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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Do Conservatives Desire Truth? Historical Facts?

In a recent letter to the Conservative News on the Human Events web site, I wrote to the author of the article entitled How To Annoy An Atheist.  And while I openly acknowledge the right of the author to annoy the Atheists who confront him -- my question is this: Wouldn't it be better to confront the opposition with facts?   One of those great looming facts that conservatives generally miss, is the fact that in both sides of the equation that has been set before the reader, each side possess a degree of truth -- which means that neither the conservatives or the Atheists are entirely wrong.   And yet, there exists a greater truth that both are blind to.   Thus, in response to the above article on the Human Events web site that had been sent out to countless reader's mail boxes, I wrote the following letter to the author:

To: Thomas S. Winter,
Editor in Chief, Human Events


Having read what you wrote in the below and on your web page -- and having acknowledged that you are correct in your position that the scriptures contain many concepts of high ethical value -- you miss the point that the Atheists and Secularists are not wrong, and there are other area of the scriptures that are severely wanting. And the fact that conservatives such as yourself attempt to ignore the valid points made by Atheists -- and the fact that you have no real rational answers in your reply to the points the Atheists make against the scriptures -- is the reason why the Atheists are prevailing in the court of public opinion. 

In view of the fact that the Bible states many things -- and one of those spiritual realities that it very strongly states is that the Laws of God is the true author of all the events that take place in this world -- a wise conservative would ask: What message is God attempting to send us? That you are not wrong on some issues, does not negate the fact that the Atheists are not wrong on other points that you have chosen to totally ignore. And in view of the fact that believers are supposed to be seeking Wholeness, Atheism is in fact the result of the self-imposed voids that exist in the doctrines of the Church -- founded upon their lack of spiritual knowledge. 

You will find the important answers to the dilemma in the article entitled Letter To An Atheist -- Truth Interrupted. And in this article the answers are supplied that totally undermines the many positions of Atheists which discredit the Church. And the fact that all the events of this world are in fact orchestrated by the Laws of God -- and not even a sparrow can fall to the earth apart from the Will of the Father -- the reality that confronts you is seen in the fact that the modern Church has totally rejected the knowledge that they prayed to God to bestow upon them. 

In addition to the hyperlinks provided in the above article that proves both the Atheists and the faith-based believers to be lacking in their understanding, both groups ignore the warning of the biblical authors that man in his organic condition of mind is incapable of comprehending the higher reality of the soul and the Kingdom of God (see . Which means that when both believers and the Atheist critics ignore this warning, it is to their own demise that they reject and ignore the factual reality that is presented to them. Which means that the shortcomings of conservatives who choose to ignore the important warnings of the very scriptures which they champion, is in fact the cause of why the Atheists and other critics reject the whole of the scriptures. In our own time the most important factual wisdom and knowledge is presented to the modern believer in the article An Inconvenient Truth, and the restoration of the sacred knowledge that the Church threw away in the article The Three Lies

If you have any questions concerning the above and what you will find in the articles, I would be glad to be of further assistance to you.

What we have here is the Truth hidden and concealed in Plain Sight -- i.e., because both the Conservatives and the Atheists promote a thread of truth that seemingly opposes each other, the greater Truth that is inconceivable and ultra important to both, remains ignored.   And thus, both the Atheist and the Conservative can remain immersed in their world of illusion and folly, comfortably remaining under the delusion that they are each correct in their fragmentary positions.   Meanwhile, both continue to seduce unsuspecting ignorant converts to their self-destructive cause.

Why are both the Conservatives and the Atheists totally blind to the greater Truth and Spiritual Meaning of the scriptures?   The bottom line is seen in the factual warning that you can never possess any greater level of truth and knowledge than you are willing to live and manifest in your daily life.   And since the vast majority of people who call themselves Christian believe they are exempt from living the necessary spiritual mindset and lifestyle (see ), the vast majority of Christians are little more than latter-day Pharisees who crucify the Lord in their carnal mindset and lifestyle.  

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus