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Saturday, March 07, 2020

How Previous Sexual Partners Affect Offspring

How Previous Sexual Partners Affect Offspring

While the Archons of our culture proclaim that we are enlightened in comparison to previous cultures -- and that we are just overflowing with advanced knowledge that was totally missing in the past -- the leaders of our modern culture cannot even begin to comprehend the Higher Knowledge of man's past.   Why?  Because our modern culture totally lacks Self-Knowledge.  I use the word Archon because of its definition as set forth in the Britannica: "Archon, in gnosticism, any of a number of world-governing powers that were created with the material world by a subordinate deity called the Demiurge (Creator). Although gnosticism did not constitute a single movement, most gnostics were religious dualists who held that matter is inferior and the spirit is good and that salvation is attained by esoteric knowledge, or gnosis." Why was the physical world portrayed as inferior?  Because of the duality of mind and being when a person's thinking is controlled by the Archons of this world -- which in the parable of the prodigal son, the power and consciousness of this physical world is portrayed as the Citizen of the Far Country.   

I often portray Satan as the "gravity of mind" that tests man to see if he is ready to climb to a higher rung of consciousness through the proverbial Jacob's Ladder.   Where the ancients understood that everything in this world is a projection of man's higher Soul-Realty -- and can be correctly constituted a "shadow-image" as portrayed in Plato's Cave (see Plato - The Physicist ) -- the dogma of faux-science which is in reality Scientism (see Science Vs Scientism ), has virtually excluded all Self-Knowledge and the higher reality of the adage to Know Thyself. 
When you attempt to program young girls to think and act in a more masculine artificial role -- and by doing so, you in effect suppress the natural feminine abilities in young girls that are virtually absent in the male gender -- then what you have is a Franken-Culture of deformed individuals who can no longer fulfill their intended potential or divine role.   A woman is a woman -- possessing divine and unique abilities that are gender-suppressed in her male counterpart -- because a man is a man -- with each being half of the whole.   A woman's unique weaknesses and strengths are all necessary to manifest positive attributes of Mind and Being, when Completed within an evolved male/female union.   By her very nature, a woman has inherit weaknesses in relation to her male counterpart -- and a woman's gender-based weakness are absolutely necessary in order to create an environment within herself where she is able to receive from her opposite male-gender, and then supercharge the resulting transformative force within her mind and being -- returning this transformed power back into her male opposite in his gender-based reflective weaknesses, in order to raise up the two (joined man and woman) onto a Higher Plane.   In accord with the Natural Laws of Consciousness and Creation, all growth and development is brought about through the balanced interaction of opposites.   With respect to the true statement: "Show me your strengths, and I'll show you your weaknesses", the opposite is also true: "Show me your weaknesses, and I'll show you your strengths".   There is a necessary relationship between the physical and the mental -- and there is an important reason why women are physically weaker than her male counterpart.   Only when we begin to understand that what is perceived as a weakness is in fact a manifest feminine strength on another level of mind and being, can we even begin to comprehend the true dynamics of the male and female reality within the Holographic Divine Pattern of Creation.  When rightly understood, the perceived physical weaknesses of woman in relationship to her male opposite, is actually manifest feminine strengths of mind that is necessary to achieve Wholeness and Completion.   On one level woman is weaker than her male counterpart, because on another level woman is stronger than her male opposite.   And the weaknesses of both genders are in accord with the Laws of Creation, necessary to manifest the strengths associated with each gender -- which are necessary for the process of interaction, growth and development. 

Self-Knowledge begins with the reality of our Soul or Higher-Self that is eternal, and has existed since the Alpha of Creation.  And anyone who does possess a degree of Soul-Knowledge, must understand that the Soul is a Being of Light (see ), and is the balance of the Divine Pattern of the polarities of male and female in Oneness (see The Trinitarian Cosmology Of Mind The Causal Factors Of Life ).  In the recognition that man and woman are half of each other -- and there is no such thing as a male-soul or a female-soul -- the wise man and woman understand that the Higher Knowledge of Self can only truly come to those who succeed to overcome their own Duality as manifest in this three-dimensional shadow-realm.   In the article entitled: Did Jesus Love The Woman At The Well? @ , the woman could not receive the Living Water because she had five men which inhibited her from having a Husband from a Soul and Spiritual perspective of reality.   

