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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Christian Satanic Prayer Of Profound Ignorance

I recently got spammed by a group that calls themselves the Christian Prayer Book Store, which is representative of the profound ignorance of the faith-based Christian world as presented in my previous article entitled The Gospel Of Paul.    The prayer written by Donovan Brown and entitled Where Are You Lord?, reads: Why Lord? Why have you allowed these troubles to come upon me and my family? I have been obedient and faithful to your word; and I have always tried to do what is right to please you. So why Lord? Why have you allowed these burdens to come upon us your people? Where is your love and faithfulness to us now Lord? Where is your mercy and your hand of kindness? Why have you not come to our rescue? You have allowed those who deny you to prosper and live in good health. I feel as though you have abandoned and betrayed us. I am angry at you Lord, I am angry truly at you. I feel and it would also seem as if you have lied to me. But I will not allow my anger or my feelings to govern me and cause me to contradict what I believe to be true about you. Jesus you are my God and I love you and I know and believe that you love me and my whole family; even though we are suffering. You have not abandoned us Lord, you are faithful. Even though hardship has gripped upon us, I will not deny you. You are real to me. Jesus, you are mine and I am yours forever. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Thus, to the true seeker, the above prayer invokes a number of really important questions.   What if the original Ebionite Nazirene and Spiritual Christians were correct in their assertion that Jesus was not the Trinitarian god of the Roman empire?   But he was instead a man who prevailed against the Laws, and became One with God (see The Christian Lie).    And while it is easily proven that the Pagan Church of Rome changed the very words spoken by God to mankind in the Gospels (see The Ten Words), the Church continues to reject the truth, even when all their doctrines are proven counterfeit using the Bible (see The Fine Print).   Yet, the Church not only rejects the knowledge of the Truth and continues to promote the censorship of the very Words of God, but they question in the above prayer as to why God makes those who reject the manmade dogma of the Church, successful in life?   Further, the above prayer questions why God does not support the great lie of the Church, and suggests that God should bring misfortune upon those who reject these manmade doctrines that are easily proven to be corruptions of the original Gospel teachings.  

There is an important statement in the Gospels that few Christians comprehend -- i.e., "To whom much has been given, much more will be required".   While rejecting the most important Gospel teachings  (see The Fine Print), the above prayer to Jesus who taught that he is their brother -- and rejected even the title "good" -- questions why those who reject the dogma of Pagan Rome are permitted to achieve success -- when those who have been given much in the form of the Gospel teachings, not only reject the words of God spoken to mankind (see The Ten Words), but continue to promote the doctrines of men and reject the very spiritual essence of the Gospel.   If, then, the Church has been given much, and yet continues to be unfaithful to the blessings of the Gospel that they have received, then how can they not only find fault -- but even question -- why others who have not received the Gospel message, are provided with greater success?

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus   

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Gospel Of Paul

If modern Christians truly understood the Gospel message that was preached by Paul to the Gentiles with any depth of comprehension, then the Congregation of Christians would be hailed as the most enlightened guides, shepherds and teachers that the world has ever known.   Scholars the world over would come to acquire the Wisdom which they would convey to sincere seekers.   They would be invited to come and speak to large groups of students who are themselves seeking knowledge of all the wonders of the universe.

Paul states of the congregation of Christians which he, himself, taught the "testimony of Christ", that they were yet too immature to even begin to grasp the higher reality of the soul and what Paul called the Mysteries of the Kingdom -- which Paul warns that in their immature state of developmental mind and thinking, they would reject as utter "foolishness". (see Mystery).    Paul in fact portrays the congregation of Christians who he spoke of as having received all the gifts of the spirit such as speaking in tongues and the layiing on of healing hands, as a people who were "babes in Christ" -- too carnal in their understanding to comprehend anything beyond the most elementary Gospel concepts.    And Paul states that as they begin to mature, that Christ will be formed in them, and they will see and understand all the Mysteries of life and Creation.   But this Gospel Destiny was interrupted and obstructed from being brought about, when the Gospel was abducted by Pagan Rome.   Resulting in a type of latter-day Pharisees -- wherein, after the Church threw away the Key of Knowledge in the manner of the carnal Jews who he portrayed as the offspring of the Devil (see The Left Hand Of God), the Christian world became totally alienated from reacquiring this sacred knowledge, and restoring the true potential of the Gospel within them.

What inhibits the Christian world from attaining to their true ultimate Destiny?   Christians can be compared to an abducted rape victim who has not only befriended the rapist who has kept her captive, but has agreed to bear his children.   Not only do they continue to cling to manmade doctrines of belief that were forcefully imposed upon the Church by a series of Roman Emperors -- beliefs that can easily be proven wrong in a mere ten minutes of reading time (see Christian Reincarnation) -- but they fail to comprehend even the very spiritual foundation of the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay.   Wherein, the Christians should be the very mystic visionaries who are so enlightened to the Truth and the Kingdom, that the whole world seeks them out as wise men and women who release them from their burdens of life in this world, and guide them into the joys of the Kingdom.

Brother Of Yeshua

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Keeping The Law - A Reply To Richard Rives

I felt the biblical concepts that I set forth in a reply to Richard Rives, president of Wyatt Archaeological Research was so important to every Christian today, that I am presenting my reply in the below.   While Richard Rives is on the right track, the spiritual knowledge that the early Church threw away, is yet beyond his reach.

Shalom Richard Rives:

Let me commend you on your recent video entitled The Apostle Paul You Never Knew.   You did a good service in pointing out that after conferring with the Holy Spirit, it was decided that it would be too great a burden to expect Gentile converts to fully embrace the Law, so entry-level dispensations were set forth.   And as you correctly point out, the reasoning was that as they attended the synagogues on the Sabbath, they would then be exposed to the teachings and commandments -- i.e., "For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every Sabbath day" (Acts 15:21).    And in the same way that entry-level provisions were set forth for the Gentile converts in the observance of the Law, it is just as important to recognize that Paul rightly made doctrinal concessions that are even more important to understand today -- as demonstrated in the subheading on the Mystery Of The Gospel.   Quoting from the same article in a different subheading An Inconvenient Truth: All three synoptic Gospels contain the passage of scripture which states: “And when he was gone forth into the way, there came one running, and kneeled to him, and asked him, Good Master, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?” (Mark 10:16 KJV).   The more we consider the reply of Jesus to this question, the more we comprehend that his answer undermines the Church's whole modern-day understanding of the Gospel: “And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments” (Matt 19:17 KJV).   If Jesus was God, as the Churches proclaim, then Jesus would have told the man that he spoke wisely when he was called "...Good Master.     If Jesus was God, he never would have rejected the title -- stating, that only God was good!    Further, if all that was necessary was belief in Jesus, why would he tell the man seeking eternal life to go and "...keep the commandments” ?    If, as modern Church doctrine proclaims, there is no salvation apart from faith and belief in Jesus -- and no works or actions are a part of the equation -- then why wouldn't Jesus simply tell the man to believe?   Yet, instead, he told the man that "...if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments”.

While most of my communications with seekers are posted to a series of forums that require membership in the particular forum, when I want to make a communication public to reference it, I sometimes deposit it in a forum set aside for this purpose.   Thus, my last communication when I answered your questions has been deposited at .    And in this reply to your questions I set links to a number of very important biblical and spiritual truths that is of the utmost importance in the restoration of the Original Gospel.   But if we pose the question as to what was the nature of this esoteric spiritual knowledge that Paul warned that the entry-level Gentiles would reject as utter "foolishness" -- even after they had been taught all knowledge pertaining to the "testimony" of Christ (see  Mystery Of The Gospel ) -- then we must begin by recognizing the need of fulfilling the Law within ourselves.   To this end, the biblical constraints and commandments against sexual immorality are very important in our present time.   And if we ask Why?   Or, inquire if the scriptures are outdated?   Consider what is stated in my latest Blog articles entitled Does Casual Sex Matter? -- Reply: Public Schoolers - How's That Indoctrination Working Out For You? -- and the most recent on the subject entitled An Esoteric Reality Of Marriage - Reply: Why Mom's Cheat On Mother's Day.   

There is of course an important reason why Jesus stated that to even look at another woman with lust was adulterous -- and if one is not married, perhaps they should be as a Eunuch.   That the modern Christian is lawless, and has gone in the way of the Nations, is representative of the seed that fell on the side of TheWay, and was choked and smothered (see ).    A most important statement is made in this parable pertaining to each person's ability to understand the meaning of the scriptures in the words: “Know ye not this parable? and how then will ye know all parables?” (Mark 4:13 KJV).    Thus, what this means is that even if you read the scriptures every day of your life -- and you fail to properly apply and keep them -- and especially apply what Jesus called the Key of Knowledge -- then you will never understand the true meaning of the scriptures.    And the spiritual reason why Jesus stated that there is only two ways with respect to sexual morality and the commandments of God -- i.e., either total faithfulness to one's wife or husband, or absolute chastity -- and the reasons why are explored in the links provided in these three Blog articles.   

From a Gospel Healing perspective, there is the Law of Grace -- and the Law of Grace is dependent upon each person's recognition of the error of their ways -- demonstrated by a complete turn-around from their past actions when they lived as apostates to the Law.    And while what you have presented is a good beginning with respect to making people aware of the need to keep the Law, in my own writings I explore the reasons why these commandments were invoked.   In addition to the web sites, in the Blog Table Of Contents you will find an entry in the Blog entitled The 7 Laws Of Noah?    And while this might be a little advanced, it will provide insight into the spiritual meaning of the scriptures.   If you had the time to read the article on Bible Corruption, you no doubt encountered the subheading where the removed teaching on the Bosom Of Christ was explored.   And one of the important Gospel teachings that is presented, is the reality that if a supposed believer is not willing to keep the lesser concepts and teachings of the Law, then it will be impossible for them to even begin to understand the more spiritual aspects of the Law and the written words of the scriptures.    And while our modern lawless and hedonist culture does not at all understand the important reasons why the demand for sexual purity was an integral part of the commandments of God, this (esoteric) knowledge is explored in the links attached to these Blog articles.   And what it boils down to is this -- i.e., if you are not faithful to the lesser commandments, then it is an almost worthless endeavor to seek any understanding beyond what Paul portrayed as the "letter that killeth".   

I am writing these communications to you and others who portray themselves as clergy, so it does not come as a shock to you when you eventually learn the whole truth of the Gospel message.   It has to do with the words: "If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin, but now they have no excuse for their sin" (Jn 15:21-23 -- see ).   What I present is the important knowledge that the Church destroyed and threw away, in order to convert the Gospels to the Paganism of Rome.   Those who seek the Truth and the Kingdom, and live the Word of God in word, thought, desire and deed, will receive the Divine Manna of the Kingdom that the lawless of this world -- even when they proclaim the name of Messiah/Christ with their lips -- simply cannot receive or understand.   And that the Church has rejected the Law of God -- and preached the lawless doctrines of Pagan Rome -- is the reason why the Church presently dwells in a Spiritual Diaspora -- cast out from the Bosom of Christ, and apostates to the Kingdom that Jesus taught was within them.    


