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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Children Of Caesar

Shalom Dr. Voddie Baucham:

Having come across your DVD series The Children Of Caesar, what you fail to recognize is the fact that the reality of enslavement that Christians have immersed themselves in, is far graver than even they could conceive. If one of the primary tenets of the Golden Rule, is to do unto others as you would have them do to you, then not only are the parents not Right with God, but the Church itself is an Apostate to TheWay and teachings of Jesus. "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and not do the things I say?" This is the primary question that even determines the validity of belief. Doing a search of the Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus Blog for homeschool, presents us with two entries on the failure of the Complacent Church (see ). And in a recent letter to Bruce Shortt (see Letter), who is himself a Baptist clergy, I present the fact that because the Christian Church as a whole has abandoned the core essential principles of the teachings of Jesus, they presently dwell in a Spiritual Diaspora (see Diaspora). Which means that a soul such as yourself -- a black pastor -- has a threefold cross to bear.

Let me explain: As the New Testament makes note of, all of life is a test. As the Bible openly states, the tests of life are preordained. In the same way that the faith of Abraham was tested to see if he would follow through in carrying out God's Words, so too are Christian's tested. And as presented in the above links, the most important aspect of doing unto others, is in providing the opportunity to live in accord with God's Word, by virtue of the environment you rear the souls who were placed in your care as children. And a people who are willing to sacrifice their children upon the altar of cultural immorality and ungodliness, as is being done today by Christians who readily hand over their children to be raised by Caesar, are simply not worthy to even be counted as a believer. Using the Bible, it is simply to demonstrate that (1) modern Christians hold Jesus in contempt (see Contempt); (2) that the source of their apostasy is an adherence to the faith apart from actions theology of Martin Luther (see Luther) who taught against the teachings of Jesus and TheWay; (3) and that what few Christians are even cognizant of, is the fact that the Bible states that the fate of the unworthy complacent believer, is in fact worse than the unbelievers (see Complacent).

Your second cross to bear is seen in the fact that you have been predestined to be a shepherd of the Christians while they dwell in this Spiritual Diaspora (see Diaspora) that has hardened their hearts and minds from the higher reality of the soul and the Mysteries of the Kingdom -- which means that the knowledge that you are permitted to possess as their shepherd, has itself been limited. In the article entitled the Abysmal Pursuit Of God By The Letter that Killeth, it is demonstrated that Paul was barred from even sharing the knowledge of the Kingdom from the greater body of believers who were too carnal to comprehend the higher Mysteries of God. As a shepherd of the flock of unfaithful believers who presently dwell in a Spiritual Diaspora, much knowledge and wisdom has been denied you, so that you are better able to fulfill your role as a pastor to the Apostate Church who sacrifices their children to Caesar. In the same way that a servant is not as the master, you have yourself been denied much knowledge, so that you would be a more effective servant. If you knew the Mysteries of the Kingdom that Paul warned that the believers of the simple faith would condemn as "foolishness", then you would no longer be able to fulfill the role of meeting the people where they presently are at -- and sounding out a warning that for the most part they ignore.

Your third cross to bear is that of a black clergy attempting to warn primarily black believers, that their own mindset and lifestyle is the cause of their present enslavement. This reality is perhaps best portrayed by Star Parker in her book on the reality of Uncle Sam's Plantation, and how government enslaves the people. And the true reality of the spiritual debacle is seen in the fact that, to change the course of their enslavement, all African-Americans have to do, is do nothing -- and they will very quickly gain some semblance of control over their lives. At present the primary obstacle to school choice, is from the Democrat Party who is also in bed with the very powerful Teachers Union. Which means that the majority of Democrat politicians must oppose such things as school choice. And since the Democrat Party can't win an election without the African-American vote, if this vote is withheld, then the politicians would very quickly institute school choice. They would be forced to choose from the support of the Teachers Union, or actually begin to do what is in the best interests of the children.

The higher realities and the Will of God is not easy for organic mankind to understand. In your case, because you were preordained to be a shepherd to the black congregation, your life had to prepare you to fulfill this role. In a similar vein, Bill Cosby had to arise to an influential position, before he could come to his senses, and begin to convey to a very enslaved people the truth that few want to even hear. In much the same way, most of your life has been to support your role of warning the people about the shackles that enslave them. Which means that because of their unfaithfulness and dereliction to many of the core teachings of Jesus and TheWay, you had to be inhibited from knowing the Mysteries of the Kingdom, in order to be a voice that they will at least listen to. And their lives, and the conditions of the lives they live, cannot change, until they desire with all their hearts and minds to provide their children the opportunity of entering into Life. In a reply to Jill Stanek who authored an article entitled Why Jesus would not vote for Barack Obama, I answered her from the perspective of the cultural holocaust of the children which not only murders them in the womb, but also in government schools. The Bible warns that it would be better for a person who offends one of the "little ones", to have a millstone tied around their neck, and they be cast into the sea -- and thus, this remains true for all those who abort the life of their children by sacrificing them on the godless altar of our secularized government schools. And while they will not listen to me -- as one who full well knows their fate -- which as the Bible warns, will be far worse than even the unbelievers (see Complacent) -- as one of their shepherds, your warning is meager in comparison to the fate that awaits their apathetic unfaithfulness. As it states, fear not he who can kill the body -- but rather, fear he who can cast both the body and the soul into the fires of hell. And those who willingly hand their children over to Caesar to imbue with the thinking and mindset of this world, are simply not worthy to inherit Life.

Brother Of Yeshua