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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Thinking Housewife and Pythagoras And The Esoteric Feminine Mystique

I recently came across the blog of Laura Wood which she has named The Thinking Housewife.   One of her many articles which caught my attention was The Pythagorean Women.   Knowing that I could provide the insight into what I portray as the Esoteric Feminine Mystique that our modern culture remains totally ignorant of today, I decided to send off the below email to Laura.  As stated, that our culture attempts to recreate woman into a surrogate man -- with the almost total loss of her true feminine strengths and powers of intellect and spiritual purpose -- is perhaps the greatest folly of mankind today.  The plight of modern man because of his suppression of the Feminine-Intuitive, has intellectually flat-lined him in the abyss of abject self-ignorance.   And this is demonstrated in my assertion that our modern institutions forces women as surrogate-men, into a type of mental-burka that has been the detriment to all of mankind as a whole -- as stated in my following paragraph copied from my affidavit provided for those who oppose wearing a seat belt (see Affidavit):

The proper development of the mind to eclipse what can be called organic human limitations, is dependent upon the interaction of the linear and intuitive spheres of mind.   But when the intuitive perception is inhibited, and development is suppressed, even the linear is flat-lined from any development beyond what is portrayed in the Gospels as carnal and restricted consciousness.    The linear mind of man remains limited in its development, because the intuitive remains infantile and shackled in a captive environment where it is only permitted to express itself in linear terms.  While the inward looking intuitive has the potential to access higher consciousness and states of mind and being, it is unable to arise to its intended potential because of the shackles placed upon it by a thoroughly domineering and controlling linear culture.    Like a woman who in many Islamic cultures are forced to dwell in an imprisoned world beneath a Burka -- not permitted to openly express herself except when accompanied by a male relative -- totally deprived of the ability to openly speak on her own behalf -- the natural expression of the intuitive mind has been so impeded by our linear-driven culture, that it has remained undeveloped and unreliable as a resource (see Opening And Unlocking the Mind).   

The following is my communication with Laura Wood and her Thinking Housewife blog:
Greetings, and Shalom Laura Wood:

I just came across your blog entitled The Thinking Housewife ( ), and I find myself in agreement with much of what you write.   So, I am putting your web address across my Nazirene Disciple Forum in the hope that some of the membership will read some of the concepts in your articles and discuss them on the forum.    

In your article The Pythagorean Women you write: Granted, much of what is known about their community is uncertain. The sect observed a code of secrecy. But, it appears to have embodied some of the most enlightened and wholesome ideas about the role of women in Western history. Pythagoras opened his learned society to women, who were free to philosophize and pursue arcane studies. At the same time, Pythagoras did not believe in masculinized women; he perceived the difference in male and female functions.   If you will accept it, I know quite a bit about the secret knowledge of the Pythagorean spiritual community -- and if I might point out that much of this secret knowledge parallels that of the inner core of the original Ebionite Nazirene disciples of Jesus with respect to women -- and like the historical man Jesus, what Pythagoras was seeking was Wholeness as portrayed at the subheading The Esoteric Feminine Mystique.   

Quoting from the subheading, The Intuitive Mind Vs The Linear Rational: In the introduction to the book Secrets of Mary Magdalene, Prof. Elain Pageles writes and quotes the Gospel of Philip: Simultaneously, the Gospel of Philip celebrates Mary Magdalene as manifesting the divine spirit, which this gospel calls the “virgin who came down” from heaven. When Christians spoke of Jesus “born from a virgin,” this author agrees—but refuses to take it literally. So some people, he says, take this literally to mean that Jesus’ mother became pregnant apart from any man, apart from sexual intercourse. But this, he says, is the “faith of fools” who fail to comprehend spiritual matters (although, as we note, it can be seen in the birth narratives offered in the New Testament gospels of Matthew and Luke). Instead, continues the Gospel of Philip, Jesus was born physically, just as all humans, as the son of biological parents. The difference, says the author of this gospel, that he was also “born again” in baptism--born spiritually to become the son of the Father above, and of the heavenly Mother, the Holy Spirit.   That one of the primary objectives of this life is to bring about and achieve the next stage of birth -- a non-physical birth which is allegorically portrayed as a Virgin Birth -- should be of primary importance to all people.   

