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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Bible Curse - A Letter To Bill O'Reilly

When a people are given a gift from the Hand of God, and they viciously turn upon those who God chose to provide that gift, then the gift itself becomes a curse upon the people, until they repent of their evil. Paul warned the Gentile converts to "be afraid"! Yet, by ignoring what Paul portrayed as arrogance (see Pure Scriptures), the warning of absolute spiritual disenfranchisement has come upon the Church -- and remains as a curse upon believers even to this very day (see The Spiritual Diaspora). And in the same way that the Hand of God has deprived the Jews of the Jerusalem Temple, this curse that Paul warned the believers about, is upon the Christian world, every time they open their Bibles.

Bill O'Reilly had Don Piper as a guest on the Factor (see Factor). Prior to this, Don Piper had been featured on Hannity's America as proof of life after death. And as detailed in his book, 90 Minutes In Heaven, Don Piper tells the account of when he was dead for 90 minutes, and what he experienced in what he views as heaven -- before being sent back into the body. And while much of what Don has to say is typical of what has come to be known as the Near Death Experience (NDE), this knowledge that has been brought back by countless people who have died and been resuscitated, is limited by The Bible Curse that Christians brought upon themselves when they murdered the very people who were chosen by God to provide the Gentile converts with the scriptures they use today (see The Death Of The Religion of Jesus).

Bill O'Reilly's follow up guest should be perhaps even more thought provoking than Don Piper. Dr. Patrick Swift is the author of the book, One Mountain, Many Paths: Common Sense For The Spiritual Traveler, which was a book detailing the common faiths of man, and was written in response to the Sept. 11th tragedy. And while Dr. Swift, a psychologist, is a sincere intellectual and academic, he is not himself a mystic -- i.e., he did not learn the language of the mystics who authored the scriptures from the Essene Ebionite sources -- and in not possessing the Key of Knowledge, he is unable to provide his readers with the answer to the dilemma that confronts all of mankind today. In fact, it was Bill O'Reilly who pointed this out when he interviewed Dr. Swift. From a Christian perspective, salvation is only through Christ -- while from a Muslim perspective, it is necessary to follow the teachings of Allah in the Qur'an, and acknowledge Mohammed as the true prophet. Which means that either one or both of these religions are misrepresenting the Will of God, or those who are attempting to interpret these mystical spiritual writings lack what Jesus called the Key of Knowledge -- and thus, like the Pharisees before them, have come to the wrong doctrinal conclusions -- doctrinal conclusions that are threatening world peace today. In Dr. Swift's analysis, while Judaism has no formal position on life after death, not only is Christianity and Islam in conflict with each other, but they are found in opposition to the experiences of most people who have an NDE -- and this fact is documented in the article The Christian Dilemma. And while Don Piper has interpreted his NDE from a purely Christian perspective, we must ask the question: Is what he experienced any more valid than the countless people who have arrived at totally different conclusions with respect to their own Near Death Experiences? And if ordinary people are to accept the validity of these Near Death Experiences, are they too supposed to just choose what they want to believe, and simply disregard what does not conform to their predisposed opinions. In fact, this is exactly what the Atheists and skeptics do who attempt to dismiss the NDE as the illusions of an oxygen starved brain. Yet, no one who is an influential leader today, has even begun to broach the reality of whether it is necessary to physically die, to enter the presence and learn directly from what many who have an NDE describe as The Being of Light.

What if the essence of the problem is seen in the fact that St. Paul was correct, and it is impossible for men of an organic mind to understand the true meaning of the scriptures (see Death By The Letter That Killeth) by simply attempting to read the text as if it were a history book??? Prior to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Essenes were viewed as Jewish heretics who had embraced mysticism, reincarnation and Persian Dualism (see Article). When it was later realized that the scriptures, and especially the New Testament, sprung from the Essene Foundation, the historical record was very quickly rewritten. Yet, the facts that have continued to be ignored, is that the original disciples, family and followers of Jesus were all Ebionites, who like the Essenes, were also condemned as heretics. And there is an Ebionite foundation to Islam that has caused it to oppose what it calls the corruption of Roman Christianity.

Why is this Ebionite Nazirene connection of the utmost importance in understanding such things as the Near Death Experience and the conflict of religious sectarianism? Because most people are not only ignoring the facts that have been presented to them on the basis of a predefined position based upon one's acceptance or rejection of the various scriptures derived from Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but all the destructive conflicts in the world today have been brought about by this same causal dilemma that has continued throughout history to spiritually disenfranchised most of mankind, and is the cause of global conflict today. And the positions of Bill O'Reilly's guests are a prime example of the grave error that alienates man not only from a more enlightened understanding of the life he is presently living, but also Creator-God and what awaits him after he passes from this life.

Contrary to what Christians have been led to believe by their religious politicians who have used fire and brimstone to lead the people, Jesus did not condemn the Jews because they did not believe he was the Messiah -- but rather, because they threw away what he called the Key of Knowledge, and led the people in the wrong direction (see ). And while the Key of Knowledge was possessed by many among the Essenes who Jesus portrayed as being Whole, and not in need of a physician, it was the very carnal interpretations of the scriptures on the part of the Pharisees that caused them to be portrayed as the blind leading the blind. And while the Key of Knowledge was passed on to the Ebionite Nazirene Disciples of Jesus, the Gentile Christians who called themselves Orthodox, merely became latter day Pharisees in the manner that they interpreted the scriptures. Because the Roman Church had adopted Pagan doctrines of belief (see The Christian Judas), corrupted the Bible in order to make it support the very Pagan doctrines of Rome (see ), declared Jesus to be God when it can be proven that this position was not supported by the original scriptures (see ), they then brought the very curse of the Bible upon themselves that St. Paul warned them to "be afraid" of, when the Church in typical holocaust fashion silenced all opposition by hunting down and murdering the Ebionite Nazirenes, as well as the Spiritual Christians who were called Gnostic (see The Death Of The Religion Of Jesus). In fact, under the subheading of The Necessity of Islam in the article at , it is demonstrated that Islam came into existence in order to counterbalance the counterfeit Church of Pagan Rome that had, like the Pharisees, thrown away the Key of Knowledge. Yet, the same corrupting political forces that attacked both Judaism and Christianity, also corrupted Islam when it threw away the Key of Knowledge, and corrupted the Qur'an (see Satanic Verses).

While Bill O'Reilly claims to be the No Spin Zone, it is plain to see that he will interview people such as Don Piper who has put a Christian spin on the NDE without challenging what has been stated, and Dr. Patrick Swift who attempts to ignore what he chooses not to acknowledge and confront. While Don Piper maintains that only Christians go to Heaven, countless others who have had NDE's have all disputed this sectarian position which is based upon a biblical interpretation where the Key of Knowledge was discarded. And while Bill O'Reilly will interview politically safe guests such as Dr. Swift -- who though he means well, only adds to the confusion as to why the NDE's of most people conflict with the traditional religious doctrines (see The Christian Dilemma ) -- Bill O'Reilly never gets to the seat of the dilemma that confronts the world today, because he fails to challenge the religious spin that is presented on his Factor program. Meanwhile, both the traditional religions, as well as their Atheist and Secular Progressive critics, as well as most of the very liberal New Age, all fear the truth -- and simply refuse to acknowledge the facts. What do they fear? The fact that there is a great void in their understanding that undermines the very dogmatic foundations of their beliefs about life, themselves, and God. And while Bill O'Reilly is sincere, in ignoring these facts, he is permitting the people to literally drown in the spin that the secular progressives and traditional religious authorities continue to promulgate, in order to control the thinking of the people.

In the words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan: "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." And all the confusion and conflict in the world is due to the fact that men attempt to write history their way, and manufacture the facts in order to support their sectarian and philosophical opinions. If there is a vast conspiracy that is common to both the right and left, fundamentalist conservatives and liberals, then it is the common conspiracy not only in opposition to the truth, but the attempt to support their opinions by rewriting history and manufacturing facts which support their theological and philosophical doctrines of belief. In throwing away what Jesus called the Key of Knowledge -- and silencing those who possessed it, while rewriting history to portray them as heretics -- the religions of man have all led the lost prodigal sons and daughters in the wrong direction. If those who presently lead the people down the path of conflict, because of the prevailing spiritual ignorance brought about by the fact that their sectarian predecessors threw away the Key of Knowledge that Jesus and others came to give to mankind -- actually possessed the Key of Knowledge which unlocks the true meaning of the scriptures and all of life itself -- then they would understand that it is not necessary to physically die to come into the presence of what has been called the Being of Light (see ) -- and the source of conflict among religions is the common doctrinal alienation among believers which has inhibited them from being taught by what Jesus and his Ebionite Nazirene disciples called the True Prophet (see True Prophet). And as long as people such as Bill O'Reilly let pseudo-authorities who do not possess the Key of Knowledge, continue to spin their doctrinal based propaganda on his program, then the people will continue to remain engulfed under the cloud of unknowing, and the present worldwide conflict which is being fueled by sectarian and philosophical ignorance, will continue to escalate.

Thus, the question I present to Bill O'Reilly: How long will you permit your guests to spin their sectarian and philosophical rhetoric, and attempt to create their own facts which support their doctrines of belief?

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus