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Friday, August 18, 2006

The Law Of Octaves And The Failure Of All Manmade Institutions

The article on the Institutionalization of AIDS by LifeSite ( ) is important to understand, because it is typical of ALL manmade institutions which become corrupted by the Law of Octaves ( ). Moreover, that ALL institutions of man very quickly become corrupted -- and are in fact corrupted by the Laws that control this realm -- is the reason why there can be no true church of this world or government for and of the People. Star Parker has correctly pointed out that a new form of slavery has befallen the black race, and racism has become a self-perpetuating commodity and institution (see ). What the Churches fail to understand is the fact that Jesus never started a Church of this world -- and he taught that the Kingdom was purely spiritual, and not of this world (see ) -- because this world is incomplete without its spiritual opposite, and all the religions of mankind will very quickly fall to utter failure, when the corrupting reality of the Law of Octaves is not recognized by true visionaries who are able to foresee the natural currents which move the hearts of mankind.
Our Constitutional framers were Deists and Masons who possessed a greater understanding of the Laws which control this world which they portrayed as the Laws of Nature and Nature's God. And in possessing this esoteric wisdom and knowledge, they set about to form a government that would not become immersed in the bureaucratic quagmire that is presently choking it under the cloak of liberalism and socialism. And because our political leaders no longer possess this fundamental knowledge of the workings of the Laws, they are not much different than the spiritually apostate religious leaders who have turned our churches into a self-serving and self-perpetuating commodity. And in the same way that our churches and religious institutions have little in common with the original purpose and intent of the teachings of Jesus and TheWay as a means to bring about the manifestation of the Spiritual Kingdom within ( ), the whole purpose and intent of our present-day government has turned upon its very First Principles as foreseen by those who understood the Law of Octaves and the plight of mankind. And if modern man is to begin to emerge from the vast and consuming ignorance that has befallen our present-day culture, then he is going to have to return to his American Constitutional Roots -- and begin to understand the Laws that control and bring about ALL events in this realm. In the same way that once the spiritual essence was severed by pseudo-priests who attempted to recreate the Church as a worldly institution that, while on the surface appeared spiritual, was as a whitewashed sepulchre that was inwardly dead, so too has Americans permitted this same death to come upon our modern political and societal culture.
The below example of how AIDS has become institutionalized, and now has a self-serving life of its own, is merely an example of ALL institutions whose leaders are ignorant of the manner in which the Law of Octaves ALWAYS turns ALL groups, organizations, religious and secular institutions against their First Principles. Communism failed, because it did not understand the Law of Octaves. The same is true of Socialism, as well as our own pseudo-Constitutional form of government that is no longer serving the best interests of We The People. And so long as we continue to educate young minds apart from an understanding of the underlying Laws that control the realities and events of this world, then we will continue to walk the broad-way of self-imposed ignorance and ever shifting political winds that encompass us in their devastating and often brutal quagmires of human suffering and unnecessary turmoil. Knowledge is Power -- and Knowledge begins with the foundational Cause and Effect reality that we either comprehend and rule over, or become victims to by virtue of our groping in the darkness of our own politically correct self-imposed devices of ignorance.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A response to the Book Published by the Presbyterian Church

Shalom John H. Adams:
With respect to your article at on the book entitled Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action -- which was thoroughly investigated by experts who spoke on the O'Reilly Factor -- and quoting the article it is the claim of the author that "...the Bush administration planned the events of September 11 so they could provide justification for going to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. He writes that although Christianity began as a specifically anti-empire gospel, the church has been silent about an imperialistic America --which he compares to the Roman Empire."
In our present time there are really important spiritual issues that the Presbyterian Church should see as paramount in their role as a shepherd for the people. I don't understand your priorities? As an example: Quoting the Ebionite web site ( ): Long before the Da Vinci Code controversy, biblical scholars such as A. Powell Davies warned the Christian world that discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls had confirmed what they had believed all along -- that the Roman Church created the divinity of Yeshua/Jesus -- i.e., “Biblical scholars were not disturbed by what they found in the Dead Sea Scrolls because they had known all along that the origin of Christianity was not what was commonly supposed to have been” (quoted by Millar Burrows in More Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls). Worse yet, Edmund Wilson, an expert who worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls further raised the question as to what difference it makes if “Jesus... had been trained in the discipline and imbued with the thought of a certain Jewish sect, and that he had learned from it the role that he afterwards lived...” (The Scrolls From The Dead Sea). To the uninformed and unknowing believer, it made all the difference in the world! If Yeshua was an Essene who lived a holy and consecrated life, fulfilling the Law within himself so completely, that he became One with the Logos/Son of God at his baptism as stated by all Church Authorities prior to the fourth century Nicene Council held by the Roman Emperor Constantine (see The Ten Words), then the Adam Clark Bible Commentary is correct when it states that "...the whole Christian system is vain and baseless"!!! When Prof. John Allegro was quoted as saying that what has been revealed in the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls is a great amount of overwhelming evidence that “...may upset a great many basic teachings of the Christian Church. This in turn would greatly upset many Christian Theologians and believers. The heart of the matter is, in fact, the source and originality of Christian doctrine” (August 1966 issue of Harpers Magazine); what he was in fact stating is that, everything that we now know about Christian beginnings demonstrate that the Essene/Ebionites were not the heretics, as they were falsely portrayed by the later Gentile church, but were in fact the body of genuine believers that held fast to the authentic teachings of Yeshua/Jesus and the New Covenant... While it is true that the Da Vinci Codes are fictionalized speculation based upon the fact that the Dead Sea Scrolls and other discoveries all confirm the Ebionite witness that Yeshua/Jesus was a true Holy Man and Prophet who so completely fulfilled the Royal Law within himself, that he overcame the inner division and barrier between him and God, and became One with the Indwelling Logos/Son of God. Those who condemn the Ebionites as heretics, in effect condemn Yeshua who taught that he was our brother -- i.e., "Go instead to my brothers and tell them, 'I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God'" (John 20:17 NIV). And this is what he taught -- i.e., and that if we pick up our own cross and follow in TheWay, and fulfill the Royal Law within ourselves in the manner that Yeshua accomplished within himself, we will ourselves move into Oneness with the Logos/Son of God. Those who are One with God, will know all that Yeshua knew, and would do even greater works and miracles than he did. He said these words because he was a true Holy Man who himself became One with God -- which is the ultimate destiny of all souls as they evolve from the Alpha of immaturity, to the Omega of Completion and the fulfillment of the Command: "You must be Perfect, as your Heavenly Father is Perfect" (Mt. 5:48). But more importantly, these facts confirm the manner in which the believer is saved, and achieves salvation, as they imitate the pattern of Yeshua/Jesus, and themselves fulfill the portrayal of the Prodigal Son/Daughter who returns to the Kingdom within (see Gate Of Eden).
What will you accept as proof of the above? In the time that Yeshua/Jesus walked the earth, myself and the others witnessed to the religious leaders at the time that if they consecrate their live, turn the scriptures within self to use as the Key of Knowledge, that they will find the inner narrow gate within them opening, and they will be taught directly from the One Teacher that Yeshua/Jesus said was the Only Source of Truth. Shouldn't the Church be concerned with ridding itself of the remnant doctrines of Pagan Rome that is obstructing the path of the flock from picking up their own cross and travailing in TheWay? And if a witness such as myself and others have come forth, and will assist others in proving the Truth within themselves, shouldn't this be of a higher priority than the printing of such books as those published by David Ray Griffin who was thoroughly discredited by experts on FoxNews The O'Reilly Factor?
The Church was told to preach the Gospel that the Kingdom is at hand. And if Matt 3:2 is interpreted properly, it would read: “Open and unloose the mind, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (see ). In view of the fact that while I was born into the Presbyerian Church, I have never once ever heard it taught that every believer in Jesus has the potential to prove the Truth, by living the necessary Life ordained by Jesus, and seeking the Kingdom within? When the time of accountability for this life has arrived, how will the Presbyterian Church justify publishing the above book that is worthless speculation from a Gospel perspective, and yet the Church remains quiet on truly important spiritual matters that is does not inform the congregation about? And when asked about why the Church remained lost, when so much important knowledge was given unto it? What will the answer be? Will the leaders of the Church reply: We didn't know what to believe. And when it is presented to you that you were sent a witness who declared that if you seek Truth over doctrine -- and live that Truth with a purified heart and a Consecrated Life -- that you will experience the Kingdom Come within you -- how will you respond? Will you say: This was too difficult a thing to ask of us -- having to live in the world but not of it. Will you say that living the Life that Yeshua/Jesus prescribed, was just too difficult a thing in our present time.
Prepare yourself, because these very same questions will be posed to you in the future.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Devil And Joe Lieberman - Selling One's Soul

While on the surface the defeat of Joe Lieberman in the Democrat primary may appear to be provoked by the issue of national security, the few visionaries who truly understand the workings of the Laws, perceive an even greater issue of the threat to Constitutional security that far eclipses the understanding of most people. But to even begin to understand the Laws that move all events of this world, one would have to comprehend that very outmoded biblical statement that while "A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps" (Prov 16:9). But since few people today possess the cognitive vision to perceive and understand the underlying workings of the Laws which direct the steps of all people and world events, let me provide a very different insight than you will find from any other source, as to why Joe Lieberman was both defeated, and resurrected in the present campaign to retain his job as senator.

What disturbed me the most when Joe Lieberman was chosen to run as vice president six years ago, was when he sold out his position on the need for school choice -- which is one of the essentials to a free and evolved society. For purely political gain, he fully embraced the agenda of Al Gore, and began to oppose many of the long-held positions that set him apart from the George Soros element of the Democrats. So why would George Soros and the majority of liberal operatives be against school choice? Because there is a war being waged against America -- not only by Islamic terrorists who would consider it their greatest religious achievement to nuke our major cities -- but also a war on traditional American values and freedoms being waged by the socialist left whose primary motivation is to make war upon religion and the belief in God. And in the same way that the liberals have used judicial activists to further their agenda that they could not bring about through the legislative process, they use the schools to indoctrinate young impressionable minds -- casting the souls of the innocent into the abyss of a hell that they are not even intellectually prepared to understand. And this hell is not the fire and brimstone variety of the Christian world -- but rather, the hell of a failed life and the total alienation from the essence of their own true self. And just to demonstrate the reality of these strange sounding words that I am stating, it is a fact that few people reading what I have to write are even remotely aware that they have a true self that is untouched and beyond the philosophical, religious and ideological vicissitudes and ignorance of this world. And even fewer are aware that their true measure of success in this life, is to the degree that they are able to manifest that inner self of the soul, in spite of the cultural tides of the outer world. Because we dwell in an ideologically plastic and politically correct society, modern man dwells under the illusion that they are nothing more the form of the person who looks back at them in the reflected image they see in the mirror -- never realizing that what they see is a victim of our culture that has been molested and robbed of their greatest birth-right. Like a person stricken with amnesia, they have been mentally ravaged and indoctrinated to the degree that they have been deprived of even the knowledge of their true identity.

The problem with mankind is that we are a world deprived of wise men and leaders who look out at the world and are blind to the reality that they see. And no greater example of man's ignorance is seen in the reality of the American People who fail to comprehend even the gift of freedom that they are so willing to squander away. From a higher soul-perspective, there is a reason why men see and think differently -- a reason for the many conflicts in the world -- and a reason for all the philosophical, ideological and religious differences that brings about the great divide among mankind. And the conflict can never be removed from the equation, until a body of wise men emerge who possess the vision to understand what they see when they look outward and behold the reality of this world. And Sen. Joe Lieberman is a prime example of the result of selling one's soul to the devil for purely political gain. But because in his heart, Joe Lieberman is a good man, God will use him to make an important statement to those who are looking for guidance.

Our Constitutional framers were visionaries who spoke of Universal Laws and UnAlienable God-Given Rights -- and of the Laws of Nature and Nature's God. Liberals and the secular left generally become very upset when the United States is spoken of as having a Divine Purpose in this world. And this is why I often get hate mail from them, when I convey the reality that every event that transpires in the life of man has been orchestrated by the Laws of God for a higher purpose than organic man is capable of understanding. And as a people who are 200 years removed from the founding of our Nation, we no longer possess either the enlightened vision or knowledge of the men and women who provided an opportunity for a people to emerge who were not shackled by the superstition and ignorance of the past. And while in our present technological age we look upon ourselves as enlightened, nothing could be further from the truth. That we have learned to make various forms, shapes and configurations of matter that are charged with electrons perform like trained dogs to our amusement and distraction from the real issues of life, does not make us wise and knowing -- only the product of our own devices. From the perspective of the men of ancient wisdom, the mark of enlightenment was a man who possessed the vision that enabled him to pierce through the facade and illusion that looked back at him in the image and form he saw in a mirror, and fulfill the adage to Know Thyself. And the reality that modern man has failed to come to terms with, is the fact that our present-day technology has only served to distract us from the primary goals of life. Where the biblical authors portrayed sensuality and mammon as the tools of the Demiurge of this world, the god of our modern culture has added technology, mass-media hypnosis and social programs to his seductive powers that rob the people of the knowledge of their true self. Because if the people could even for a moment glimpse reality from the vision of their true self that dwells at an inner dimension of mind and being that is far removed from the illusions of this world, they would be horrified at what they saw. And whether you want to portray man's plight from the biblical perspective of the prodigal son who has been cast out into the "far country... outer darkness" of consciousness and being, or the plight of the slaves in Plato's Cave (see ), one of the primary catalysts for escaping the shackles of ignorance, illusion and blind-delusion, is an enlightened vision that is able to look out at the world and understand what one sees. And this begins with an understanding of not only why men dwell under the Tower of Babel Syndrome and see life from greatly differing perspectives, but to grasp the realities of the Laws that force mankind into these partisan and parochial roles that they live out on the stage of life. And this higher vision and enlightened wisdom can only be brought about, when each of the primary divisions that mold men's thinking, is permitted to evolve to its own zenith of illumination.

In the allegory of Genesis, we are told that if we eat the fruit of the Tree of Life, that will cannot die -- and this is true. But what few people understand is the fact that the Tree of Life is the blueprint and pattern of our own mind. And herein lies the root problem -- i.e., because the body-vessel will only permit a fragment of one of the twelve spheres to manifest without a conscious effort on the part of the individual -- and the Laws that control this world maintain balance across the spectrum of a multitude of people who because of the fragmentation, all perceive life from a different perspective and understanding -- any attempt to homogenize the thinking of the people in accord with either religious or philosophical doctrines of belief, or modern-day Marxist-lite social secularism, only serves to inhibit man's ability to perceive both the higher reality of this world, as well as their true soul-self that remains distant in an inner dimension of mind and being. But to the good fortune of the American people, our forefathers knew a great deal more than they could tell the general population. Our Constitutional framers who molded our form of government, had themselves taped into this inner Source of Knowledge that enabled them to see and understand what most of mankind is blind to. And in our present time the greatest inhibitor to a group of wise leaders emerging from the shackles of our culture, is the total rejection of these core founding principles by the American People who have permitted themselves to become not only disenfranchised from their Constitutional heritage, but also alienated from their true self. Because, until we come to understand the underlying reasons why men think and perceive the world differently, we will ourselves remain as ships without a rudder being blown by the political winds of ignorance and despair.

Our Constitutional framers possessed the vision to protect us from the ignorance and superstition of dogmatic religion, but they could never have imagined the polarizing partisan power of our modern electronic media which is being used by the un-liberal left to plunder the masses of their self-identity, and cast them into a new dark ages of ignorance and superstition. And while the war on the Constitution is being waged in the courts by judicial activists who misuse their positions to recreate America in accord with their partisan ideology, the main tool of those who cloak themselves under the name of progressives, is the preservation of secular institutionalized education whose primary objective is to homogenize the minds and thinking of impressionable young children -- robbing them not only of their religion, morality and sense of standards of right and wrong -- but also the very essence of their true selves. Prior to being named as Al Gore's running mate, Joe Lieberman was a proponent of school choice -- which from a Constitutional perspective, it should be the right of every American to educate their children in accord with their own First Amendment protected religious beliefs. As an Orthodox Jew, he possessed the vision to recognize the need for children to be reared in accord with their religion and the thinking of their family environment. But George Soros who is known as the messiah of the atheists whose money and power has become the driving force of the agenda of and the socialist left -- which is attempting to eradicate not only the belief in God, but all standards of morality and right and wrong human behavior. And while Joe Lieberman who was often called the conscience of the Senate, sold his soul to the devil in order to become Al Gore's running mate, as the political dust of the fallout of the Connecticut primary begins to clear on the dawn of a new day, Sen. Lieberman has found that the devil has predictably turned upon him. There are no accidents, Joe -- and God has sent you a sign. When you get in bed with the devil, the prevailing moral bankruptcy very quickly robs you of your essence and innate connection to your inner true self.

Having been rejected by the un-liberal left who are intolerant of anyone other than those who embrace their ideology, Joe Lieberman has been resurrected in the senatorial race as an Independent. But my question to Joe is whether he has learned the more important lessons of life? I listened to Joe's speech last night when he laid out the course of running as an Independent -- but now that he has been set free from the shackles of the left wing ideology, will he recognize that in the same way that his party which has fallen under the control of the Taliban of Radical-Socialism has absolutely no tolerance for freedom of thought, or that ghastly freedom of religion and all that the religious life should encompass -- it is this same political party that is at war not only with the very essence of the Constitution, but also the very concept and reality of God-Given UnAlienable Rights? Joe, if you add your own voice to Democrats such as Sen. Zel Miller, perhaps you can begin to open the eyes of those who traditionally vote Democrat, and help them to recognize that their big-tent party has been hijacked by those who seek to suppress freedom of thought and individual rights. And that the war on the security of our nation, is a great deal more than the threat of Islamic fanatics who want to inherit 72 virgins by nuking our cities. George Soros, who claims that he bought and paid for the Democrat Party, is using his vast fortune to stamp out what he sees as the superstitious belief in God. To his way of thinking, the idea of a Nation founded upon UnAlienable God-Given Rights, is pure heresy that must be overcome. George Soros,, and others of the Taliban Socialist Left, want to do away with the very concept that government derives its power from the people who possess God-Given Right. And to their way of thinking, men and women derive their rights by virtue of the socialism of government that bestows upon it's people's whatever rights it deems they should have. As the proclaimed messiah of the atheists whose objective is to terminate man's superstitious belief in God and a higher power than the governments of man, George Soros and the leftist Taliban of radical socialism want to rid the nation of the idea of God-Given Rights. And one of the necessary tools in the ideological war they are raging, is the institutionalized secular educational system where the minds of the children can be programmed to make them little morally challenged godless comrades who are under the counterfeit sovereignty of the socialist state. When you became Al Gore's running mate, you began to toe the party line on school choice -- and the right to raise one's own children in accord with the religious beliefs of the family, should have long ago been acknowledged as a Constitutional Right of the practice of one's religion. The raising of one's children in accord with religious precepts, IS THE PRACTICE OF RELIGION at its very essence. The Fundamentalist Right refuse to support school choice (see ), because that would constitute a denial of their doctrine of saved by faith regardless of actions. And it is the reluctance of the Religious Right to commit themselves to the necessity of a child being educated in accord with the families religious beliefs, that has opened the door for the un-liberal left to bring about an environment where not only are children alienated from God, but immersed in a secular school environment that robs them of any sense of morality and a reasonable discernment of right and wrong.