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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Is the Christian right really the bogeyman? - Or are both the left and right equally at fault?

Shalom Seekers:

I find the recent WorldNetDaily article by Star Parker (see ) very interesting and insightful. The religious left is basically Marxist-Socialists who are in clergy garb preaching a doctrine that rejects all Gospel standards of morality or living. The so called liberal left would have us ignore the warning: "Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee" (John 5:14 KJV) -- and anyone who even has a vague understanding of the Laws and how each of us reaps what we have sown, understands the reality of these words. Yet, Jim Wallis and the un-liberal Christian Left, expect us to totally ignore clearly defined biblical standards and concepts, and embrace their illegitimate mindset.

While I have written to both Jim Wallis (see ) and Star Parker (see ) on many occasions, both are fearful of even acknowledging the original teachings of Yeshua/Jesus and TheWay (see ). In like manner, I am copying this to World Net Daily who is far too conservative and parochial in their thinking to present a fair and balanced presentation of the facts of the matter. And, if the facts as set forth by the Apostle Paul are true, and each person is born into this life as a "vessel of honor" or a "vessel of wrath" based upon their own previous actions (see ), then every foundational religious concept of both the liberal left, and the conservative right, is fatally flawed -- and the only conflict between the two polarities, is the fact that both are equally the disease that has unleashed a grave spiritual plague upon our culture and society. Where the Black Plague attacked and killed the body, the plague that modern Christianity has unleashed upon our society casts body body and self into the purification fires of what is portrayed as hell. And that each side blames the other, is due to the blindness of each to perceive and acknowledge the fruit of their own ways. As I previously wrote to the Rev. Tony Campolo (see ), both the left and the right are the epitome of counterfeit religious leaders who refuse to remove the beam from their own eyes, before finding fault with others. Why? Because they have been empowered by a spiritually disenfranchised culture to preach a counterfeit doctrine to a people who detest TheWay of Light -- and are all looking for an exemption from having to live in accord with the Commandments and the Teachings of the Gospel.

While it is true that the Religious Right is too narrow in their Fundamentalist interpretation of the scriptures -- failing to apply the Key of Knowledge (see ) in the manner that Yeshua/Jesus taught -- the un-liberal Left are merely redefining the limits of Sodom and Gomorrah to new immoral heights. And both are attempting to convince gullible, uninformed and misguided people that they should celebrate the fact that each is walking the broad-way of self-destruction (see ). And while the two polarities of grave error are busy throwing stones at one another, the Christian world continues its spiral decent into the abyss of hell and absolute spiritual disenfranchisement. Who has authored the spiritual demise of Western culture? The Right Wing Conservative Christians promoted the doctrine that believers are saved by virtue of their faith in the Jesus-god of Constantine (see ), and then they became offended when the people began living in accord with the doctrines of Martin Luther with respect to one's actions having no impact upon the believers salvation. Thus, the Conservative Christians are in denial, and refuse to acknowledge that it is the very (pagan) doctrines that they promote which is the cause of the cultural disease that each finds fault with -- blaming their own reflective opposite for the human suffering and ignorance which they each observe. And today you have the Right Wing doctrinally challenged, opposing the liberal morally challenged, and each is merely the epitome of their own flawed vision and understanding of the Original Gospel Message and Teachings.

In the same way that the Conservative Pharisees rejected the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus and TheWay -- and the very liberal and spiritually disenfranchised people of Sodom and Gomorrah rejected Lot and the Messengers who were sent to them -- both equally reject the essence of the Gospel Teachings which is to live a Consecrated Life and travail in TheWay. And while the blind guide leaders of both groups continue to throw stones at each other, it is the people who these apostate leaders inflict grave sufferings upon -- life, after life, after life (see ) -- because the people fail to comprehend the depth and all-encompassing reality of the biblical teaching that each person reaps what they have previously sown.

Brother of Yeshua/Jesus

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Christianity - The Church of the AntiChrist

Shalom Seekers:
One of the greatest failures of Christianity that has not only undermined the whole structure of the teachings -- but has made it a religious philosophy in contradistinction to a genuine religion -- is the separation of one's thinking and lifestyle from one's beliefs. What we see in the below which has been copied into the EbioniteNazireneIssues forum @ , which was aired on the O'Riley Factor, and is taken from the Michelle Malkin web site ( ), is a mindset and lifestyle that is in total opposition to the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus and TheWay. And while this required school assembly was rather blatant and open in the promoting of their agenda of a culture of sex and drugs, the message is being elusively sent throughout every public school in America.
The great flaw in Christian thinking that undermines it's whole structure as a genuine religion, is not the belief in Jesus -- but rather, the rejection of what he taught. As stated in the article TheLie ( ), Christians hold Yeshua in contempt by virtue of their rejection of his teachings and commandments ( ). In the same way that if a person were to create a painting and attempt to put it forth as a Picasso, that it would be deemed a fraud, what is taught and preached in the Churches which call itself Christian is an even greater fraud that is being perpetrated upon the unknowing believer community.
It is impossible to separate the teachings, mindset and lifestyle that Yeshua/Jesus taught, from the concept of belief -- i.e., "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" (Luke 6:46 KJV). This question can be rephrased: Why do you call yourself my follower and believer, and not live in accord with my teachings and lifestyle? And while the above article TheLie clearly demonstrates that modern Christian doctrine which is pagan and Martin Lutherism is a fraud -- i.e., a pseudo-philosophy being portrayed under the guise of a genuine religion -- even the softer and gentler version of this article entitled the Complacent Christian (see ), demonstrates from a biblical perspective that modern Church doctrine is condemned in the New Testament as a fraud.
Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, begins with insuring that our children are not reared in the same Sodom and Gomorrah environment that most of us were. As I have stated to many Conservative Christians (see ), the Church has been alienated from the Truth and TheWay by virtue of the fact that they are unfaithful even in the little things -- i.e., the cultural mindset and lifestyle that they have permitted their children to become imbued with. And because they are unfaithful even in the little requirements, as true apostates they have condemned the original teachings of Yeshua/Jesus and TheWay ( ), and have in every way made themselves the tool of the AntiChrist. And thus, they are very much the Church of the AntiChrist that was predicted by Paul ( ).
GodSpeed in TheWay

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Spiritually Disenfranchised Muslim

Today, another spiritually disenfranchised Muslim came promoting his religion of death on the Nazirene Disciple forum (see ). If people are interested in researching the truth of Islam, you might like to read my reply (see ). Like all religions, Islam became corrupted as soon as it was placed in the hands of the counterfeit religious leaders who came after Mohammad. The same thing happened to Christianity, and few Jews even understand the inner meaning of the Torah which remains an enigma to them.

Brother of Yeshua