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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Prove The Truth -- Where's The Beef?

The following was written to me: Although you seem to have good intentions (Ebionites/Nazirenes), I am a doubting Thomas. Reading historical implications of the Nag Hammadi texts of Gnosticism, Elain Pagels in her many books, calls in to question the authenticity of the Christian Bible, original sin, the devil and a number of other widely held beliefs. She is a professor of theology at Princeton and a self avowed Gnostic. I e-mailed her and asked who were the authors of the four Christian Gospels and her reply was, "Nobody knows." So my question to you is: Where do you get off teaching you are the only ones who've got it right? I mean, its not as though one could walk up to the historic Jesus and ask him to spell it out. Do you have your own Bible. Is it open for public scrutiny? If so, I'd like to read it. At the core of my problem with your claims is that you may lead a countless number of people away from any semblance of their faith in what may or may not be authentic. I am not a Christian in any way, shape or form. I have a deep and abiding respect for Jesus though. And I believe that several well-meaning individuals have over edited source material that is no longer extant. Like the old TV commercial, I have to ask, "Where's the beef!?"

The Answer:
While I have the utmost respect for Elaine Pagels -- and you can do me the favor and forward this on to her -- Elaine Pagels is not a Gnostic. She embraces Gnostic philosophy -- but gnosis is not received out of books or reading scriptures that have been rejected by the Church. Gnosis is the experiential knowledge or Divine Manna one can only receive via one's inner soul and spiritual natures. And since by their very standards, all scholars would reject the (Gnostic) Wisdom and Knowledge of the True Mystic who is able to transcend this world, there is not a single scholar who can even begin to possess True Gnosis. Elaine Pagels entered into this life to bring about important work for the betterment of mankind, and has the knowledge of a scholar that has been the product of much outward study. And while she is a student of Gnostic philosophy, she is not herself a Gnostic. She lacks both an understanding of the inner meaning of both the scriptures, and her own inner soul-self (see and ). And while she has learned about Gnosticism, the very nature of her scholarly work inhibits her from being herself a Gnostic -- as one who can receive the Inner Divine Manna (see ). If Pagels was herself a Mystic who has experienced Inner Gnosis, rather then a scholar, the critics who oppose her would be able to easily dismiss what she writes (see ). In the same way that the Pharisees stated to Yeshua that he was not taught by them, it is a fact as Paul warns that the organic mind of man is incapable of comprehending the higher realities of the soul and the spirit (see ). So in our present time, the soul of people such as Elaine Pagels entered into life to lay the important framework for people in search of Truth to begin to walk the mystical/spiritual path of TheWay. So the soul of Elaine Pagels is using this present life, in order to receive the right to be born into a truly spiritual life in the future where this wisdom can be made a true part of her soul-experiences.
As stated on the Divine Manna web site ( ), all scriptures are equally Gnostic -- and this important reality is one of the reasons why I asked you to forward my answer to you on to Elaine Pagels if you are able. As a witness via my past lives as to the events that transpired behind the scenes ( ), as stated in the opening on the article on Bible Corruption ( ), not only were the most spiritual scriptures never even given to the Gentiles outside of the Ebionite Disciples of Yeshua/Jesus, but these scriptures had to be made more simple and elementary with respect to the content. Also, modifications were made in order to accommodate the Greek and Roman mindset. As an example: The original Gospels did not have a virgin birth -- but since all the Messiahs of the Gentile world were said to have been born of a virgin, this was added. But if you understand the true inner (Gnostic) meaning of the virgin birth, it is making reference to the spiritual birth that each Disciple must bring about in their own lives. If you must be (spiritually) Born Again, who will be your parents (Male/Female Forces) of this second stage of birth? It will be a Divine Birth -- and thus, St. Gregory writes: “…we conclude that the power of the Highest, coalescing with our entire nature by that coming upon (the Virgin) of the Holy Ghost, both resides in our soul, so far as reason sees it possible that it should reside there, and is blended with our body, so that our salvation throughout every element may be perfect”. In order to achieve this next level of soul-birth, you must yourself be born of what is allegorically portrayed as the virgin birth.
If you were able to understand the inner spiritual meaning, then you would recognize that there is no difference between the Old and New Testaments -- and only their outer form appears different to the unenlightened. And this is why Paul spoke of the Old Testament as the "letter that killeth... Jewish fables" which led men astray. And the Jewish Mystic has warned that the literal text of the Torah, is not the True Torah -- i.e., "Thus the tales related in the Torah are simply her outer garments, and woe to the man who regards that outer garb as the Torah itself, for such a man will be deprived of portion in the next world...." (The Zohar; Edited by Gershom G. Scholem, Zohar- The Book of Splendor, Basic Readings from the Kabbalah [New York, Schocken Books, 1949]). Why would a person who sees only the outer garb of the scriptures be deprived of their place in the next world? For the same reason why Valentinus warned that the people of an organic mind do not have salvation in the manner that they would imagine. For the same reason that Yeshua warned that if you do not bring about the next stage of soul-birth while in the body, that you cannot enter into Life (see and ).
Yeshua taught that the Kingdom is within you ( ). And in the same way that in the Lord's Prayer, you are taught to pray for the Kingdom to Come -- and when speaking of prayer, it is stated that your Heavenly Father already knows all things that you need, so you should pray only for the Kingdom (to come) -- each person has the ability to enter the Inner Kingdom, by bringing about the next stage of soul-birth. But the teachings of Yeshua were corrupted by the Church of Rome, which used religion as a means of both redemption, and to control the people of the empire. And the necessity of this second soul-birth is the reason why the Divine Manna ( ) web site opens with a warning from the Gospel of Thomas: "But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty... Whoever finds himself is superior to the world". And the finding of self is the primary objective of all scriptures. And when we add to this the statement from the Gospel of Philip that "Those who say that first they shall die and (then) they shall arise are confused. If they do not first receive the resurrection (while) they live,¹ they will not receive anything (when) they die." We begin to get a glimpse of our own higher soul reality.
The more advanced among the Gentiles began to compose their own scriptures which the later Church of Constantine rejected as Gnostic and heresy. Since we can see out of the above quotation from the Zohar that the written words of the Torah are nothing more than an allegorical garb, many of the Gentiles were being severely misled by reading it. As stated in the Clementine Homilies by the Apostle Peter when he said of the power of Simon Magus to manipulate and deceive the minds of the Gentile believers: “And with us, indeed, who have had handed down from our forefathers the worship of the God who made all things, and also the mystery of the books which are able to deceive, he will not prevail; but with those from amongst the Gentiles who have the polytheistic fancy bred in them, and who know not the falsehoods of the Scriptures, he will prevail much. And not only he; but if any other shall recount to those from among the Gentiles any vain, dreamlike, richly set out story against God, he will be believed, because from their childhood their minds are accustomed to take in things spoken against God. And few there shall be of them, as a few out of a multitude, who through ingenuousness shall not be willing so much as to hear an evil word against the God who made all things. And to these alone from amongst the Gentiles it shall be vouchsafed to be saved. Let not any one of you, therefore, altogether complain of Simon, or of any one else; for nothing happens unjustly, since even the falsehoods of Scripture are with good reason presented for a test.”
Judaism is an ancient Mystery Religion that got mainstream acceptance. Only the core initiates knew the true inner meaning of the scriptures. The teachings of Yeshua and TheWay, and the associated New Covenant Gospels, represent a universal departure from the Mystery Religion mindset which deceived the common believers. The New Covenant Gospels were created so that a seeker could read the literal text, and perceive what was required in order to begin the necessary process of alchemical transfomation of the body and mind that would permit the next stage of soul-birth to be brought about. That many of the most important concepts were removed by the later Church which was anti-gnosis and called itself Orthodox, is why I openly support the Gospel of the Nazirenes ( ), because it restores many of these missing important concepts. Where the scholar is looking for what will be accepted as genuine from the community of acceptable authorities, the Mystic and Spiritual Source such as myself, only embraces what will bring about the next stage of soul-birth that the scholar knows nothing about.
What Peter warns in the above is true -- and is not only true of carnal Christians, but is true of carnal Jews, Muslims, the New Age, Buddhists, Hindus and all people the world over. And is part of the Divine Strategery ( ) employed by what Yeshua portrays as the "citizen of the far country" in the parable of the prodigal son who is able to keep the people of a natural organic mind shackled to the thinking and illusion of this world. Notice the above words that "...for nothing happens unjustly, since even the falsehoods of Scripture are with good reason presented for a test” -- if I began writing on this subject, my material would be endless. And that the mainstream Jews, Christians and Muslims are unable to pass these necessary tests which lead to a more enlightened understanding, is one of the primay reasons for the conflict in the world today. Further, in addition to the seven libraries of scriptures which I make reference to at , the Vatican has copies of many of these scriptures that would have the power to begin the process of bringing about world peace (see ), because these more pure scriptures would force all three religions to immediately re-evaluate many of their long-held grave misconceptions which not only has caused the walls of division, but also the conflict that has ensued.
The Spiritual Gentile Christians who were called Gnostics, did not want the people to become misled by the ancient Mystery Religion framework of what Peter calls "...the mystery of the books which are able to deceive", so they often portrayed Yeshua/Jesus after the allegory of the resurrection, without all the Jewish garb that part of the Jewish Mystery Religion mindset and traditions. Our true soul-self ( ) transcends all the religions of man -- gender and race -- and all philosophies and ideologies -- and is a Being of Pure Knowing and Intellect. So while it is necessary to conceal essential Truths in Jewish allegorical garb for Jews, and Christian allegorical garb for Christians, and Muslim allegorical garb for Muslims, at a higher level, this garb itself becomes an obstacle. As stated in the 90th chapter of the Gospel of the Nazirenes ( ): "God gives you all truth, as a ladder with many steps, for the salvation and perfection of the soul, and the truth which seems today, you will abandon for the higher truth tomorrow. Press toward perfection." And since the Churches and Institutionalized religions of this world by their nature embrace doctrines of belief -- beliefs that are elementary and carnal -- and the organic mindset must be evolved level by level in the manner of the "good ground" of the parable of the Sower and the Seed (see ). And the truth and esoteric reality of both the scriptures, and life itself, is portrayed in the warning in the parable: “Know ye not this parable? and how then will ye know all parables?” (Mark 4:13 KJV) -- or, in the wording of a the modern language New Living Translation: “But if you can’t understand this story, how will you understand all the others I am going to tell?
What this means is that without living the Life and embracing the mindset prescribed by Yeshua, you have absolutely no hope in understanding anything pertaining to your own higher soul and spiritual reality. And this knowledge of higher soul-reality is what Gnosis is -- or the Divine Manna of the Kingdom. And it is not an intellectual knowledge that can be taught in the schools of man -- or the knowledge of reading the allegorical garb of the scriptures -- but rather, the experiential soul-knowledge that the Gospel of Thomas makes reference to in the opening where it states that if you possess the meaning of these sayings, you can never taste death. And the only way you can receive the Gnosis that would enlighten your mind and transform the physical from natural organic into a Living Temple that enables you to enter within the Holy of Holies within you, and see and understand all things as they truly are, is to become the "good ground" and seek the Kingdom within.
Now you ask for me to prove what I am saying? You are the prodigal son who is lost in this, the far country. In a parallel account, you will find these same truths portrayed in the analogy of Plato's Cave (see ). So long as you remain under the control of what Yeshua portrayed as the "citizen of the far country" -- what Paul portrayed as the god of this world -- and what the Gnostics portrayed as the Demiurge -- then you will remain in what is called the "outer darkness" of consciousness which is portrayed in the parable of the Wedding Feast -- spellbound by the images which are danced upon the wall of Plato's Cave. By walking in TheWay that Yeshua taught, you will bring about the next stage of soul-birth which is portrayed in the allegory of the Resurrection in the words of the Gospel of Philip: "Those who say that first they shall die and (then) they shall arise are confused. If they do not first receive the resurrection (while) they live, they will not receive anything (when) they die." And this is the only means for you to prove the Truth.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

U.S. Muslim leader blames Bush for war - The Quagmire of Evil And Unknowing

Shalom Muslim American Society:
Unlike most people, I have many times expressed the position that the world conflict is not only caused by the Laws because the religious world has closed their minds to what the Hand of God has given them -- as seen in my recent letter to Pope Benedict which has been copied into my Blog entry ( ) entitled: The Source Of World Violence - A Letter To Pope Benedict XVI. But when I saw the WorldNetDaily article quoting Mahdi Bray blaming George Bush (see ), it was as if I were reading the words of a man who was totally oblivious to reality.
What the radical Islamists have begun to do, is enlighten people as to what the Qur'an actually states. In a previous Blog entry entitled Evil vs Evil - The Clash Of Ideologies, I quote the Qur'an: "Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Surah 2:190-) "Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it." (Surah 2:216) "Seek out your enemies relentlessly." (Surah 4:103-) "...make war on the leaders of unbelief...Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them..." (Surah 9:12-) "It is He who has sent forth His apostle with guidance and the true Faith [Islam] to make it triumphant over all religions, however much the idolaters [non-Muslims] may dislike it." (Surah 9:31-) "If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men." (Surah 9:37-).
In all my many interactions with Muslims, I find them basically as unknowing with respect to higher soul-reality, as most of their mainstream Jewish and Christian brothers -- and the ensuing conflict that has shed the blood of countless innocent lives, is basically one form of ignorance opposing another form of ignorance. So while you will no doubt reject what I am going to convey to you, when you pass from this life, instead of being welcomed by 72 virgins, there will come a time on the other side where you will be confronted by the Truth. And admittedly, most people in this world are astonished by this confrontation with Truth, because their own higher soul-reality is not what they expect or are in any manner even prepared to contemplate. As an example: Upon receiving this correspondence, you will no doubt say: Who is this insane man who believes that he previously lived as Jacob, who people call James, who lived as the Brother of Yeshua, who people call Jesus? And while it is easily proven that Jesus taught that the soul evolves to perfection over the course of many lifetimes (see ), you will not believe that such a thing could be possible. Regardless of the fact that it is a core Muslim doctrine that the New Testament was corrupted -- as I prove beyond any doubt at -- and yet, it will not even dawn on you that the doctrine of soul-evolution was one of those important teachings that was removed by the Church of Rome.
This reality that you will be in denial of can be taken to the next step in the question: How did Mohammed come to be the Prophet? And while you are clueless as to why he was chosen to be the Prophet of Islam, as the soul who lived as the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus, I am not bound by man's carnal ignorance. Mohammed was chosen to live that life, because his soul had evolved to a highly enlightened level in the previous lives he had lived. Which is how the soul who lived as Moses came to be who he was -- how the soul who lived as Yeshua/Jesus came to be who he was, and is the same path that my own soul walked in order to become who I am -- then, now, and all the many lifetimes that I have lived in between. And since you already think that I am insane, let me impart to you some wisdom that you will confront on that day when you expect 72 virgins -- i.e., Mohammed did not write the above words in the Qur'an that are attributed to him. In the same way that the Bible was corrupted in order for the Church of Rome to create the Jesus-god (see ), the above words were added in order to seduce the followers of Mohammed into killing others in order to create an Islamic dynasty. Constantine did the same thing with the Christians (see ). And as someone who has many times incarnated in and out of this physical realm which Jesus portrayed as the "far country" in the parable of the Prodigal Son, let me also confirm to you that if you begin to live the life of Mohammed -- seeking the Distant Mosque in the Spiritual Mecca within you (see ) -- like many of the Sufis attempt to do -- you have it within your power to prove all things. And because all people have the innate ability to enter the Inner Kingdom ( ), all of us are responsible for our misdeeds (sins) of ignorance, because all we have to do is walk in TheWay ( ) -- and become a Living and Consecrated Temple ( ). Which from the perspective of Islam, to fulfill the requirement for every Muslim to make the soul-journey to the Distant Mosque in the Spiritual Mecca within us (see ). The, and only the, can we overcome the error of this world -- as well as the corrupted scriptures of man -- and know the Truth by virtue of our own spiritual experiences. And what this means is that in the same way that Christians have been disenfranchised from the Truth by virtue of their corrupted scriptures and manmade pagan church doctrines, Muslims are basically in the same boat because of the corruption of the Qur'an that they are in denial of, and the fact that they have innocent blood on their hands. If this day, all Muslims repent from their violence, and embraced the Jews and Christians as brothers, all conflict would immediately cease -- and Islam could begin to fulfill its mantra as a religion of Peace. And if all Muslims began to teach others how to live the necessary Consecrated Life that enables them to enter within the Holy of Holies within themselves, and dwell within the Gates of Spiritual Jerusalem, Spiritual Mecca, or the Kingdom within, only then would your life be a worthy sacrifice to your God. And while you may reject my words, in the end they will come back to haunt you in ways that you cannot presently even imagine. So don't blame George Bush for what Islam is bringing back upon itself.
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
Who lived as the Brother Of Yeshua

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Source Of World Violence - A Letter To Pope Benedict XVI

Greetings Pope Benedict XVI:
Like your predecessor John Paul II, you have blamed the Jews, George Bush, and to a lesser degree the Islamic Fundamentalists for the wave of violence that engulfs many parts of the world today. But in view of the fact that it is clearly demonstrated in the Epistle of James to Pope John Paul II ( ), that the greater responsibility for the violence is yours -- and the violence is the result of the important scriptures that the Church of Rome is withholding from the world -- important scriptures that remain hidden away in the Vatican Archives -- the blood of the innocent is once again on the hands of the Roman Catholic Church ( ). And while there are other copies of these important scriptures still hidden away in five (5) remaining libraries that have yet to be re-discovered (see ) -- these scriptures cannot be received by a spiritually impure people who will not use them in pursuit of the Inner Kingdom ( ).
The great gulf that exists and divides Judaism, Christianity and Islam, has been caused by spiritual ignorance directly resulting from the suppression of the original teachings of Jesus and his Ebionite Disciples of TheWay ( ) by the Church of Rome. While the Dead Sea Scrolls has spawned such speculation as the Da Vinci Code controversy (see ), the Whole Truth has yet to be revealed to the world. If the original teachings of Jesus as revealed in the uncorrupted scriptures ( ) were restored to the people, not only would the doctrinal walls separating Judaism, Christian and Islam be shattered in the manner of the Berlin Wall -- and much of the violence in the world which is fueled by these doctrinal differences eliminated -- but the spiritual path of TheWay would very quickly be restored once the Key of Knowledge is restored. If you endeavor to again restore to the people the Truth that the Church of Rome has been concealing since the fourth century, then you would be recognized as a great soul in the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father. Thus, you have it in your power to alleviate the suffering that is being perpetrated in the world because of the present culture of spiritual ignorance that has enveloped the world since the Ebionite Disciples and the Spiritual (Gnostic) Christians were murdered by the armies of Constantine and the Roman Church ( ). And because the cause of the present world conflict is purely of a spiritual nature -- brought about by the Laws because man has rejected what God has given unto him -- there is no military or peacefully negotiated solution that will resolve the conflict -- a conflict which will grow ever diabolical and consuming. And in the same way that my Brother Jesus taught: "Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Matt 16:24-26 NKJ) -- if you contine to ignore the spiritual source of the violence -- attempting to save the political Church of Rome -- and continue to obstruct the children who are searching for the Kingdom -- then the violence itself will soon consume you. Thus, by attempting to preserve what is counterfeit -- concealing from the people the Truth and TheWay -- you will consign the souls of many to the dark abyss.
GodSpeed in TheWay
Allan Cronshaw
Long Island, NY
The Soul Who lived as
Jacob, Brother Of Yeshua
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Friday, July 21, 2006

Spiritual Submission - The Failing Of The Three Religions

Shalom, Peace,

I find it odd that in all the comments everyone is ignoring the actual problem to the conflict. In the same way that Islam is a religion of submission, so too is Christianity a religion of enlightenment, and Judaism a religion of Messiah. And while all these religions make similar claims, there is a great void of Muslims who are submissive to Peace, Christians that are Enlightened, and Jewish Messiahs. Is God Jewish? Is He Christian? Is Allah a Muslim? The divisions of the religions represent a division of mind, and it is little different than the 3 blind men looking at the elephant and each explaining it according to the part that they can feel. Only the whole picture restores the Truth, and you cannot find the whole picture while squabbling over which sectarian dogmatic tradition is correct. As Brother of Yeshua stated, the problem is spiritual and requires a spiritual solution. Spiritual does not mean that we all need to read a set of notes that one religion considers mainstream over another. Spiritual means that each of us must look beyond the letter of EVERY text and see the SAME source that exists within, then we will all be looking at the SAME God. And the only way to do this is to begin to change yourself, to open your heart and mind to the scriptures and instead of interpreting them literally in an outward and demonic fashion to turn them inward and make the ultimate sacrifice of self by living a consecrated lifestyle to God/Allah in accord with the tenants of Peace.

