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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Intended Legal Action Against Facebook

Intended Legal Action Against Facebook

LEGAL NOTICE OF INTENT: In order to open a Cause of Action against Facebook, where it will be demonstrate that Facebook Management is aware that individual employees are using the Facebook surveillance facilities to censor religious beliefs that differ from their own personal beliefs.  

Why does Facebook censor what I write?  (1) I can factually prove that the original Gospel teachings was based upon the reincarnation of the Soul over the course of many lives. (2) As the original author of the Gospels (see ), I can fully explain why what appears to be inconsistencies were intentionally written into the text of the scriptures. (3) My in-depth spiritual explanations enable Christians to understand the meaning of the scriptures and the life they are presently living.  (4) My explanations assist atheists to embrace the spiritual path of enlightenment.      
Truth and Facts offends the Admins and Moderators of Facebook.  Therefore, The question that I am moving to set before the US District Court in Greensboro, North Carolina, is whether Facebook has the right to electronically surveil the private communications between individuals and censor religious beliefs and concepts.  Other Facebook users are welcome to enter into a Class Action Suite with me.  I have had victories in court -- see The Seat Belt And The Cross at

Facebooks Censorship of Individual Constitutional Rights

If Verizon or AT&T was to monitor subscribers phone lines and stop people from making calls if they mention the name Jesus or certain religious beliefs within a Community of people who subscribe to their service, that would be unconstitutional.  Yet, Facebook claims they have the right to use electronic surveillance on people's private conversations to maintain a religious-free communication.  Spiritual Facts offends Facebook admins and moderators. 

Facebook deceptively claims that they have the right of electronic surveillance of private conversations and invoke the Community Standards of Facebook which conflicts with the community standards of the people and/or groups.  Therefore, when they censor a person, they are maintaining their own Standards that may or may not have anything in common with the people and groups who subscribe to their service.  Therefore, when Facebook censors individuals based upon their own questionable Community Standards, that is in and of itself a lie and deception that is against the Constitutional Rights of the People.  Why?  Because like Verizon and AT&T, each person chooses who they want to communicate with.  Therefore, each individual person who communicates on Facebook, has chosen to follow and receive the posts of another individual person, or the posts of a group which they have previously subscribed to as members.  Which means that each person has chosen to receive the posts of a particular person or has asked to be a member of a group, knowing the type of communication that would be received and exchanged.  Therefore the individual has chosen to follow a particular person, and can easily stop receiving posts from that person or group.  Further, all groups have Moderators and Admin's who monitor and OK the posts submitted to a group.  Which means that when an individual makes a post, the post which is received by those who have chosen to receive them, cannot be against Community Standards of that group -- which means that the rejected posts is based upon the outright censorship of religious beliefs and teachings on the part of Facebook.

Throughout all of life in the United States there are different Communities who employ different standards within their community.  And this ability to choose, is an essential element of Guaranteed Constitutional Rights.  While Atheists have the right to communicate, they do not have the right to demand that Churches maintain Atheist Community Standards.  And this is in like manner true with respect to Churches demanding that Atheists and different denominations abide by their Community standards -- all of which is imposed standards upon other groups would be deemed unconstitutional, and will be the subject of an upcoming Order to Show Cause against Facebook In U.S. District Court in North Carolina.   

People who friend and follow my writings, do so because of my self-knowledge of my Soul's previous lives as openly set forth in my Facebook ID under the title: About Me where my Soul DNA relationship to the man Jesus is stated (see ).   My account has been systematically suspended over the last two (2) months based upon the assertion by Facebook that my posts violate Community Standards.  In the upcoming Legal Cause of Action, I will submit the following posts as examples of my communications that offends Facebook moderators.   
I can be reached via email at      

Examples of my posts that have been censored is at the following links:
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The Pre-Nicene Position Of The Church On Reincarnation       

I can be reached at my email address at 


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