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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Why Were The Disciples of Jesus Strict Vegetarians?

While the modern Christian world is generally in denial, the facts confirm that the original followers of Jesus were strict vegetarians.  Which provokes the question as to why?  The first fact that a Christian who is a genuine disciple of TheWay must come to terms with is: The Original Teachings Of Jesus Have Nothing In Common With Church Dogma .  

It is ultra-important to understand why the original disciples and followers of Jesus were vegetarians.  Which raises the question: Why MUST a serious seeker of Truth be a vegetarian?  And while it may shock some people, there is an important reason why it can be stated that if you are not a vegetarian, it will be impossible for you to understand the scriptures with any real depth.  Then there is the issue that there are some animal-rights people who promote vegetarianism as if compassion to all creatures alone is sufficient to fulfill the word of God by merely being a vegetarian? The answers to these questions are important for all seekers to understand, and can only be found at The Holographic Mind 

The intelligent person requires rational answers to their questions.   Being raised in a meat-eating culture, only rational reasons can bring about serious change.   The animal-rights people have never been able to provide the necessary rational answers to intelligent questions.   The fact that it can be demonstrated historically, that the original disciples and followers of Jesus were all strict vegetarian (see ). is simply not enough to invoke change in those Christians who have been reared in our present-day culture.   Only at the above link ( ) can the intelligent and factual answer be found.