GodSpeed in TheWay,

Allan Cronshaw
aka Brother Of Yeshua

Sunday, May 09, 2010

An Esoteric Reality Of Marriage - Reply: Why Mom's Cheat On Mother's Day

Shalom Seekers:
With respect to the article entitled: Why Moms Cheat On Their Man The Day After Mother's Day ,  one of the things that I observed in the Evangelical Church that my wife and daughter Crystal used to attend, was the fact that many of the marriages were often a sham.   When I originally authored the article The Divine Marriage, I was confronted by hostile Feminists who were appalled by the idea that there was a spiritual reality to marriage that our modern culture is ignorant of.   In answer to many of their cultural positions which they attempted to promote, I then authored the article Lilith, The Demonic Reality Of The Modern Feminist Movement .    But in time I realized that there was yet a great void in these two articles that I had yet to completely present to seekers of the esoteric knowledge of the Laws and the higher reality of man and woman.    In the same way that I once got thrown off of a Kabbalah forum when I stated to them that the Torah -- and thus, the esoteric branch of Judaism known as Kabbalah which people such as Madonna are students of, when rightly understood is nothing more than a spiritual marriage manual, this insight into the very essence of Spiritual Judaism was very quickly rejected.    And to even suggest that in his teachings, Jesus elevated the importance of woman as a necessary aspect of achieving spiritual birth, is rejected as Gnostic heresy by the traditional Churches.
In the article The Three Lies I not only delved into the paramount untruths of the three major western religions, but I used the findings of modern quantum physics to prove the many esoteric spiritual concepts and realities that I presented (see Science Proves Religion).   And an important part of the equation with respect to fulfilling the required threefold birth that Jesus and others warned was necessary, was the reality that man and woman is very much exactly what the following subheading states -- i.e., The Cosmic Ovum And Sperm .   And when it is realized that Jesus held marriage in such high esteem, that he warned that a man who merely looks upon a woman with lust for her, has already committed adultery (see The Womb Of Mother Earth - Man And Woman - Transformation And Rebirth), the true spiritual dimensions of marriage is simply beyond the understanding of modern mankind.   Thus, what this means is that there is a higher purpose and reality to sex and marriage than what either the leaders of traditional religion or the pseudo-intellectuals have understood.   And what is truly sad is the fact that our culture has engendered an environment of profound sexual and self ignorance that has in most instances rendered the people mentally and spiritually sterile.    And while some would immediately embrace the idea of spiritual sterility, few would be able to grasp the reality of mental sterility, because as a man or a woman, they think of themselves as a whole being -- possessing absolutely no concept of the higher reality of the soul that is their true self that is not incarnate in the body, and is neither male nor female.   Sadly, counterfeit religious leaders as well as pseudo-intellectuals have robbed mankind of the knowledge of his own true self -- and a reality of life that is beyond even his imagination.   And thus, the words of Jesus in the long ignored Gospel of Thomas that few people possess any understanding of: "But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty... Whoever finds himself is superior to the world".   If it is true that our true self -- i.e., our higher soul-self -- is neither male nor female -- and is representative of a higher reality that few males or females can even envision in their present state of culturized mind -- then it is the ignorance of the true mental and spiritual dynamics of the marriage relationship, that is representative of a profound cultural abomination of our modern-day society.    And from this higher spiritual perspective, the validity of the marriage should have been one of the primary concerns in the Evangelical community.   Where traditional religion views sex and marriage as a means to populate the earth, the reality that the proper and balanced interaction of opposites -- and especially opposite genders -- within the environment of a Spiritually Ordained Union -- is the very environment that fosters the necessary expansion of mind beyond organic physical limitations -- and opens the door to a higher spiritual reality that few religious leaders can even begin to grasp -- is representative of a great void that robs both man and woman -- husband and wife -- of the very Destiny they seek.    Thus, I find the below article in MomLogic to be of a primary importance to those who seek a greater understanding of both self, and the life they are living.
Brother Of Yeshua

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Reply: Public Schoolers - How's That Indoctrination Working Out For You?

In a recent letter to Patrice Lewis, who has written a book and runs a Blog called Rural Revolution, Mrs. Lewis who has written many excellent articles (see Articles), attempts to enlighten Americans as to the detrimental effect that Public School has upon their children.   And while Homeschooling is an ever growing movement, school choice and an educational environment that supports the religious beliefs and lifestyle of the family should be a Constitutional Right for every American.   And if we pose the question as to why it is not?   There can only be one answer -- i.e., because the Christian Church is not an authentic embodiment of the teachings of Christ.    

While WorldNetDaily will publish articles on Homeschooling and the detrimental effect of the public schools on our nations children, in the below links you will read the facts that WorldNetDaily refuses to include in the cultural equation that is devastating our children and communities.   Where the unliberal Left actively promotes the infanticide of the unborn in their championing of abortion, the same Secular Progressives are using the public school in the spiritual abortion of young impressionable children.   And that the majority of Christians are complacently permitting this atrocity to continue, is what the Bible warns is an unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit.     

Patrice Lewis is representative of many Christians today who recognize the detrimental effects of the public school environment upon our nations children.   And while Patrice Lewis and other such concerned Christians are pulling their children out of the public school in order to safeguard them from the detrimental effect of the spiritual killing-field environment, this option should be a choice to all parents by virtue of the Constitutional protection of their First Amendment Religious Rights.   Thus, I wrote to Patrice:  Read more »