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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The True Source Of Global Warming

In view of the fact that I don't consider the global warming advocates as being serious -- and see them as more political than anything else -- there appears to be one group that does recognize that change begins with each of us. One of the members of the Ebionite Nazirene forums recently posted a link to an Earth Save article (see Report) which does present a course of action for anyone who is sincerely concerned about global warming. And the truth of the matter is, that the eating of animals not only is one of the greatest sources of greenhouse gases, but is the cause of much of man's ignorance and conflict that consumes the planet.

I was considering writing an article on how WalMart is doing more than Al Gore with respect to the problem of global warming by selling many vegetarian alternative foods at a greatly reduced price, but then they went and raised such products as Morningstar Grillers as much as a dollar a box. Since WalMart now sells these vegetarian products at the same price as other retail chains, they can no longer be portrayed as being environmentally friendly. And if corporations such as WalMart was serious about supporting the global warming initiative, then they would sell these products at cost.

What is the true cause of conflict and violence, and global warming? Quoting a recent letter I sent to Pres. Bush (see Letter): "In this time of great strife and world conflict, there is only one peaceful alternative -- the solution is spiritual, and can begin the process of breaking down the walls that divide Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In 1947 the religious world was given a gift from God in the form of the Dead Sea Scrolls -- and if these sacred writings had been used to correct the error of our ways from a religious doctrinal perspective, the present conflict would not exist. We are entering a time of great spiritual renewal, change and revolution -- and this rebirth of spiritual knowledge can be embraced intelligently through the acquisition of greater understanding, or through violence and upheaval. The choice is ours to make! For too long, too many people have suffered because of the religious/political ignorance that ushered in the spiritual dark ages that continues to enslave the minds of men. And as a visionary who was sent back into the world to reveal the sacred truths that are foundational to the Truth, the Light and TheWay, my purpose is to make men aware of the road they must travel in order to choose the peaceful alternative to continued violence through war and unchecked religiously motivated hatred."

What does this mean? As the world moves into a time of higher consciousness and greater spiritual awareness, the thinking and lifestyle of the people themselves must support this transitionary change. Any person who has holistically cleansed the body, or fasted in order to cleanse the body, knows that when the body releases stored toxins, the person often becomes sick. True Spiritual Visionaries understand that at the present time the world's violence and upheaval is the result of the transition that is taking place, and man's thinking begins to emerge out of the spiritual dark ages which the Church of Rome brought about (see Epistle Of James To Pope John Paul II). Which means that the only true alternative to global warming is a change of mind and lifestyle necessary to support the wholistic healing that will bring this transition about in a peaceful manner.

Most of what is taught in our schools is actually in reverse of our own higher soul reality. Yet, because the politics of science has been hijacked by Atheists, Darwinism is still being taught as the holy grail of man's origin to impressionable young minds that are incapable of discerning truth from political folly. In the article on Science Proves Religion, it is documented using modern quantum physics that the source of everything that we see and experience in this world, is in the underlying etheric field -- and that what we perceive as concrete matter, is merely a disturbance where the etheric forces intersect. Thus, as now admitted by science, the Apostle Paul was correct when he stated that we should look to the unseen for the source of all things, and what is seen is an illusion. But thus, the ever looming question: How do we accomplish this? An interesting fact that few people realize is that products that promote vegetarianism such as Morningstar, are actually made by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. But why? The Adventist Church is an outgrowth of the work of a spiritual visionary named Ellen G. White -- and while she clarified many issues that had become corrupted under Pagan Rome, one of the most important was the need for believers to return to a natural vegetarian diet. But why? While it is easily demonstrated that the disciples and followers of Yeshua/Jesus were all vegetarian (see The Consecrated Life), what has been lost is the reason why they were all vegetarian. And perhaps the perfect answer to this question is supplied by Charles Fillmore who was the founder of Unity Church (see Charles Fillmore) -- and while he initially rejected the reality that our thinking is greatly affected by what we eat, was forced to change his position. Quoting the words of Fillmore as presented in The Consecrated Life:

I have in years of experiment tested the effect in mind and body of meat-eating and non-meat-eating, and I feel that I am more competent to judge of the effects than one who theorizes about the question.

Some sixteen years ago [i. e., 1887] when I began the study of Truth I was told that it made no difference what I ate if I was in the right thought. This seemed to prove true up to a certain point in my experience. While my spiritual development was confined to the conscious mind there seemed no special need of food discrimination. But gradually a new phase set in. I found that I was having vibrations in the sympathetic nerve centers — the subconscious mind was being quickened, and I was becoming a conscious vital battery. The vital currents gradually grew stronger and stronger until I could hardly control them. Appetite, passion, emotion, etc., were greatly increased. Then my prayers for guidance were answered and a system of communication set up with the higher realms of consciousness. I was shown that the food that entered the organism had to pass through a process of regeneration every day before it was in condition to be built into the new body of Christ. Just how to carry on this regenerative process in the various subconscious centers was also shown, and here is where I discerned the effects of food in body building.

The vitalizing element in food is contained in the cell, which may be termed a mind battery vibrating with intelligence, force, and substance. These elements are present in the living cell — dead cells are those in which intelligence and force have withdrawn and inanimate substance only remains. Man appropriates these cells and they become part of his consciousness according to his capacity to use them. Those who have not developed the capacity to consciously regenerate the cells get but a small part of their energies. (First published in the October 1903 issue of Unity Magazine, Volume 19, number 4)

On the process of transforming the body in order to enable it to begin to accommodate man's innate higher soul and spiritual natures, Charles Fillmore wrote: "I can say about flesh eating that the Spirit has shown me repeatedly that I could not refine my body and make it a harmonious instrument for the soul, so long as I continued to fill it with the cells of dead animals" (The Vegetarian, May, 1920). And thus, when Yeshua/Jesus states in the Gospel of the Nazirenes (see Gospel) "And again that one asked, If anyone comes to us who eats flesh and drinks strong drink, how shall we receive them? And Yeshua said to him, Let such a person abide in the outer court until they cleanse themselves from these grosser evils; for till they perceive, and repent of these, they are not fit to receive the higher mysteries." -- it is not that the knowledge of the Higher Mysteries are being held back -- but rather, that those areas of the mind that vibrate at the higher frequencies and are able to receive and manifest the Higher Mysteries, remains undeveloped in those who consume a meat-based diet. Unbeknowing to the Seventh Day Adventists, this is exactly the same reason why Ellen G. White set forth the requirement that believers return to a natural vegetarian diet. And this is exactly why both the Essenes, as well as the Ebionite Nazirene disciples of Jesus were all vegetarians.

Quoting the web site : What does the scriptures state? That it is impossible to convey to the common believer of the Simple Faith the higher reality of the soul of man, and the Kingdom of God that the Disciples of Jesus experienced first hand. Speaking of the Disciples and what they experienced, Paul writes that they were "caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter" (2 Cor 12:4-5 NKJ). Every sincere Christian must ask the questions: Why can't the experience of being brought up into Paradise be expressed in words? And perhaps even more important is the question as to why " is not lawful for a man to utter" what a Disciple who enters the Kingdom experiences? These are serious questions, that can only be addressed by very serious Christians who truly seek to Know the Lord. When Paul warns the baptized and committed Christians at Corinth that they were yet to carnal in their understanding to comprehend the spiritual meaning of the Gospel -- which is often referred to as the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God -- he conveyed to them the reality that they would judge and even condemn this higher reality of the Spirit as absolute "foolishness" -- i.e., “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned” (1 Cor 2:14 NKJ). Thus, it is imperative to ask the question: What is the "natural man"? The condition of mankind that Paul is making reference to, would just as well be portrayed as "organic" -- or, of the physical body. The "natural man" , is the "organic" human being.

In order to bring about the necessary change in consciousness that would accommodate a more enlightened society, the people themselves must begin to transform their own thinking and lifestyle to support a higher level of consciousness. And since modern science has already proven that the the true source of all we see and experience in the physical, is the result of higher spiritual forces in the unseen etheric field that surrounds all matter, if we truly desire to change the physical, then change must begin in the thinking or mental, and this transformation of mindset can only be brought about when the conditions of the body-vessel support this change in consciousness. By changing ourselves, each individual at a time, we will have the greatest impact on changing the outer world in which we live. By remaining carnal and organic in our thinking and lifestyle, we promote not only global warming, but the resulting conflict and violence that envelops the world.

Brother of Yeshua/Jesus

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why does Quanell X and the Nation of Islam adhere to the doctrines of Martin Luther?

Why does Quanell X and the Nation of Islam adhere to the doctrines of Martin Luther? Listening to Quanell X speaking about Louis Farrakhan's call for African-Americans to separate from the rest of society on Fox News' Hannity and Combs last night, I couldn't help ask the question: Why does the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party adhere to the religious doctrines of Martin Luther? While the Constitution mandates religious freedom, the concept of public education is based upon the Christian premise that salvation is based totally upon faith in Jesus, apart from one's actions. Yet, Islam, that holds to many of the original Ebionite spiritual tenets (see ), embraces the original teaching in the Epistle of James that one's faith can only be proven by one's actions. And from the perspective of children and how they are reared and taught, the most important command would be seen in the words: “Wherefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (2 Cor 6:17).

Christianity is in many respects a spiritually dead religion -- and because of their adoption of Roman Paganism (see The Christian Judas), and the predicted total abandonment of the essential teachings of Jesus (see The Church Of The AntiChrist), the Christian Church presently dwells under a Spiritual Diaspora because of their apostasy to the teachings of Jesus and TheWay. And what has truly made the Christian Church an abomination to the Lord, is the folly of Martin Luther which respect to what constitutes a believer (see The Folly Of Martin Luther). And while Bob Unruh in his WorldNetDaily article responds to the spiritual crisis with a Constitutional Amendment, as demonstrated in my recent letter to The Baptist Press News, which is linked to a letter to Bruce Shortt who is the Baptist author of The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, Christians are spiritually held accountable for the corruption of America's children by virtue of their unfaithfulness to the teachings of Jesus.

The quickest way to free the children from the abomination of what is being taught in the public schools, is through the Courts in the same way that Roe v Wade made abortion legal. And while the case has been set before Jay Sekulow in a Letter to the American Center For Law And Justice, what is clear is that Mr. Sekulow would rather the children be corrupted in the moral and spiritual abomination of the public schools, than to even acknowledge the original teachings of Jesus that one's faith can only be demonstrated by one's actions. So my question is: Why does Quanell X adhere to the doctrines and folly of Martin Luther, when the teachings of Mohammed very clearly parallels the original tenets of the Ebionites and the teachings of Jesus and TheWay?

Brother Of Yeshua