In the same way that Peter as representing the (male) linear-rational spheres of mind states of the intuitive visions and wisdom of Mary Magdalene:  "...These are certainly strange ideas", it is a fact that it is the lopsided development of what Einstein portrayed as the linear-rational servant that inhibits the development of the intuitive-gift -- i.e., as seen in Einstein's statement that “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”     Without the balanced development of the intuitive, the linear-rational which only senses outwardly, arrives as a point where it becomes what can be portrayed as flat-lined -- which in turn inhibits the further development of the linear rational servant from itself maturing beyond organic limitations.   And herein lies the great obstacle to human development that linear-intellectuals don't at all understand -- i.e., the reality that the linear programming of the mind which is the agenda of our educational systems -- including the reading of books and traditional study -- only serves to inhibit the development of the intuitive spheres of mind -- and it is the lack of balance between the inward looking intuitive and the outward looking linear-rational that inhibits the development of the mind beyond a certain very shallow organic physical level of maturity.    Further, what we are presented with are a number of paradoxes that have confronted man since he first stepped foot on the earth.   Thus, these proverbial questions must be confronted: Is the mind of a child empty?   Or, does a great source of knowledge already exist within the mind of the child that must be tapped into?   Do you instruct a child through rote programming in the manner of our educational systems today?   Or do you guide the child into an environment of self-discovery?
The problem is seen in the fact that the linear-rational servant can only look outwardly -- and not only remains totally ignorant of an inner reality that it is blind to -- but it demands that all of mankind ignore and even reject the higher causal reality that can only be sensed and understood through the development of the intuitive centers of mind.   Like the tip of the proverbial iceberg, what is observed protruding out of the water is very small in relation to the immense body of ice that is beyond man's normal scope of vision lying beneath the water line.   And because our culture and linear learning environment actually inhibits the development of the intuitive, it remains atrophied and latently embryonic and immature.   This is seen in the fact that when the leaders of the Jews (Pharisees) asked Jesus when the Kingdom of God would come upon the earth in the manner that they believed it would, he told them that it would never come upon the earth so as to be seen with their eyes (that look outwardly), because the Kingdom already exists within them (see ) -- and it is accessed through the development of the intuitive spheres of mind that are positioned to look inwardly -- which then must be balanced with the outward looking rational linear.

In your article you write: The Pythagorean woman may have achieved the true golden mean. She was learned. She was respected for her intellectual potential. But, she never sacrificed for these her fidelity to husband and home. To a Pythagorean, mind is not separate from soul. Our powers of reason are related to our efforts toward virtue. Here is one of the greatest insights of Greek thought. Here is the kernel of Western progress. The true and the good and the beautiful are one.  I hope the above clarifies for you the reason why the Pythagorean spiritual communities "...respected [woman] for her intellectual potential".    

I am presently putting together my presentation at the upcoming Conference For Consciousness And Human Evolution  (see ) -- which will be entitled "Know Thyself - The Higher Reality Of The Soul And The Cosmology Of Mind And Being” -- which presentation I am compiling on the website Know Thyself.   Pythagoras, as with all truly enlightened men of Wisdom and Spiritual Knowledge, understood the important role that women and the development of the Intuitive Spheres of Mind plays in the seeking the Higher Destiny of Mankind.  With respect to your statement "...The sect observed a code of secrecy" -- it wasn't so much that they concealed knowledge from those outside the community -- but rather, as stated by the biblical authors, it remains virtually impossible for men of a "natural" organic consciousness to comprehend the higher reality of the soul and the mysteries of the Kingdom (see Mysteries).   With respect to your statement: "...Pythagoras did not believe in masculinized women" -- the downfall of our modern culture is presented at the subheading The Opening And Unlocking Of The Mind, which demonstrates the importance of the dynamic balance that must be achieved between the minds of men and woman -- and the cultural attempt to recast women as surrogate men.             

Hope the above provides you some insight into the women of Pythagoras and other Highly Advanced Spiritual Communities. 

Allan Cronshaw
aka Brother of Yeshua