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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are HomeSchool Children Being Represented

The following is a letter addressed to Kevin Snider, Chief Counsel for the Pacific Justice Institute,

As presented in my article entitled Spiritual Christianity Outlawed, from the perspective of the original Ebionite Nazirene teachings of Jesus, the thinking and lifestyle of the child IS the practice of religion which is afforded First Amendment Constitutional Protection. And while this fact has been generally ignored by faith-based Christians, what the past ruling of the California Court has done, is outlaw Spiritual Christianity which must balance faith and the proper actions as demonstrated in the thinking, mindset and lifestyle of the child.
According to the WND article (see Homeschoolers' fate hangs on hearing results , you are going to argue the case for the homeschoolers before the court. Yet, because most Christians approach the issue of education from a faith-based perspective, they have totally failed to set the matter before the courts from the original Spiritual Christian position of "faith apart from actions, is dead!!!" Which means that more sincere Christians who understand the relationship of actions which support one's faith, are constantly being abandoned by the mainstream of believers who call themselves Christians (see Children of Ceasar) -- having been made victims of the Church of Spiritual Complacency, sincere believers are viewed as self-imposed extremists any time that they are dragged before a court by the Secular Progressives who view religion as a flaw that should remain in the closet.
Unless you are going to support the tenets of the Original Teachings of Jesus which necessitate the proof of one's faith by virtue of actions which are supportive of living the Truth in word, thought, desire and deed, then you will not be establishing the necessary prescience that a child's thinking, mindset and lifestyle, IS the Practice of Religion that is Constitutionally protected.
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
PO Box 780
Graham, NC 27253

Monday, June 23, 2008

Global Warming And The Changing Times!

Having recently retired to just outside of Graham, North Carolina, many in the traditional business community are simply not prepared for the influx of people from other areas, as well as the reality of what many portray as global warming. While I am not, myself, a member of such groups as PETA, their article and campaign entitled Offset Al Gore's Eco-Unfriendly Diet, is based upon solid facts that the vast majority of people close their eyes to. And while the price to fill up one's car has many people embracing more eco-friendly means of transportation, the fact that PETA presents in this article remains the truth in the matter:

The following are a few inconvenient truths that the former V.P. ignores:

  • A major United Nations study determined that the meat industry generates 40 percent more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, SUVs, ships, and planes in the world combined.

  • Researchers at the University of Chicago concluded that going vegan is 50 percent more effective in combating the climate crisis than switching to a hybrid car.

  • The official handbook of the Live Earth concerts that Gore helped organize acknowledges that not eating meat is "the single most effective thing" you can do to reduce your climate change impact (emphasis in original).

Since Gore's addiction to meat is apparently stronger than his desire to secure a better future for our planet, we're asking those who recognize that actions speak louder than words to help offset Gore's greenhouse-gas emissions by pledging to go vegetarian for 30 days.

In view of the fact that many schools and organizations have made an ever growing number of people aware of the fact that the greatest impact upon global warming is the diet of each individual person, it would be logical to assume that both government and local businesses would see the handwriting upon the wall, and begin to accommodate the movement towards a greater number of vegetarians. Yet, in practice, we should not assume what would be considered rational, because in the state of North Carolina, the business community is moving in reverse. Since retiring here somewhat over a year ago, it is ever becoming more difficult to be a vegetarian in the state.

When people come to visit me from out of state, I have an ever growing list of food items that they must bring me. And since certain vegetarian items are missing from all the stores, the problem must exist on a distributor level. Which means that it appears to be a single distributor that is stocking the shelves of all the stores -- i.e., Food Lion, Wallmart, Target, Harris Teeter's, Lowe's and Kroger's. While Progresso Foods makes many vegetarian soups, nowhere in the state can you find even a single can of Macaroni & Bean soup. Just after I moved to the state, one of my staples, Franco American mushroom gravy which is vegan, simply disappeared off all the grocery store shelves. When I complained to the various supermarket chains, it was pointed out that they sell Heinz -- but Heinz contains beef fat. While all these food chains carry Franco American brown, chicken and turkey gravies, they have all eliminated the mushroom gravy which is an ingredient in many vegan and vegetarian recipes, and now carry only gravy with beef fat. But what I really found disheartening, was when they removed all the Bertolli frozen pasta dinners that did not contain meat, from ALL the store shelves across the state. Every one of the non-meat Bertolli frozen pasta dinners, is long gone from the shelves, in order to make room for more meat based products. Further, it is becoming more difficult to find all the various MorningStar vegetarian products in the frozen foods section.

