write: "This is just the opposite of the truth, and such distinguished scholars as Alfred Loisy, K. Wellhausen, Eberhard Nestle, Adolf Harnack, to mention only four names, do not scruple to recognize the fact".
The fact that he speaks of is that the text of the New Testament has been severely altered and revised by the so-called orthodox church of the past. Of the interpolation of Matthew 28:19 where the Church of Constantine attempted to prove the doctrine of the Trinity by inserting it into the text, The Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics writes: "The facts are, in summary, that Eusebius quotes Matthew 28:19 twenty one times, either omitting everything between 'nations' 'and teaching', or in the form 'make disciples of all nations in my name,' the later form being the more frequent". Quoting Eusebius directly, his text reads: "Go ye and make disciples of all nations in my name, teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever I commanded you".
If Eusebius who is known as the Church Historian, quotes the Great Commission (Matt 28:19) twenty one times -- prior to the insertion of the doctrine of the Trinity that was forced upon the Church by the Roman Emperor Constantin -- and the insertion of this doctrine opposes the witness of the original followers of Jesus who he personally taught -- then when the modern believer preaches this man-made doctrine, they are preaching and teaching against the original Gospel message.  What this means is that the teachings of Jesus disappeared in the first century.  And when rightly understood, the Roman Empire was not converted to the religion of Jesus -- but rather, the personage and image of Jesus was converted to Mithraism -- and it is easy to prove and demonstrate that even the name Christian which was rejected by the original followers of Jesus, is drawn directly from Mithraicism -- see The Original Sin Of The Church .
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