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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Women Are Unhappy - An Esoteric Reality

Shalom Phylliss Schlafly:
While your WorldNetDaily article entitled Why Women Are Unhappy is factual and informative, there yet exists another element to the equation that you have not even come to imagine with respect to the destructive reality of Feminism. In order to lay a brief foundation that would expedite your enlightenment which will assist you in understanding the esoteric truths that have been long lost by our modern society: On the subheading entitled The Mystery Of The Gospel at , it is clearly demonstrated that the inner core of disciples possessed an esoteric knowledge that could not be reveled to the multitude of people whose minds had not been prepared to even contemplate spiritual realities that modern quantum physics has only now begun to shed light upon. Thus, what man thinks he knows, is only the tip of the iceberg of an almost incomprehensible higher reality soul and spirit.
If you can come to terms with the facts presented at the above subheading that there is more to life than what meets the (carnal) eye of man, then let me take this esoteric fact one step further and state that there is a higher purpose to Marriage than physical sex and the propagation of the species. And while there is a great deal of important knowledge and concepts between the above subheading, and the one entitled The Cosmic Ovum And Sperm (see , it is here at this subheading where you will find an esoteric reality of the sexes and Marriage that our modern Feminist driven culture is simply not prepared to confront. Further, you will also find out why homosexuality in the Bible is portrayed as a sin.
Mankind, as portrayed in the parable of the lost prodigal son, is imbued with freewill -- and while, as the divine offspring of Creator-God, man can delay his ultimate Destiny, the exercise of freewill does not permit him the power to negate the very purpose and objective of life which he must eventually come to terms with. And it is not until you come to understand the innate power and higher purpose of gender to bring this higher Destiny about in the threefold process of birth, that you can even begin to grasp why most women feel a great void in their lives. And while the traditional Church religion had created one type of void that opened the door to Feminism, in not understanding the reality of the first void, Feminism only created a much greater void that served to deepen the emptiness that many women, because of their elevated intuitive powers of mind, experience more than men. If you continue reading the article, it will be revealed to you that we exist as an embryonic image of our higher soul-self -- and women who possess the innate mental ability to more easily connect intuitively with their inner source of being and higher spiritual reality that our culture has alienated mankind from, will continue to remain unhappy, because they not only intuitively know that there is more to life -- but they know that they are more than what the superficial role as a culturized physical woman permits them to be in this world. And thus, they are therefore driven to seek a higher reality that is near impossible to achieve, because of the philosophical and cultural restraints they are forced to live under at present. And while it can be said that they very much hold the feminine key to the ultimate success of all of mankind, the fact that they are culturally barred from utilizing this key -- even though they intuitively suspect that they possess the key -- is what makes them inherently miserable in all their worldly endeavors which continue to immerse them in a void of forced and constrained emptiness.
There is an answer, but few people are willing to pursue it beyond the limits of man's cultural thinking-box that he has encased himself in.
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
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