If our politicians and leaders were at all serious about the threat of global warming, you would think that they could at least accommodate those people who are willing to make the most individual impact, and embrace the vegetarian diet. North Carolina is known for its Universities and the Research Triangle -- and when you realize that among the more educated, a greater number of people are vegetarians, you would think that the community leaders would want to accommodate this ever growing group of people. Instead of giving tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies, congress should be subsidizing vegetarian foods so that the poor can more easily embrace the vegetarian diet -- doing their part to combat global warming. In view of the fact that it has long been proven that vegetarians have a much lower rate of cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure, you would think that those who are singing the tune of universal healthcare, would at least insure that being a vegetarian was easier than it is at present. Perhaps instead of advertizing men singing Viva Viagra on every television channel, if more people understood the cause of their clogged arteries that negatively affect their sex life, as a society we could begin to get back to what is normal and natural. If MorningStar grillers or hot dogs were cheaper than their meat versions, then a greater number of people could afford to buy them -- making an even greater impact of not only reducing the greenhouse gases associated with cows -- but also lowering the impact on our healthcare industry.

As one of the spiritual leaders in the world wide Ebionite Restoration Movement (see ), many other people who are vegetarians for purely spiritual reasons, are beginning to consider migrating to North Carolina. For those of you who don't know what an Ebionite is, the Ebionites of the Nazirene Vow were the first disciples of Jesus, and the spiritual bedrock of the New Covenant teachings. And while all Ebionite Nazirenes were strict vegetarian, it was taught by Jesus that unless a disciple was a vegetarian who was living a Consecrated Life, that it would be impossible to perceive and comprehend the inner spiritual meaning of the scriptures (see ). And thus, this is one of the primary reasons why such groups as the Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarian. And whether they understand it or not, many highly educated and intelligent people naturally migrate to the vegetarian diet that is more accommodating to what is spiritually portrayed as the vibrations of man's higher mind and consciousness. Yet, in many rural areas such as North Carolina, it is becoming ever more difficult to become a vegetarian.

Those leaders in our communities and government who recognize the impact of global warming and universal healthcare -- and recognize the need for diversity and accommodation of people seeking higher consciousness -- must begin to take the issues raised in the above seriously. The fact are that the greatest impact an individual can have, is to embrace a vegetarian and/or vegan lifestyle -- and our political, religious and cultural leaders should insure that this option and transition is as easy as possible. From the perspective of greenhouse gases, every person who successfully migrates to the vegetarian and vegan diet, becomes a living carbon offset for the rest of the population. Therefore, it is in the greatest interest of the rest of the meat eating population, to support those who become vegetarians -- not only in the reduction of greenhouse gases, but also the positive impact on universal healthcare.

Brother of Yeshua/Jesus

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Folly Of Evangelist Bill Keller

