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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reply To Islam Not The Problem

The below was sent to the editor of in response to the opinion of Dr. James Zogby that Islam is not the problem.

Shalom Tom Paine:
In reply to Dr. James Zogby who authored the article that Islam Not the Problem @
Where does the Truth lie? Below you will find a letter I sent to Pope Benedict this morning which addresses the crux of the problem that Dr. Zogby does not want to face -- i.e., the corruption of the world's sacred writings by those who use religion for their own purposes, and man's alienation from both the Truth and the Kingdom of God by the leaders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And while Dr. Zogby's suggestion that the pope remove the beam from his own eye before he speaks the truth about Islam may sound reasonable to the foolish, the fact that the Church of Rome was in the past entirely corrupted and violated the Rights of Man in much the same way that Islam is today, is simply not a rational excuse for the abomination that is being carried out by a segment of Islam -- whereby they promote the counterfeit teaching that God desires them to murder the innocent.
As stated on the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus Blog entry Should Pope Have Spoken - Denial of Truth Messiah/Christ -- neither Mohammed, nor his God Allah, stated the words that I have portrayed as Satanic Verses which Islam has used almost since its inception to convert people by the sword. And that the followers of Mohammed corrupted the Qur'an, is as true as the fact that the Christians corrupted the Bible (see ). Which means that in the same way that the Muslims accuse the Christians of the idolatry of worshiping the man Jesus as God, the Muslims are engaging in an even greater sin of murder in the Name of God. And if Pope Benedict fails to witness to the Truth as expressed in the below, then the pope will have the blood of the innocent on his own hands, as does the Muslims who are even complacent to the evil of Islam is today.
While counterfeit shepherds routinely corrupt the scriptures in order to make them serve their own needs, every man, woman and child is a Divine Expression of the Most High, and are all responsible for Knowing the Truth. And this is why Yeshua/Jesus condemned the Pharisees, because as counterfeit shepherds they were leading the people in the wrong direction. And while the counterfeit shepherds of Islam can kill the body of Pope Benedict and the innocent people of the earth, so long as they cling to the Truth, the Islamic despots who murder in the name of their god, cannot deprive the people they kill of their soul. It is an absolute abomination to murder in the name of God -- and all Muslims who themselves turn a complacent blind eye -- or attempt to justify this horrendous sacrilegious abomination which is being perpetratred by counterfeit shepherds -- will themselves be held accountable.
This letter is being copied to Dr. Zogby and the Arab American Institute, so that they might know that what the Catholics did in the past, does not in any manner justify what the Muslims are doing today. And if they fail to declare to the world that God does not in any manner condone the murder of others, then they will themselves be held accountable.
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
Long Island, NY
The soul who lived as Jacob,
The Brother of Yeshua/Jesus

Monday, September 18, 2006

Should Pope Have Spoken - Denial of Truth Messiah/Christ

Greetings Fox & Friends:
With respect to the statement by E.D. that the pope should have remained silent rather than make a statement which would enrage the Muslim world: His apology is not only a denial of the Truth, of God and Messiah/Christ, but is an acknowledgement of his own spiritual disenfranchisement.
You cannot be worthy to receive and know the Truth, if you are not willing to defend and witness to the Truth. If you believe that Jesus said: "But I say to you that every one who is angry with his brother shall be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother shall be liable to the council, and whoever says, 'You fool!' shall be liable to the hell of fire" (Matt 5:22 RSV) -- then you simply cannot believe that God is the author of the Satanic Verses that are found in the Qur'an
(see ). If you believe that Jesus spoke the Truth, then you can't believe that God is the author of the Satanic Verses of the Qur'an which convey a totally opposite teaching in the words: "Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Surah 2:190-) "Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it." (Surah 2:216) "Seek out your enemies relentlessly." (Surah 4:103-) "...make war on the leaders of unbelief...Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them..." (Surah 9:12-) "It is He who has sent forth His apostle with guidance and the true Faith [Islam] to make it triumphant over all religions, however much the idolaters [non-Muslims] may dislike it." (Surah 9:31-) "If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men." (Surah 9:37-).
If the pope was a true holy man who had undergone the process of spiritual transformation as required by all true Disciples of Messiah/Christ, then he would know that the above and many other such verses are an interpolation in the Qur'an -- a corruption that was added by the followers of Islam after Mohammed's death. And while the Roman Catholic Church corrupted the New Testament scriptures (see ) -- which corruption was responsible for the birth of Islam as stated in a Letter to Pope Benedict XVI
(see ) -- the very fact that the pope failed to stand up before the world and pronounce the Truth that No One Kills In The Name Of God, represents a lost opportunity not only for the pope, but all of Christianity.
Every time a True Prophet and visionary walks among mankind, his spiritual teachings are very quickly corrupted and used by counterfeit religious leaders who use God and religion to control and lead other men. This is what happened to Judaism, and why Jesus opposed the Pharisees and Sadducees. And after the teachings of Jesus were corrupted by the Church of Constantine
(see ), this is why Mohammed attempted to restore many of the more important original concepts. But like the Torah and New Testament, the followers of Islam corrupted the Qur'an in order to use it for their own purposes of the domination of others -- in contradistinction to the struggle and domination of one's own self in order to bring about the process of spiritual transformation. And once properly understood, there is absolutely no difference between the spiritual essence and objectives of Judaism, Christianity or Islam (see ), except for man's own ignorance as to the true spiritual meaning of each of the three religions.
All the events of this world are brought about by the Laws which move the hearts and minds of mankind. In part, this is explained in the Blog article entitled The Law Of Octaves And The Failure Of All Manmade Institutions
(see ). When Pope Benedict XVI quoted the statement that "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." (see ) -- in the same way that the Satanic Verses of the Qur'an were not those of God written through Mohammed, neither is the Christian ignorance of the true teachings of Jesus the words of his disciples and authors of the New Testament which was rewritten by the Pagan Church of Rome ( ). And in the same way that Pope John Paul II was tested and failed when he condemned Israel and George Bush (see ) for the violence that the Church of Rome has brought about in this world through ignorance and the withholding of important scriptures -- not only was Pope Benedict tested, wherein he failed when he did not stand up for the Truth -- but the whole of the Islamic world was tested, and they have failed to pass the test as True Muslims. Because the Kingdom is within us ( ) -- and each of us is ultimately responsible for knowing the Truth regardless of the teachings and doctrines of men -- the very fact that the Muslim world would rise up and promote the Satanic Verses that carnal men added to the Qur'an, brings judgement upon the whole of the Muslim world.
Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church has been spiritually disenfranchised for the very same reason why the Islamic world has been cut off from the true knowledge of the Journey of the soul to the Distant Mosque that is required of every Muslim believer in their lives
(see ). Any Muslim who succeeds in the true inner struggle of the Jihad within, will learn the Truth with respect to the corruption of the Qur'an when they enter the Inner Distant Mosque in the Spiritual Mecca within themselves. And in the same way that the Apostle Paul wrote of the "letter that killeth" with respect to the written words of the Torah (see ) -- and Jesus warned that only those who pick up their own cross and follow in TheWay will have eyes to see and understand the spiritual meaning of the scriptures -- those who see only the corrupted written words of the Qur'an, and fail to bring about the necessary spiritual transformation, are themselves apostates to the teachings of Mohammed.
This is the Message that the world needs to hear!!!
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
The Soul who lived as Jacob/James
Brother of Yeshua
Long Island, NY