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Monday, September 20, 2010

If You Continue To Repeat A Lie? Does It Become The Truth?

The following letter was sent to Fox news anchor John Scott with respect to his failure to challenge the lies of liberals such as those perpetually repeated by Ellis Henican that the terrorists hijacked Islam -- whereas, Sept. 11th and the attacks of Muslims around the world on innocent people is in truth, the practice of the Muslim religion.   There is only One Solution that can empower what we portray as moderate Muslims -- and it is the One Solution that will heal the divisions that separate Judaism, Christianity and Islam -- and I will address that solution in a future article.   But for now, so long as we continue to propagate a lie -- and permit liberals such as Ellis Henican to continue to promote this lie without being challenged -- then we are merely part of the problem.

Shalom John Scott:
How many times can a lie be stated -- a fraud perpetuated -- until it is finally challenged?  How many times will you permit liberals such as Ellis Henican to repeat a lie, until the facts are presented to him?   How long will the very lives of the American people be gravely threatened by the publication of politically correct news stories that suppress the facts?
When Ellis states that everyone has the right to practice their religion, this is true only so long as the practice of the respective religion does not infringe upon the rights of others.   There is no constitutional right to the practice of religion, when said practice constitutes the murder of the innocent.   In my recent article entitled Reply To Sojourners - Rev. Jim Wallis & Rev. Jennifer Kottler - The WTC Mosque: I demonstrate conclusively that the systematic murder of the unbelievers and all who are found in opposition to the Qur'an, which is the very core of the principles of Islam, is set forth to the Muslim people as a Commandment made directly by Allah to the members of Islam.   It is taught in the Qur'an that the highest expression of religion is Jihad -- and those who are martyred in the destruction of the unbelievers and infidel, are looked upon as the highest manifestation of sainthood.   And those who call themselves Muslim, and do not engage in Jihad, are portrayed in the Qur'an which is believed to be the words of Allah directly to mankind, as being numbered among the unbelievers and infidel.  
In the above article I demonstrate the difference between a fringe group hijacking a religion, and a body of believers faithfully carrying out the core commandments of a religion, as in the case of Islam.   As an example: There is absolutely nothing in the New Testament that even remotely suggests that priests should be pedophiles -- and therefore it can be said that a fringe group of men have hijacked their parishes -- masquerading as sincere members of the Catholic Church -- in order to gain access to little boys and girls.   In view of the fact that Jesus suggested that the path of celibacy is the most holy -- and condemn even looking upon someone other than your spouse with sexual lust in your heart, as being a violation of the Ten Commandments.    Therefore, the pedophile priests are an example of hijacking the religion of Jesus -- while in contradistinction, Jihad and the murder of the unbelievers is merely the highest practice of the religion of Mohammed as set forth directly in the Qur'an.   
This is not to say that other elements of the religion such as prayer, charity, teaching and ministering to others is not also a part of Islam -- but these aspects cannot be used to define the religion to the exclusion of the other aspects of Jihad which represent the instructions by Allah on how the unbelievers must be dealt with.   It is said that Islam is the religion of peace -- and this peace can only be brought about when the unbelievers are conquered, and all the world dwells under the rule of Sharia law.   And until that time arrives, all Muslims are duty-bound to make war against the infidel, and either convert or slaughter them -- and this is the highest objective practice of the religion of Islam.    With respect to the WTC Mosque, it is a tribute to the blow inflicted upon the Great Satan in the continuing battle to institute Sharia law world-wide.   In the same way that a farmer pulls up and destroys the weeds to permit his crops to grow, the unbelievers must be conquered in order to fulfill the commandment of peace under the rulership of Allah.   Thus, while many in the news media continue to blame the Pope for the apostate pedophile priests who have hijacked their parishes, these same news outlets portray Islam as one of the world's "great religions".
Brother of Yeshua/Jesus 

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Perfect Ideological Storm - Obama And The Burning Qu'ran

In the recent news story, Petraeus: Burning Koran Puts American Lives 'In Jeopardy', the reference is being made to a Florida church led by the Rev. Terry Jones who has orchestrated a public burning of the Qur'an on Sept. 11th.   And while complacent and politically correct Religious leaders condemn plan to burn Koran, the die was cast when Barack Obama was elected president -- and what we are seeing now is merely the winds of the approaching perfect ideological storm.

The late teacher of The Fourth Way, G.I.Gurdjieff, once compared the vast majority of people to a herd of domesticated animals who, while knowing the inevitable is on the horizon, feel comfortable in the belief that they are safe because their ever nearing end will not be today.   In like manner, the Apostle Paul warned that organic (natural) man is incapable of understanding both the scriptures, as well as life itself, with any depth of comprehension (see Mystery).    And what has orchestrated this great cloud of ignorance that shackles the minds of the people from perceiving events that will consume them in struggles of great suffering, is when the Roman emperors banned Christians from believing the core Gospel teachings on the preexistent soul (see Ten Reasons Christians Reject Pre-Existent Soul).   And what this prohibition has brought about, is the casting of the congregation of believers into the abyss of spiritual ignorance -- and has positioned them blindly on the precipice of utter turmoil and despair.   Why?   Because in not understanding the lessons of the past, they are very much on the verge of repeating them.

The great Jewish visionary and mystic Issaic Luria had laid the spiritual framework for Rabbi Ovadia Yosefan to state that no innocent Jews perished in the Holocaust, because those who fell victim to Hitler   "...were reincarnations of the souls of sinners, people who transgressed and did all sorts of things that should not be done.”  (see The Chickens Come Home To Roost).   But because of the mandates of the Roman emperors who had not only dictated what was acceptable for Christians to believe, but had ordered the editing of the Bible to make the scriptures support Roman dogma (see Bible Corruption), the modern congregation of believers are simply not at all prepared to understand the words of Issaic Luria, or recognize the approaching of the storm that like a great tsunami, will engulf them in its wave of impending destruction.

The question should be asked: Why are American political and religious leaders so concerned about the burning of the Qur'an, after the die has already been cast that has set the stage for what could become the most horrific event in human history?  In the same way that the cycle of the Laws orchestrated the events leading up to the destruction of millions of Jews at the hands of Hitler -- and only those who saw the impending wave of violence were able to escape -- history is again on the verge of repeating itself (see Those Who Fail To Remember The Lessons Of History).   Thus, the conditions have been brought about that may very well end in the destruction of a great many people (see A Question Of Nuclear Holocaust?).    And by virtue of the legacy and ghost of the Roman emperors who cast the Church into the abyss of ignorance when they imposed their doctrines of belief upon the Christian world, the American people are simply not prepared to recognize the coming of the great perfect ideological storm that is about to consume them.

When Barack Obama came on the American political scene, he was hailed by many as a messiah (see Those Who Fail To Remember The Lessons Of History).   But why?   Why was a man who had accomplished virtually nothing, not only personified as a messiah who exceeded the stature of even Jesus -- a man (Obama) whose presence caused many women to become faint -- a man who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize on the basis of his rhetorical speeches on hope and change -- why was he hailed by many as the Saviour of the world?    Because in Barack Obama's more distant past prior to this present lifetime, his soul had lived the life of one who was very much perceived to be a messiah -- and very much one of the politicians who had impersonated Mohammad (see Those Who Fail To Remember The Lessons Of History).   Quoting this link: In the case of Barack Obama and his followers in our present time, we can observe a multifaceted interaction of the Laws which have come back upon this group.   As one of the souls who claimed to be the historical Mohammad, innocent people were slaughtered in the name of Islam.   To the degree that Mohammad negated the need to take opposing solders captive, and permitted them to be murdered.   And this was also true of all those who refused to convert to the religion of Mohammad.  
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