While in this physical world sex is seen as necessary for the propagation of the species, on the higher level of mind, sex is the means of connecting both polarities of mind that are divided across the spectrum of man and woman.   Science has only now confirmed the wisdom of the ancients who understood that when a man has sex with a woman, he connects to her with his DNA (see Never Have Sex With Someone You Don't Want To Become ) -- which DNA remains embedded in her, maintaining the connection between their minds until physical death.  In the same way that a fetus is formed from an embryo where the essence of the mother and father are physically joined, the exchange of DNA in sex is necessary to connect the minds of the two polarities of male and female.  Now, science has begun to demonstrate the ancient knowledge known as of telegony, as confirmed in the findings entitled : How Previous Sexual Partners Affect Offspring @ 
Sex is the catalyst through which men and women can overcome their duality of male and female.   The deposit of the male DNA into the woman, enables the thoughts of each to be directly exchanged between the two opposite polarities, which then enables the man and woman in a Divine Marriage Union to raise themselves up to a higher Soul-Plane.   Unless the thoughts and impressions of the male are raised up within the mind of the female, and then returned back to the male on a higher plane (see The Process Of Birth Within The Tree Of Life ), then the next subsequent stage of birth is inhibited, and in most cased cannot be brought about because of the man and woman's inability to achieve Wholeness (see Achieving Wholeness Of Self ).  

Within the spectrum of a Spiritual Marriage, the raising up of the physical offspring of the union can act as a catalyst to the growth and development of the mother and father.  In the three causes of blindness as presented in the Gospels (see The Three Causes Of Human Blindness ), blindness caused by the sin of the child's parents, has a negative effect not only on the children, but also on the Spiritual Union of mother and father.   And in the same way that in the Gospel account the woman could not receive the Living Waters because of the pollution of having many sexual partners that inhibits her from achieving Wholeness by having a Spiritual Husband, the Archons of our Franken-Culture who has brought an environment of recreational sex and attempted to redefine Marriage as nothing more than a sexual relationship,  has insured that men and women remain alienated from their Higher True-Self, and imposed upon mankind the shackles of spiritual ignorance.   To the woman who had been caught in adultery, Jesus said: "Go, and from now on do not sin anymore" (John 8:11).   Thus, those who engage in recreational sex hurt no one but themselves.  

The formula to achieve the next stage of birth had been preserved in the question posed to Jesus in the 22nd saying in the Gospel of Thomas which was removed from the canonical gospels: (22) "Shall we then, as children, enter the kingdom?"  To which question Jesus stated: "When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female;  then will you enter the kingdom" (see The Trinitarian Cosmology Of Mind ).  This union of opposites as portrayed in the requirements to enter the Kingdom: "...when you make the male and the female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female female",  requires Wholeness between the opposite polarities of man and woman (see The Restoral Of Adam And Eve ).
Why has the Archons of our modern culture alienated us from the necessary Self-Knowledge to fulfill the adage to Know Thyself, for much of the same reasons why the Archons of the Church has alienated the Christian world from the knowledge of how the Soul evolves over the course of many lifetimes (see The Original Sin Of The Church ).  And for those believers in the Original Gospel teachings, it is easily proven that the pagan world was not converted to the teachings of Jesus -- but rather, Jesus was converted to Mithraism (see The Emergence Of Mithraic Christianity ).  

While we can't wave a wand and undo the problems imposed upon us by our Franken-Culture, we can be consciously aware of the impact of our past, and we can provide our children with the necessary Soul-Knowledge to succeed in this life. 


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