It is interesting to note that one blogger comment brought up the silence of the Muslim community as a result of murders, and yet violence is the only solution offered as a result of "politically incorrect" cartoons. Surely this is a message of "my way" or "my way" according to the Muslims - this is not freedom or peace, nor the teachings of the Prophet, who would be ashamed to call himself Muslim at the present time. To promote peace it must be lived throughout every aspect of our lives, and this is only done by living a Spirit filled life in accord to the highest tenants of Truth that we have received.

Any Muslim who supports the violence that is conducted should be ashamed. And the fact that if a True Muslim where to speak out in the Muslim community he would be silenced as readily as those who are considered allies of the enemy is an example of extreme intolerance. True Muslims cannot practice their religious observance because of fear, unless the Muslims who know the Truth speak out an condemn the violence as having nothing in common with True Islam they are as guilty as those who commit the violence themselves. But this cannot happen while they fear for their lives - which is a result of the LACK of free speech -- largely due to intolerance.

There is yet to surface additional scriptures that will put all those Muslims who commit violence in the name of Allah to shame. Christians who cut themselves off from their own religion in the 4th Century will be no better off, and Jews will have an opportunity to either embrace the true teachings that are inherent in their own religion, or perish with the backlash.

Messiah cannot come to those who are not themselves fulfilling the conditions of the higher path to Peace, and this path is a narrow, narrow road. Mohammad's first wife was an Ebionite princess and his uncle a Nestorian monk. The Prophet was taught by the inner teachings that we must all take care to abide by, and anyone who has been given the wisdom from On High knows that within each of these religions are principles of Truth that have been corrupted by those who are too carnal, too "Jewish" to accept them - as were the Pharisees and all teachers of this world become who fail to Know Thyself. The wisdom of God/Allah is to look to the source, the heart of the scriptures that have been placed within each of your cultural hands, and fulfill the essence of these teachings throughout your daily lives. Then and only then can you know and be revealed the Truth and see the picture clearly as a whole, just as the Prophet does.

Peace, Love, and Light in TheWay,

Ebionite of the Nazirene Vow of Consecration
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Reply To Free Muslim Coalition - Israeli And Palestinian Violence

Upon receiving an invitation from Free Muslims to enter a comment into their Blog ( ) on a solution to the Israeli and Palestinian violence, let me state that none of the suggestions offered can work, because the only solution is spiritual. If a cure is to be brought about, then you must wholistically go to the source of the disease -- and the source can neither be satisfied by negotiations, or continued war and conflict. Modern Quantum Physics has proven the vision of the Mystic, and confirmed that all events that originate in this physical realm, are brought about in causal realities which originate in the Etheric levels, which the modern scientist calls the field -- and are manifest in this realm by virtue of the Laws (Of God). As explained in a number of my letters to the media and various Christian groups (see ), the Hand of God has provided mankind important scriptures that would restore the spiritual essence of Christianity, and greatly impact both Judaism and Islam. When the Church ignored what had been placed in their hands, violence ensued -- and in his own ignorance, Pope John Paul II invoked further Laws ( ) by withholding important scriptures that belong to the people -- and are necessary for both Peace and Spiritual Rebirth. This was further detailed in a letter to President Bush ( ) who was of course judged by John Paul, even though his Church was the cause of the violence that had been brought about by the Laws.

Modern Jews have all but admitted that Jesus was the inauguration of the Final Temple which is Spiritual (see ). And it was the Hand of God that brought about the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. Islam came into existence because of the corruption of Christianity ( ) which Paul predicted would worship the antichrist under Pagan Rome. But Islam itself became corrupted, and has become part of the threefold problem that can only be overcome when the three religions are restored to their original spiritual essence. Christianity is the key, because in addition to the above noted scriptures that remain concealed in the Vatican Archives, there exists five (5) libraries of scriptures which would begin the process of spiritual transformation (see ), and this would cause all three religions to re-evaluate many of their positions that separate them both doctrinally and politically. And so long as the three religions -- and especially Christianity -- continues to reject what the very Hand of God has given them, then even greater violence and conflict will ensue in the future.

Brother Of Jesus

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jews For Jesus Come To New York

Shalom Jews For Jesus:
I saw the segment on FoxNews how you are going to come to New York for the summer with the objective of proselyting Jews to believe in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah. And having visited your web site at , I saw very little of what Yeshua taught, and an overwhelming assortment of the doctrines of Pagan Rome that has shackled Christianity in the abyss of ignorance since the fourth century. As Jews, you should of course be aware of the fact that the original teachings of Yeshua and TheWay were faithfully embraced and preserved by his Ebionite Disciples (see ) -- and that the Greek and Roman converts were basically far too heathen in both their mindset and carnal lifestyle, to understand the spiritual teachings that Yeshua taught. In fact, the Christian concept of salvation where you say a prayer and you continue to live a hedonist spiritually disenfranchised lifestyle, is not only a total rejection of the very essence of the Torah, but is pure apostasy to the teachings of Yeshua and TheWay.
A very important warning is sounded by Peter in the writings of his disciple Clement with respect to soundness of doctrine of belief. Thus, in the Clementine Recognitions Peter is quoted where it is written that: "Our Lord and Prophet, who hath sent us, declared to us that the wicked one, having disputed with Him forty days, and having prevailed nothing against Him, promised that he would send apostles from amongst his subjects, to deceive. Wherefore, above all, remember to shun apostle or teacher or prophet who does not first accurately compare his preaching with that of James, who was called the brother of my Lord, and to whom was entrusted to administer the church of the Hebrews in Jerusalem, — and that even though he come to you with witnesses: lest the wickedness which disputed forty days with the Lord, and prevailed nothing, should afterwards, like lightning falling from heaven upon the earth, send a preacher to your injury, as now he has sent Simon upon us, preaching, under pretense of the truth, in the name of the Lord, and sowing error. Wherefore He who hath sent us, said, ‘Many shall come to me in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits ye shall know them.’"
Unless it is your intention to both turn against your Jewish heritage, and deny the spiritual essence of the teachings of Yeshua and TheWay, it is imperative that you consider the above words very carefully. What is the legacy of the Gentile Church which many have rightfully called the Synagogue of Satan? In the fourth century they entered into a covenant relationship with the pagan Emperor Constantine, who not only murdered the true Disciples of Yeshua and TheWay (see ), but altered crucial scriptures to create the Jesus-god that Christians today worship (see ) -- and further corrupted the scriptures in order to make them support the pagan doctrines of Rome (see ). Perhaps the reality of the Church is best portrayed in a letter to Pope Leo X on September 6th, 1520, where Martin Luther wrote of the Christianity of his day, that the church, “…once the holiest of all, has become the most licentious den of thieves, the most shameless of all brothels, the kingdom of sin, death, and hell. It is so bad that even Antichrist himself, if he should come, could think of nothing to add to its wickedness” (Quoted in: The Great Thoughts; compiled by George Seldes). And while the framers of the Reformation attempted to restore the Church to its original form, they failed because the Christian world had become so alienated from the spiritual essence of Yeshua's teachings, that it was an impossible task for them to even begin to embrace. Moreover, there was a spiritual reality that was beyond their ability to even envision that was inhibiting them from restoring what the Church of Constantine had thrown away. And this reality is portrayed in the Epistle of Peter and James which is quoted on both the Ebionite web site ( ), and the article on Bible Corruption. Where the Christians promote the counterfeit doctrine that their scriptures were faithfully preserved, as stated in this Epistle, an unclean people cannot receive the Pure Word of G-d -- and the copies which were given into the hands of the Gentiles had to be spiritually dumbed down even before they were corrupted by the Church. And this fact is demonstrated in the words of this Epistle: "Hear me, brethren and fellow-servants. If we should give the books to all indiscriminately, and they should be corrupted by any daring men, or be perverted by interpretations, as you have heard that some have already done, it will remain even for those who really seek the truth, always to wander in error. Wherefore it is better that they should be with us, and that we should communicate them with all the fore-mentioned care to those who wish to live piously, and to save others."
Take close notice of the words that if these scriptures and teachings were to be corrupted, that " will remain even for those who really seek the truth, always to wander in error." Why? Because once the Key of Knowledge is thrown away, it is extremely difficult for it to be re-established. And for the Christians the task has been impossible, because they cling to the pagan doctrines of men as a foundation for their thinking and search for Truth. As an example: In the above statement of Peter that all those who remain faithful to the teachings of TheWay must "...shun apostle or teacher or prophet who does not first accurately compare his preaching with that of James" -- and yet, the Christians not only totally reject these essential teachings, but neither do I even see a link from your web site to that of the Brother Of Yeshua ( ). And the fact that the Christians could not even conceive that both the Brother of Yeshua and the Disciples would be sent back into the world to guide true seekers in TheWay, is because they adhere to the doctrines and dictates of a circus prostitute and her husband who was a Roman Emperor (see ). So how could the Christians possess any understanding beyond the entry-level teachings of the simple faith, when they fail to understand the reality of the pre-existent soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lifetimes -- just as Yeshua taught before these teachings were corrupted by the Gentiles. Yet, many of the more spiritually mature Jews who you are attempting to preach the doctrines of Pagan Rome to, well understand this reality of the soul that is totally absent from Christian comprehension. Quoting

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, under the heading of Souls, Transmigration of: “The doctrine of transmigration of souls, which was especially accepted by the Karaites… is generally attacked by Jewish philosophers, but is defended by Isaac Abravanel and Manasseh ben Israel. It appears often in Cabala; it is found in organized form in the Zohar, it is further developed in the teachings of Isaac Luria (1534-1572), and in Hasidism it becomes a universal belief. According to these teachings, all human souls have a common origin in the spiritual unity of the primordial man, sparks of which form the individual souls... The sin of Adam brought higher and lower souls into confusion; as a result, every soul has to pass through a series of incarnations... The soul itself has no sex, which is determined by the body and may vary from incarnation to incarnation”. In the Zohar, a doctrine of Jewish Mysticism, it is written that: “All souls are subject to the trials of transmigration; and men do not know the designs of the Most High with regard to them… The souls must re-enter the absolute substance whence they have emerged. But to accomplish this end they must develop all the perfections, the germ of which is planted in them; and if they have not fulfilled this condition during one life, they must commence another, a third, and so forth, until they have acquired the condition which fits them for reunion with God”. In view of the fact that I am living proof that the Hasidic teachings on the reincarnation of the soul which parallels that of what Yeshua taught is a reality that few people understand -- and the fact that you have it within your power to do as Yeshua commanded, and seek the Inner Kingdom ( ) -- the validity of what I have written can be proven by anyone who sincerely desires to Know the Truth.

In the article on The Three Lies ( ), I demonstrate that the spiritual core of Judaism has a better understanding and acceptance of Yeshua as a Messiah, than does the Christians -- and they are unable to acknowledge this fact because of the paganism of the Church which is a total rejection of both Judaism, as well as the teachings of Yeshua. And since you are coming to New York, perhaps some of your people would like to visit with me on Long Island, and discuss what you are doing. If you want the Jews to acknowledge Yeshua, then you must begin by converting the Christians from the religion of Constantine, to that of what Yeshua actually taught. And I am sure that after reading the original teachings of Yeshua as preserved on the Ebionite web site ( ), you will have many important questions with respect to the validity of the pagan doctrines you are presently preaching. And I am sending a copy of this e-mail to Rabbi Perl in the event that he wants to interview you with respect to your effort to convert Jews to the religion of Constantine on his weekly radio program (see ). Further, I am posting this e-mail on my web blog at so that you will be able to easily make the above available to other members of Jews for Jesus who want to know the Truth and TheWay from an original Jewish perspective -- in contradistinction to the doctrines of pagan Rome. And yes, I am the author of that article used by many of the anti-missionary groups entitled Things Christians Don't Tell Jews About The New Testament (see ).
Peace, Love and Light in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
Long Island, NY

Monday, July 03, 2006

Yeshua Taught In Parables To Conceal The Mysteries of God

Jesus taught in parables to conceal the Mysteries of God from the multitude of people -- he said they were blind and incapable of perceiving and comprehending the true meaning of life and the Kingdom of God which was within them. If Jesus had spoken of the Mysteries of God openly, then the people of this world would have rejected his words as "foolishness". Why does men of an organic mind look upon the higher realities of their own soul and spiritual natures as "foolishness"? Because the god of this world who Jesus portrayed as the "citizen" in the parable of the prodigal son, controls the thinking and lives of those who are lost in this, the "far country", and will not permit them to comprehend their own higher soul and spiritual natures -- or their inheritance as the Offspring of the Most High who Jesus taught was our Father. So Jesus embedded the Mysteries of God and the realities of our own higher soul and spirit within a series of parables -- the understanding of which could only be comprehended by those who picked up their own cross, and followed in TheWay -- and because neither the god of this world or his prophets and servants who corrupted the scriptures, and created a shadow church in this world, could not understand the inner meaning, they remain preserved to this day as a portal for the true seekers to know the Truth, and receive the Divine Manna from Heaven which enlightens and reveals to the faithful disciples of TheWay the reality of All Things. After visiting the Inner Kingdom, Paul warned that it is unlawful to reveal the Sacred Secrets of the Kingdom to the Church-believing Christians of the simple faith -- calling himself an "Ambasador in bonds" who was restrained from speaking the truth openly. Ignatius, the first century Elder who was a disciple of John, warned the Christians that “Might I not write to you things more full of mystery? But I fear to do so, lest I should inflict injury on you who are babes. Pardon me in this respect, lest, as not being able to receive their weighty import, ye should be strangled by them.” Man was banished from the Garden of Eden because, after eating from the Tree of Duality, if he had then eaten of the Tree of Life, he would have become eternal -- i.e., "Then the LORD God said, Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever -- therefore the LORD God sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life" (Gen 3:22-24 NKJ). Jesus concealed the Mysteries of God from the perception of both the multitudes of people who he taught, and the believers of the simple-faith, because the Sacred Manna of the Tree of Life can only be imparted to the faithful disciples who pick up their own cross and travail in TheWay in exact imitation of the mindset and ordained lifestyle that Jesus taught. In the same way that Jesus told the man seeking eternal life to first fulfill the Law, the Christians of the simple faith must themselves progress beyond the "milk" of the simple-faith, and become a Disciple of TheWay which Jesus taught only to his most faithful who he called his Brothers and Sisters, in order to receive the Sacred Manna of the Kingdom.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Evil vs Evil - The Clash Of Ideologies

In our present clash of ideologies, there are no clear right and wrong sides -- and because of the pervading ignorance of the Laws, what we have is wrong opposing wrong. The (modern) problems all began when Jimmy Carter pressured the Shah of Iran to act more kindly towards the extremists -- and these extremists are striving to talk over all of Islam. To them, peace with someone who does not think like them, is evil. And the mandate to murder and kill has been written right into the Qur'an: "Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Surah 2:190-) "Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it." (Surah 2:216) "Seek out your enemies relentlessly." (Surah 4:103-) "...make war on the leaders of unbelief...Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them..." (Surah 9:12-) "It is He who has sent forth His apostle with guidance and the true Faith [Islam] to make it triumphant over all religions, however much the idolaters [non-Muslims] may dislike it." (Surah 9:31-) "If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men." (Surah 9:37-).

Those in the world who Stalin labeled useful idiots, have forced the world to sat back for far too long and let radical Islam become a raging fire that in an age of nuclear and biological weapons, the insanity of the black plague could very well look like child's play. But few men of higher vision exist -- and even fewer yet are able to even begin to recognize that the Laws which control all events and realities of this world, often use evil against evil, in order to bring about necessary change. And while the key of peace has been in the hands of the Christians, they have refused to use the Knowledge that has been bestowed upon them to put their own House in order and begin the process of becoming the Light and Healers to the rest of the world (see ). So while on one hand I recognize the evil of radical Islam, I must also recognize that because man has refused to make change, that Islam is the cure for the greater disease of the world today. And here is where the whole mess gets paradoxical and insane -- i.e., Jesus warned: "Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!" (Matt 18:7 NKJ). While the Laws bring about the distress, those who are carnal and become instruments of wrath used by the Laws, are judged by the very Laws that test and use them. So for people of vision who truly seek to Know and Understand, reality is very much a Catch22 -- i.e., the Laws cause one evil to consume another evil. In a more clear portrayal the above verse in the Gospel of the Nazirenes ( ) reads: "Distress comes to the world because of transgressions of the law! Of necessity transgressions occur, but woe to the man who commits these transgression." Notice the words of necessity -- i.e., the Laws -- but while the Laws brought these atrocities about, that does not justify the transgressions committed. So in decadent western society we have one form of transgressions of the Law, and the Law itself raises up a different variety of evil in the form of radical Islam in order to oppose it. Yet, if the people were led by wise visionaries, there is always a higher spiritual solution that could have alleviated the discord -- but since the world doesn't listen to the witness of wise men and visionaries, the Laws bring about those conditions where forces of lawlessness oppose other lawlessness -- which makes everybody wrong.

An interesting statement on this subject is found in the Nazirene Gospel in the words: "Woe is the time when the spirit of the world enters into the church, and my doctrines and precepts are made void through the corruptions of men and of women. Woe is the world when the light is hidden. Woe is the world when these things shall be." Different varieties of the corrupting spirits of this world have each entered into Judaism, Christianity and Islam -- and while each have in their own way made truth void through their corruptions -- each is on a collusion course with the other. As an expression of Divine Strategery ( ), everybody is wrong. Even the New Age falls prey because of their judgments that lack any understanding. In fact, the New Age is just as much a part of the equation as the rest. Since the flaw is the corruptions -- and the only solution is spiritual -- by not actively engaging the solution in every aspect of their lives through their complacency non-discernment, they have made themselves part of the problem. While it is nice to say, "lets give peace a chance", or "all you need is love", the most important aspect of the equation is an absolute allegiance to Truth and the willingness to live and manifest the Truth in word, thought, desire and deed. As we are moving into a new age, greater knowledge and manifest spirituality will be required. Yet, knowledge can only come with discernment -- with greater understanding of all things -- and the most important, the knowledge of one's own self. And this requires people to begin to think paradoxically. And since thought cannot even exist outside the domain of paradoxical opposites, few people even know what it is like to think, and most merely react to stimulation and conditions in the manner of lab rats. Reaching the reality of our own soul-self (see ) is very difficult, because achieving balance over the magnitude of diversities of mind and being within self is very difficult. The Key is in understanding the twelve spheres of mind that are portrayed in both the pattern of the Tree of Life, as well as in the portrayal of mind in the scriptures. Of the twelve disciples in the Nazirene Gospel Jesus states: "One is your master, all you are brothers, and one is not greater than another in the place which I have given to you; for you have one master, even Christ, who is over you and with you and in you, and there is no inequality among my twelve, or their fellows. All are equally near to me. Don't strive therefore for the first place, for you are all first, because you are the foundation stones and pillars of the church, built on the truth which is in me and in you. And you will establish the truth, and the law, as it will be given to you." Since there is duality in each of the twelve, this duality can only be overcome through the duality of the opposite spheres -- i.e., like men and women, the strengths of one, are the weaknesses of the other, and vice versa -- and in their union, something higher emerges. The problem is that in order for the higher to exist, it must be built upon the paradoxical opposites -- and within each of the paradoxical opposites, the same pattern holographically exists. from bottom to top. Yet, because of the gross spiritual ignorance of the world today, this necessary evolved harmony cannot exist. Western nations use the power of government in conjunction with corrupted religions to inhibit the balance. Islam uses corrupted religion to inhibit the balance. Thus, we have disease confronting disease. And even those who possess the insight to understand the spiritual problem, not only refuse to live the necessary Life, but themselves merely add a different variety of disease into the mix. There is a difference between man's attempt to eradicate and homogenize differences, and bringing opposites into abiding harmony. The west attempts to mind-program everyone through the abuse of secular power -- radical Islam accomplishes the same thing through violence. In a place such as Harvard, one is not even able to suggest that there might be important differences in the mind and thinking of men and women (see ) -- and in not understanding the paradoxical differences, mankind remains shackled in error and confusion. And what they fail to even begin to comprehend, is the fact that without these differences and paradoxical opposites among not only the sexes, but of the greater population, the reality of higher mind remains unachievable. The God-Given Rights of man as enumerated in the US Constitution were supposed to bring this necessary environment where opposites can not only exist, but evolve without coercion and control -- but this too has met with corruption and failure. While the UnSpiritual Right would ignorantly put an end to these God-Given Rights if they could, it is the UnLiberal Left that is bringing the destruction about. But since the liberal Left infuriates radical Islam even more than the conservative Right, what we have is the clash of ideologies that are each corrupted and forcing the world into both imbalance and conflict. Thus, because mankind rejects Wisdom and Understanding, the Higher Laws are bringing about a massive conflict -- raising up evil against evil -- so that a healing can eventually prevail.