While Evangelist Bill Keller's beliefs have very little in common with the original teachings of Jesus and his Ebionite Nazirene Disciples of TheWay, that does not mean that Bill Keller is wrong about Barack Obama not being a Christian (see cwNewz). Further, if the Church itself possessed the eyes to see, they would immediately be appalled at the prospect that Barack Obama is in fact the quintessential example of the reality that: Just because a person appears to come to Christ, that does not make their proclamation true -- and this is further the reality of the vast majority of modern-day believers who call themselves Christian. Thus, in the reflected image of Barack Obama, Evangelist Christians have seen a picture of themselves and the folly of their Church doctrines. In the same way that Barack Obama has nothing in common with the genuine religion of Jesus, the modern Church is the perfect (spiritually destructive) storm that is the embodiment of spiritual apostasy and the absolute denial of Messiah/Christ. Thus, while the Evangelists who reject Barack Obama are not wrong, the truth of the matter is seen in the fact that those who judge him have yet to remove the beam from their own eyes -- and are in fact the very apostate blind leaders who guide the flock into the proverbial ditch of the abyss of spiritual ignorance where the Church continues to grovel to this very day. In the same way that the Black Liberation Theology of Jeremiah Wright to which Obama was converted (see Jeremiah Wright) has absolutely nothing in common with the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay, the same is true with respect to the doctrines of the modern Church which are drawn from the theology of Martin Luther (see Luther). And while Bill Keller is correct in his assertion that Barack Obama has no part in the teachings of Jesus and TheWay, what Bill Keller fails to see is that the modern spiritually disenfranchised Christian Church is merely the product of the absolute corruption of the Gospel under Pagan Rome (see The Church of the AntiChrist ). Which means that Evangelists such as Bill Keller are themselves imprisoned in a loop within the Laws (see TheLaws), because they continue to cling to the doctrines of Pagan Rome, while crucifying Christ afresh (see TheLie).

In preparation for the upcoming election, liberal Christians led by the Rev. Jim Wallis (see Why The Right Gets It Wrong, And The Left Doesn't Get It) have been peddling their Marxist version of Jesus who preaches government social programs with absolutely no requirement of living a spiritually committed lifestyle and mindset (see Worshiping Caesar). And what they have done is taken the core doctrines of Martin Luther and Pagan Christianity (see The Christian Judas), to a new level of spiritual abomination. In the world of modern liberal Christianity, abortion is a matter of personal choice (see The New Civil Rights Cause), the sexual mindset of both the Roman orgies and Sodom and Gomorrah are the norm, and the wholesale immorality of the government institutionalized schools is celebrated as progressive Christianity (see HomeSchool). And because conservative Christians have themselves embraced the theology of Martin Luther, they have been successfully portrayed as self-imposed extremists who reject the (Marxist) core of the Gospel message. Every day we hear Obama and the Secular Progressive Left preaching the need for health care -- but this is to fulfill the promise of Obama to eliminate all state opposition to abortion (see Unrestricted Abortion). All that is needed is the appointment of another left leaning judge to the Supreme Court that promotes the Living Constitution doctrine, and the Marxist vision promoted by the funding of George Soros of a Socialist America, will come to pass. And in this very distorted vision of the Constitution, there is no place for UnAlienable Rights derived from God -- but rather, the rights that the government permits the people to have.

Unless Evangelists such as Bill Keller ardently renounce the theology of Martin Luther, and begin to acknowledge the many biblical verses presented in the article TheLie (see ) -- biblical verses that are totally ignored by a Church which has the doctrines of Martin Luther and Pagan Rome as their foundation -- then conservative Christianity is doomed as it is very quickly making itself irrelevant, and the very liberal and Marxist version of Jesus which is promoted by Barack Obama and the Left, is very quickly becoming the norm. And in this we see the warning of Jesus in the Gospels that those who judge, will themselves be judged -- in that, while Evangelists such as Bill Keller question whether Barack Obama is even Christian, in their own blindness they fail to recognize the fact that Barack is a product of their own manmade doctrines of belief -- taken to the next level.

If Barack Obama wins the upcoming election, then Conservative Christianity is dead. Why? Because, having lost it's political power to sustain the Republican party, the secular element of the (Republican) party will convince the majority that the time has come to shed their dependency on an outdated religious platform. And this will be supported by the fact that our educational systems have successfully portrayed the Religious Right as self-imposed extremists -- i.e., the American Taliban -- and the Marxist Jesus that is totally secular in his thinking, will very quickly replace the fossilized Jesus of the Evangelists such as Bill Keller. As demonstrated in a recent series of letters to the leaders in the Southern Baptists on the necessity to exit from secular schools (see letters), Conservative Christians have themselves been blinded to the inner spiritual meaning of the Gospel, because of their unfaithfulness of handing over their children -- the souls that God has placed in their care -- into the hands of Caesar. Allegorically, this is a prime example of sacrificing their children to the gods.

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus