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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Christians Reject The Truth And The Original Gospel Teachings

 Christians Reject The Truth And The Original Gospel Teachings

The statement in the meme is correct: The people don't want the original Gospel teachings -- and have declared the original authors heretics -- see The Law Of The Gospels

Quoting from Can I Get An Original Pure Copy Of The Scriptures

You can have a copy of not only the Original Gospels -- but also other highly spiritually pure scriptures, if you are willing to demand them from those who are keeping them from you. Gibbon writes in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: ”Constantine easily believed that the heretics, who presumed to dispute his opinions or to oppose his commands, were guilty of the most absurd and criminal obstinancy... Not a moment was lost in excluding the ministers and teachers of the separated congregations from any share of the rewards and immunities which the emperor had so liberally bestowed on the orthodox clergy. But as the sectaries might still exist under the cloud of royal disgrace, the conquest of the East was immediately followed by an edict which announced their total destruction”. Thus, in the same way that whoever did not embrace the religion of the emperor met with the sentence of death, whatever scriptures did not conform to the approved version, was immediately destroyed (see  ).

Biblical scholars basically told the people the truth with respect to the massive corruption of both the Church and the Gospels. But the truth was and remains unacceptable to the multitude of Churches. Quoting from Examination of Modern NT Text Criticism: "Where history records that true sacred text survived this assault and is preserved in the traditional text, Westcott and Hort counter that the whole church participated in a conspiracy to fabricate a blended (and therefore corrupted) text. Westcott and Hort must not have believed the traditional Christian church to be genuine, but a sham. This thesis is supported by the biographies of Westcott and Hort. When J. F. D. Maurice was accused of false doctrine, Westcott commented that Orthodox Christians are like a new Islam persecuting a revival of the true Christians."

Why can the adoption of the corrupted scriptures be portrayed as "...a conspiracy to fabricate a blended (and therefore corrupted) text"? Because the Roman Emperor Constantine orchestrated a massive adoption of Christianity as the Universal Religion of the Empire -- which brought about the massive conversion of Mithraic pagans into the Roman Church. Jesus was portrayed as the latest incarnation of the Mithraic sun-god that was born on December 25th -- which is when the sun begins to move northward from the southern hemisphere. Constantine took the most corrupt New Testament scriptures and further edited and corrupted them to make them support the dogma of Mithraism which represented the common beliefs of the people (see . The original Ebionite Nazirene disciples and followers of Jesus were condemned as heretics -- portrayed as "too Jewish" to understand the meaning of the Gospel -- i.e., “…rejected from one religion as apostates, and from the other as heretics” (Gibbon: Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, v.1, p.416). Further, the Spiritual (Gentile) Christians who understood the important purpose of the scriptures as a catalyst to develop the mind and enable the seeker/believer to begin to receive the Divine Manna of the Kingdom, were condemned as Gnostic heretics -- hunted down, their scriptures destroyed and those who did not embrace the religion of the emperor, were put to death. Resulting in the fact that the whole foundation of the modern Church which is based upon Original Sin, has been imported from the Mithraic based teachings of the Iranian prophet Mani, in order to explain and fill the great void that the Church suppression of important teachings on the pre-existent soul created (see The Folly Of Original Sin:  ). Thereby creating a pagan foundation to the Church that has rendered Christianity spiritually impotent. Further quoting from Examination of Modern NT Text Criticism: "Westcott and Hort must have believed that what historians recorded as a defense against heretics was in reality a suppression of the true church. They believed that what the historians recorded as heretically corrupted texts were closer to the true autographs." And this statement is true beyond the comprehension of the modern believer. The more pure the copy of the Gospels, the more offensive it was from the perspective of the dogma and religion of the emperor.

The Fate Of The Modern Believer:
To Whom Much is Given, Much Will Be Required (Luke 12:48) -- "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked". What this means is that those who call themselves Christians, will he held more accountable than those who are not Christians. They will be held more accountable for complacency with respect to seeking Higher Truth. And when proof of corruption has been presented to them, they will be held accountable for the error and corruption they embrace and promote., than the non-believer. With the corruption of the Gospels by the Church, seekers were confronted with great difficulty in their search for Higher Spiritual Truth. If the Gospel Teachings are the vehicle that opens the door to the Kingdom -- and the Kingdom is within us -- then the Church removed the wheels from the vehicle that transports the seeker into Life (see The Death Of The Gospels  ). To resolve this obstacle that the corruption of the Church placed in the path of sincere followers of Jesus, my Soul who in my previous life in the first Century authored the Core Original Gospel (see The Pre-Nicene Position Of The Church On Reincarnation ) , re-entered this world to restore the crucial suppressed teachings that were suppressed by the emperors who ruled over the Church of Rome. What this means is that in the below article on the Restoral of the Original Gospel Teachings, you can expect the wisdom of the Original Author that in addition to reestablishing the suppressed teachings, explains all the inconsistencies and enigmas that has confused and perplexed the sincere seeker since these sacred writings were created. Thus, with this restoration of the Original Gospel teachings, it can again be said: "If I had not come and spoken to them, they would have no sin, but now they have no excuse for their sin" (John 15:22). The proper translation of the biblical phrase: "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand", should more appropriately be translated: "Open and Unloose the Mind, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand". Which means that if you open your mind to the restored suppressed teachings herein, and you begin the process of unloosing your mind from the dogma of the man-made doctrines of pagan Rome (see The Emergence Of Mithraic Christianity  ), that you will be in a position to be taught directly from the One Teacher who Jesus commanded to seek out (see The One Teacher  ). And by putting on the required Wedding Garment, and coming to The Call (see TheCall To The Wedding Banquette  ), you will fulfill the statement: “My teaching is not My own, Jesus replied. It comes from Him who sent Me. If anyone desires to do His will, he will know whether My teaching is from God or whether I speak on My own.…" (John 7:16). What this means is that if you embrace and live in accord with the original Gospel teachings, picking up your own cross and travailing in TheWay that Jesus and the Original Gospel taught, that the Indwelling Logos/Son of God will reveal the Truth of all Truths to you -- i.e., "If you stick with this, living out what I tell you, you are my disciples for sure. Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you" (John 8:31-32 TheMessage). And if modern Christians continue to ignore the facts that the Hand of God has set before them, then they should expect the greater judgment than the unbelievers they judge as sinners. Who is the sinner? Those who continue to promote and preach the dogma of pagan Rome, instead of the Original Gospel Teachings (see  ).


Saturday, June 11, 2022

Who Really Wrote The Bible

Who Really Wrote The Bible?

With respect to who the author's of the scriptures were, only the most profoundly self-ignorant people would ask this question?  And while it it true that the texts were written by men, the most important part of the equation of authorship is that the scriptures were written by Spiritually Evolved Men -- often with the assistance of their Spiritually Mature Wives.  Which should provoke the question: Why were these men and woman more Spiritually Evolved.  AND, how did these men and women become advanced beyond the level of organic human consciousness?  The Answer: Because these Souls were serious seekers of the Ultimate Truth over the course of many lives.  But this would have been common knowledge, if a series of Roman Emperors had not suppressed the original Gospel teachings on the pre-existent Soul that evolves to Wholeness and Perfection over the course of many lives as explored atThe Pre-Nicene Position Of The Church On Reincarnation  .   And I state this fact based upon my own knowledge of not only my past lives wherein my Soul lived in biblical times, but also my wife's and many others who I have personally assisted in developing the ability to recall their own previous lives.  The author of the meme was evidently taught by teachers who were spiritually self-ignorant -- and their ignorance is reflected in his lack of understanding. 

One interesting witness to the above fact was the author and visionary Philip K. Dick who stated, based upon the recall of his own life as an original follower of the man Jesus: "Christ ...taught his followers how to enter the kingdom while still alive, where other mystery religions only bring about amnesis: knowledge of it at the 'other time' in 'the other realm,' not here. He causes it to come here, and is the living agency to the Sole Good God (i.e. the Logos)." All the Eastern religions and the Mystery religions such as the example of Mithraism, were all striving to see into man's higher soul and spiritual reality -- mostly through meditation and the like. In contradistinction, the Gospel teachings of Jesus taught about the Natural Laws -- the knowledge of which brought about the necessary Wholeness of Mind and Being that enabled the disciple to gain entrance into the Kingdom -- i.e., "...causes it to come here, and is the living agency to the Sole Good God (i.e. the Logos)."  But this body of self-knowledge was thrown away by the Emperors who ruled over the Church of Rome (see The Religion Of Roman Emperors  ).  Jesus taught others how to fulfill the Natural Laws within their own mind and body, which enabled others to advance.  But the Church condemned those who Jesus personally taught as heretics (see The Ebionite Heresy )

The self-ignorant author of the meme who knows nothing about the few who can be portrayed as Spiritually Advanced Souls, claims that the authors of the Bible wrote the scriptures in accord with the patriarchal culture in which they lived.  Yet, Spiritually advanced Souls have the ability to tap into the Source of all Truth and Knowledge that is within each of us.  And while it is true that they created allegorical writings -- wherein they concealed higher truths within the quasi-historical facade of the texts -- and they did this because the mind of organic (carnal) man can only relate to his very limited life-experiences.  Of the Old Testament, quoting the Zohar which is the source of Jewish Enlightenment: "Thus the tales related in the Torah are simply her outer garments, and woe to the man who regards that outer garb as the Torah itself, for such a man will be deprived of portion in the next world...".  And further from the Zohar: “The narratives of the doctrine are its cloak.   The simple look only on the garment, that is upon the narrative of the doctrine; more they know not.   The instructed, however, see not merely the cloak, but what the cloak covers”.    What this means is that the critique of the author of the meme, is a person of a simple mind that does not understand the true purpose and objective of the scriptures with respect to acquiring self-knowledge.  Basically, the literal text of the Old Testament is an allegorical portrayal of the Law of Karma -- with the portrayal of gods as the Natural Laws that are better explained in the Gospels when Jesus taught that: "As you do unto others, the same will be returned back upon you".    And when rightly understood, this is exactly how Souls advance over the course of many lives.    

The one thing that the author of the meme is correct about, is the massive corruption of the Gospels (see  ).  But myself, as a Spiritually Advanced Soul who authored the Core Gospel text, has restored the important teachings which the Church corrupted (see ) -- and has explained the workings of the Natural Laws which Jesus taught (see The Law Of The Gospels ) -- including the Laws that manifest the Feminine Spiritual Mystique (see The Real Facts Of Life You Were Never Told About   ) -- and restored the body of esoteric knowledge that is the secret to fulfilling and overcoming all the Laws from a scientific perspective, to all of Creation (see The Enigma Of The Law Of Octaves  ).  And it is in these esoteric Natural Laws that modern science is only now in the process of discovering (see The Scientific Revolution  ).  Which means that the author of the meme is wrong about everything -- and is the product of the abject self-ignorance of his teachers.