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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Best Friends -- Helping Others To Do Right!

In listening intently to Bill O'Reilly's guest from Best Friends (see ), who spoke of the impact that their group is having on helping young girls to prevail over the present-day struggle against our culture of immorality and spiritual ignorance, the whole conundrum of our sexually driven culture was brought to light. And the harsh reality that was presented brings to mind the little heard of group appropriately called NeW (Network of enlightened Women @ ), which is also actively assisting young women not to be seduced by the jackals in our culture of moral abandonment. Elayne Bennett, who was Bill O'Reilly's guest, noted that their opposition often confronts them with the position that the abstention which Best Friends promotes, is religiously oriented, and therefore should not be presented in the public schools and the secular cultural marketplace. And if we were to intelligently examine this position, we would have to conclude that it is those who oppose such groups as Best Friends that are steeped in ignorance and fossilized rhetorical dogma that is founded upon the dark layers of man's most profound superstition and denial of fact.

While it is true that religious people can be ignorant, this fact does not in any manner negate the fact that that secular progressives can also be ignorant -- and while it is human reality that there are ignorant people on both sides of any equation, what is truly important is the facts which is difficult for most people to express. The problem is that the masses rely upon leaders who must often censor information and facts, in order to further their own ideological agenda. And in speaking of facts, while in the past there may have been a conflict between science and religion, those who are aware of the present-day facts, understand that this war has not only been halted -- but that the two sides have begun to understand that the two paths have come together, and they have discovered a commonality that has brought the two long time enemies under the same roof -- as friends in support of each other. Yet, both religious and atheist/secular politicians have thus far refused to re-evaluate their long-held dogmatic folly, in order to maintain control over large numbers of unenlightened people who remain blissfully ignorant of reality.

While women such as Elayne Bennett of Best Friends, and the young college women of NeW support what they intuitively know to be the truth, the time has come where rational thinking men must begin to examine the facts. The article Science Proves Religion (see ) demonstrates that the alleged conflict between science and religion is a thing of man's dark ignorant past -- relegated to healing by blood-letting, and killing cats because they are the devil's agents. Yet, even in this time of greater enlightenment, the facts remain concealed because reality offends ideologues on both sides of the equation who perpetuate a lie in order to promote their own sectarian and secular agenda. So, ignorance will continue to prevail, so long as intelligent men continue to ignore the facts, and permit the truth to remain concealed from the average person who only knows what the ideologues promote.

Once you begin to understand the facts that modern quantum science has brought forth, you are forced to re-examine the esoteric reality of marriage -- or more importantly, the reality of the Divine Marriage ( ) that few people today understand the dynamics of. Why is promiscuity condemned in the Bible? Are there physical, mental and spiritual ramifications resulting from promiscuity? What are they? Was Jesus just being too conservative when he told the woman at the well that she could not receive the Living Waters without her husband -- and she couldn't have a husband because of the five men she had sex with? Again, what are the physical, mental and spiritual ramifications of a promiscuous sex life? While it was impossible to prove these ramifications with the science in the time of Jesus, this is no longer the case today where science has demonstrated why Jesus took this position. But as long as we continue to dwell in a state of suspended reason ruled over by sectarian and secular ideologues with a personal agenda, we will continue to remain oblivious to the facts.

The Great Truths of the Bible were never intended to be philosophically believed -- but rather, to be proven by actively using them as a catalyst to connect with the Divine within each of us. And perhaps one of the greatest sins of our modern culture, is seen in the fact that it seduces young girls into a mindset and lifestyle, that denies the young child even the opportunity to know the Truth as they evolve to an age where they begin to see and think with maturity (see ). In the Divine Pattern of Creation, man and woman represent divided alternate realties that when brought together on a threefold level, possess the innate power to transcend the organic limitations of this natural world -- and the sexual exchange is merely the catalyst that permits this transformative process to begin (see ). Yet, in a total rejection of the wisdom of both modern science and the greatest spiritual visionaries throughout the history of mankind, young girls are seduced into a mindset and lifestyle that denies them the very essence of their true feminine potential. The time has come for men of a rational mind to come together -- examine the facts -- and support women and groups such as Best Friends and NeW.

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus