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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Will Islam Save Christianity From The Dung-Heap?

While they call themselves liberals, they not only promote censorship, but in every thing they do, they attempt to suppress the First Amendment Freedom of Religion. Liberal has come to mean that they reject all moral and spiritual standards -- as demonstrated by the two Democrat Governors of New York. And in California, the most liberal state of the Union, the judges who legislate from the bench are leading the secular progressive attempt to outlaw HomeSchooling (see Articles). Why? Liberal has come to embody the modern secularized definition of religion -- which, other than lip service when needed to motivate people who are seen as overly superstitious, the liberals are those who have attempted to ban genuine religion from the cultural arena, and relegate the very belief in God to the philosophical closet. Spiritual impostors such as the Rev. Jim Wallis who attempts to promote Carl Marx in religious sheep's attire (see Why The Right Gets It Wrong, And The Left Doesn't Get It) -- strive to convince gullible wannabe socialists that the whole of Jesus' teachings were focused on government programs to care for the poor. And as demonstrated in the foregoing article, the un-liberal left is actually supported by those who are portrayed as the Religious Right, who continue to promote the doctrines of Pagan Rome, while suppressing the original teachings of Jesus known as TheWay. And while it is easily proven using the Bible that the original Ebionite Nazirene Disciples of Jesus who physically walked and talked with him were correct (see Ebionite), and Jesus was not God as believed by the Romans who were too heathen to understand the spiritual nature of these teachings (see ), the doctrines of Martin Luther (see Luther) have so spiritually castrated Christians, and made them complacent (see The Judgment Of The Lukewarm Believer), that the Church as a whole has been cast into a Spiritual Diaspora (see Diaspora).

Relying upon the Secular Progressive's definition of religion, California Appeals Court Judge H. Walt Croskey basically outlawed HomeSchooling in the state (see Articles). And as presented in the recent article by WorldNetDaily entitled Teachers Union To Decide Fate Of HomeSchooling (see also Copy of Article), because Judge Croskey has come under fire for his decision, he has enlisted the aid of other Secular Progressives to rehear the matter. But what is the real matter? What few people realize, is the fact that what is actually on trial, is the authenticity of the Church itself. Christians who observe the command to teach their children to live in TheWay, have been ordered to sacrifice their children on the altar of secular ordained hedonist immorality and carnal excess! Which has invoked the question that has been set before them: Is the modern Church version of Christianity a religion? Or a philosophy? And that is the only real question that has been set before the court of Judge Croskey. In a previous article entitled California Bans First Amendment, I explore the fundamental differences that sets religion apart from philosophy -- and because of the manmade doctrines of the Church, it is demonstrated that modern Christianity is little more than a philosophy which is operating under the guise of religion. And while it can easily be demonstrated that the Qur'an was corrupted (see Satanic Verses), which is also true of the Christian Bible (see ), because Islam still holds to the Ebionite foundational teaching that Jesus was a man, and not God (see The (Spiritual) Necessity Of Islam), Muslims have no excuse to do as the Roman's do, when in Rome.

While it is easy to prove that the Jesus-god of Pagan Rome has no biblical basis in fact (see ), in the name of the Jesus of Constantine, Christians readily hand their children over to be sacrificed by the gods of the Secular Progressive Liberals, who indoctrinate them into a lifestyle that crucifies Messiah/Christ daily. While it is true that radical Islam is diabolical, it is also true that Muslims preserve the mindset and teachings that it is important to keep and observe the Commandments. Which means that if Secular Progressive Liberals continue in their attempt to redefine both religion, and the First Amendment, then they will be on a collision course with Islam which understands that the essence of one's religion is the mindset, thinking and lifestyle of the believers -- and it is this lifestyle that has nothing in common with what is taught in government institutionalized schools, that is the essence of the Constitutional mandate inhibiting government from imposing itself on the practice of religion. Therefore, the question that has been raised, will Islam hold true to it's spiritual core and essence, and demonstrate to Christians that the practice of one's religion, begins with the living of the Commandments -- and the Commandments have no place in the mindset and lifestyle promoted in the nations government institutionalized schools.

Brother Of Yeshua

Monday, March 24, 2008

Anti-Islamic Dutch Film

Below you will find a letter to FoxNew's America's New Room program which covered the story on the suppression of the Anti-Islamic Dutch Film. And while Fox News is far too Conservative to present anything that I have ever written -- and is prone to UnBalanced news due to censorship. To the degree that Fox News will totally ignore the Spiritual-Gnostic element of all religious equations of the stories they present, and this can be demonstrated by searching this Blog for Fox News. But because of the ramifications to all people who are made victims to this censorship, I am publishing the letter on the Blog so that everyone understands what is at stake

Consider This: As portrayed on the Divine Strategery web site ( ), Creator-God does not want you to know the Truth, unless you have earned the right to know the Truth. And from the perspective of this world as God's School House for His prodigal sons and daughters -- where they continually inherit the fruit of their own actions, until which time they do what is right, instead of cultural or convenient -- then the issue of both the censorship of this film, as well as the Satanic Verses that have been written into the Qur'an (see Satanic Verses), is of a primary importance for everyone to know about. Contrary to popular opinion, in their original form, there was no difference between the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (see ) -- and all three religions have the same spiritual objectives in common. And as presented, it is within the innate ability for any member of the three religions to prove the Truth -- in contradistinction to blind faith in the doctrines of men -- which means that all the present conflict in the world today, is solely because of the folly of mankind -- his spiritual complacency -- and his willingness to do what is convenient, rather than what is right!!! And since it is within the innate ability of each person to prove the Truth, then each and every person is responsible to the Truth. And blind belief in the doctrines of men, is merely the sin of organized institutionalized religion to assert authority over the hearts and minds of others.

The Letter:

Greetings Bill Hemmer & Megyn Kelly:
With respect to your news coverage of the Anti-Islamic Dutch film (see ) -- which story was also picked up by the Kansas City Star (see ) -- and the International Herald Tribune (see ).
The real story should be covered from the perspective of the Brother Of Yeshua Blog entry entitled: Change The World - Tell The Truth About Islam (see ). In this article you will find the Qur'an quoted directly -- and from a spiritual perspective, it represents an abomination. In the same way that it can be proven that the Bible was corrupted by the Church (see ), the above Blog article presents the fact that the Qur'an was corrupted in the same manner.
From a religious perspective, it is sacrilegious to permit Islam to promote the doctrine which has been written into the Qur'an that God desires unbelievers to be slain. This is not only sinful -- but is sinful to even remain silent on such a misrepresentation of the Truth. In the Bible there are certain sins that are portrayed as being unforgivable -- and this is one of them. Those who are complacent to evil, are acting in concert with that evil -- or, in the words of Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
After undergoing the process of corruption, those who fail to kill the unbelievers, are themselves apostates to the Qur'an. This is demonstrated in the following verses: "Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Surah 2:190-) "Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dislike it." (Surah 2:216) "Seek out your enemies relentlessly." (Surah 4:103-) "...make war on the leaders of unbelief...Make war on them: God will chastise them at your hands and humble them. He will grant you victory over them..." (Surah 9:12-) "It is He who has sent forth His apostle with guidance and the true Faith [Islam] to make it triumphant over all religions, however much the idolaters [non-Muslims] may dislike it." (Surah 9:31-) "If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men." (Surah 9:37-).
Not to actively oppose such a misrepresentation of the Will of God, will bring judgment to one's self.
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Brother of Yeshua/Jesus

cc: Kansas City Star

International Herald Tribune

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Enslavement Of Black Liberation Theology

How long will Americans continue to embrace the Culture of Ignorance? Perhaps more than anything else, the Barack Obama campaign for president has brought to light the total disconnect with reality that permeates our cultural thinking -- a mindset that continues to enslave the unknowing. Using the recent Blog entry entitled Geraldo Rivera and the Laws We Live Under as a springboard, it is an undeniable fact that not only are all events in this realm brought about by initiating causes in the (Etheric) Field that surrounds all matter, but also the fact that the events we are presently experiencing, is the result of past actions and events -- giving new meaning to the saying that: He who is ignorant of the lessons of history, is destined to relive it. Further, that each person inherits the fruit of their own ways, is a reality that Christians fail to understand, because they have adopted the doctrines of a circus prostitute (see 10 Reasons Christians Reject The Pre-Existence of the Soul), and they possess absolutely no understanding of the teaching on the prison like reality that Jesus presented (see Prison). Speaking of the reality of this mental and spiritual prison that is often portrayed as the "outer darkness" of mind and being (see Outer Darkness), Jesus warned: “Thou shalt by no means come out from there, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing” (Mat 5:26). And what this means is that a person or peoples will become stuck in a loop, maintained by the Laws of Action and ReAction -- Cause and Effect -- until they repent, change and make restitution for their ways that caused them to be cast into this spiritual prison. And this reality is the embodiment of the words: "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap" (Gal 6:7 NKJ).

Perhaps a prime example of this prison reality is seen in the case of the pastor of Barack Obama who preaches racial hatred and anti-Americanism (see ). And, as has been pointed out, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as well as black congregations across the United States has ascribed to the theology of men such as James Cone whose doctrines parallel that of radical Islam. Quoting the article: James Cone, who regard Jesus Christ as a "black messiah" and blacks as "the chosen people" who will only accept a god who assists their aim of destroying the "white enemy." "If God is not for us and against white people," writes Cone, "then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community."

In order to help these hate filled men and women, the most important question is: How did the thinking of these men get this way? In past lives, most of them were the very white slave owners that they hold the white race accountable for today. Thus, they not only became the race that they oppressed, but in the same way that as whites, they abused blacks, as blacks, they hate the white race. Further, their hatred of everything American, is the result of their being the very Confederate forces that opposed the Union with the same vehemence, that we can see in the words of men such as Jeremiah Wright today. Because they exploited blacks, they were born into this present life as African-Americans -- the very form of the people they oppressed and hated in the past. And because they fail to redeem themselves as blacks in the present -- blaming others for the conditions of their birth -- they will continue to switch back and forth from life to life, as aggressor and oppressed, until they see and redeem the error of their ways. And if the Rev. Wright had anything in common with the teachings of Jesus who taught to pray for those who persecute you -- never returning evil for evil -- forgiving those who would be indebted to you -- they would be preaching forgiveness instead of the doctrine of racial hatred. Once properly understood in light of the genuine teachings of Jesus, what the Sermon on the Mount basically is, is a means for those imprisoned, to get out of their self-imposed jail that is maintained by the Laws "...till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing” (Mat 5:26). But to release yourself from the Laws that imprison you, you must once again re-enter the vibration of mind and reality that caused your imprisonment. If you are a thief, then you must see the error of your ways when you are either a thief, or the victim of a thief when you pray for the soul of a thief. If you are a whore, a homosexual, a rapist, a murderer, or what ever in life is your cause of imprisonment, then you can only free yourself when you are in one of the positive or negative cycles that hold you in the loop of Action/Reaction, Cause and Effect. Instead of preaching the hatred of homosexuals, the Rev. Phelps (see ) should be praying for their redemption from the shackles that has caused these people to be born a homosexual. And in the same way that the Rev. Wright was in all likelihood a white slave owner in the past, the Rev. Phelps was a homosexual. And because they have both rejected the Wisdom of the teachings of Jesus which they claim to represent, each will again become what they persecute.

Using a rapist as an example: A rapist, will continue to loop in the positive and negative cycles of rapist and victim -- from life to life -- until which time the rapist sees the error of his ways as a rapist, or prays and forgives a rapist as a victim of rape. And this is true of all the conditions of life that most people despise. In the above case of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his failure to repent from his own past as a white slave owner -- and the fact in the present, he blames the white race for his own evil that he perpetrated in his more distant past -- his rejection of the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount will continue to hold him in the karmic loop maintained by the Laws. Further, many of the congregation of believers who are praising his gospel of hatred that the Rev. Wright and others presently preach, were the very Confederate soldiers who opposed and fought the Union armies. What this means is that what today is known as Black Liberation Theology, will continue to enslave these souls in the future, until they begin to embrace the spiritual concepts of the Sermon on the Mount, and free themselves from the shackles of ignorance.

Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Geraldo Rivera and the Laws We Live Under

Shalom Geraldo Rivera:
While watching your FoxNews show this weekend, you and your guests were amused when you portrayed many religious leaders as kooks, because they blamed catastrophic events on Acts of God. And while they are not exactly right, neither are they exactly wrong -- and if you understood the Laws that move all events in this world, then you would perhaps understand the wisdom in what they are attempting to state.
Quoting my article on my opposition to the New York Seat Belt Law: When science makes a discovery that proves many of man's previous ideas in error, how long does it take before he is able to cast away his previous ignorance -- let go of the anchor of the past -- and move onward to a new and more enlightened horizon? Do we continue to promote superstition and folklore, because many people are comforted by the thinking of the past? If science discovers a means to teletransport people from one city to the next, do we continue to use cars, trains and airplanes because that is what we have done for a long time? While on the surface this issue may appear to be about seatbelts, but that opinion is only embraced by the uninformed. And if science was to break the code of molecular decomposition that would be necessary to instantly teleport a person from one city to the next, would there be a stumbling block in our courts because the molecules would be exceeding the speed limit of our interstate highway system? This is the nature of the question that has been set before our courts today. (see )
As presented throughout the article, there is no such thing as an accident -- and every event that transpires in this realm, has a pre-existent cause -- and while this fact which has been attested to by religious visionaries and proven by modern Quantum Physicists, our cultural mainstream remains totally ignorant of the facts. Instead of learning to train the mind to anticipate the events that are brought about by the Laws, they are busy peddling snake oil solutions to disasters which their own blindness permitted to befall those who put blind faith in their judgments. That is not to say that the faith-based ramblings of many religious doomsday prophets is correct in the cause they are proclaiming, but neither are they completely wrong. In looking at the catastrophic events from their doctrinal perspective, they tend to see a very lopsided picture. Only when they come to understand why the Laws wreck havoc in the lives of the people who they would portray as good, would they be able to begin to put forth a more enlightened picture of man's reality. But like a broken clock that is right at least two times a day, they are not entirely wrong -- and those who laugh at their rantings, are often the more gullable victims of what they don't understand.
Take for example my opposition to the Seat Belt Laws ( ). At first glance, the uninformed naive reader (religious and unbeliever) would immediately conclude that such a concept as a religious objection would be utter lunacy. When in realty, it is their own blindness to the Laws that bring all events into man's existence -- Laws that are witnessed to by spiritual visionaries, and attested to by modern science -- that the critics are totally ignorant of. And a truly insightful person would realize that what is presented from a seatbelt perspective, is merely an example of the grave flaw in our cultural thinking that caused William A. Tiller, Materials Sciences Department, Stanford University to write: “The present scientific establishment has grown somewhat fossilized by its current world picture and is locked into a view of reality that has outlived its usefulness. It has begun to limit mankind’s growth and has so increased its sense of specialization, separateness, materiality, and mechanical computer-like functioning that it is in real danger of self-extermination”. So while the issue of the seatbelt will not in and of itself lead us down the path of a "...real danger of self-extermination”, it is a tell tale sign of an underlying cultural mindset disease that if ignored, will bring about our own hardships and in some cases, our demise. Like a symptom that a doctor relies upon to diagnose a greater life-threatening disease, the seatbelt mentality is an indicator of our own inability to understand the Laws that control every aspect of the lives that we live. So the real question then becomes: how long do we play the ostrich that attempts to hide their heads in the narrow confines of our cultural mindset, while ignoring the ever looming threat that our ignorance has brought upon us?
I am going to enter the above in the Brother Of Yeshua Blog at
GodSpeed in TheWay
Brother of Yeshua/Jesus

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

California Bans First Amendment!!!

In their ruling against Homeschooling (see Spiritual Christianity Outlawed), what the California Judiciary has in actuality done is throw out the First Amendment, and ban the practice of religion. How can I make such a statement, you ask? How can the recent Court of Appeals ruling be portrayed in this manner which many will see as a radical statement on my part? The heart of the matter is seen in the fact that the Church has permitted the state to define religion, which secular progressives have confused with philosophy. And before we can even begin to understand the above statements, we must first understand the difference between religion and philosophy -- especially when philosophy is hiding under the cloak of a pseudo-religion. And it all goes back to the statement in the Epistle of James that "faith apart from actions, is dead"! Why did the Epistle of James directly oppose the salvation of faith as expressed by Paul? Because the faith expressed by Paul, was misinterpreted by carnal believers. The religion of Paul was spiritual, and he was making reference to Gnostic faith (see The Gnostic Paul). And what Paul was in fact opposing, was the rituals of the carnal Jews who failed to understand the spiritual reality of what has been portrayed as the Final Temple that Jesus taught (see Final Temple).

One of the essential elements of the New Covenant teachings of Jesus that is not understood today, is a total rejection of teachers or religious authorities (see The True Prophet). Those who teach, are under the greatly flawed misconception that the mind is empty, and it needs to be filled up by learning the wisdom of men. This paradigm of the mind is actually in reverse of the truth. When you teach a child, you rob them of the opportunity of learning. Often, a true spiritual elder will instruct a student, by asking them questions -- forcing them to both think, and explore what they know and think they know -- connecting to the Inner Source of Knowledge/Gnosis that each person has within their own mind and being. And therefore, you can use the mind either to store data like a programmed computer disk, or you can develop the mind to think -- but it can't be both ways. And while advanced souls often have the ability to struggle with what has been perpetrated upon them by well-meaning adults, and through much work they can gradually overcome the pitfalls of the culture they are born into, the vast majority of people do not. And they get caught up in perpetual loops of squandering away a multitude of lifetimes (see ).

The objective of religion is to Prove the Truth, and not to blindly believe in philosophical speculations and manmade dogma. The effect of genuine religion is to expand the mind, to deepen the person's understanding, undo the harm inflicted by the various cultures of this world, and assist the seeker in finding their inner soul-self, and the Kingdom within them (see ). The people of this world have been alienated from the true reality of their own soul, which is the Being of Light encountered in a Near Death Experience (see ) -- i.e., a reality of soul that is immortal, and already knows far more than all the books that one could read, and far more than the teachers of this world could ever know. And this opening of the inner "narrow gate" that Jesus taught about, is the primary purpose of religion -- which in our culture, has become confused with philosophy. What is the difference? Philosophy is a belief system that one speculates and contemplates -- often associated with blind faith and belief in the doctrines of men. In contradistinction to philosophy, religion is the mindset and lifestyle that proves the validity of one's philosophy. The lowest form of religion is outward rituals and traditions. These rituals are often allegorical, and must be turned within one's own mind and being. For the most part, modern day Christianity is not a religion -- it is a philosophy that has lost its direction and way. In a philosophy, opinion and theory is the the framework of thought. If we pose the question: Is Jesus God? It is the philosophical belief of the people who call themselves Christians, that he is -- regardless of what the Bible originally stated (see ). But because they have confused the essence of religion with the tenets of philosophy, they have permitted themselves to become mentally impotent and spiritually castrated -- i.e., unable to prove their beliefs, which is the purpose of religion. Paul commanded to “prove all things” (1 Thes 5:21 KJV) -- and he was able to make this statement, because the framework of his thinking was Spiritual and Gnostic, rather than philosophical and dogmatic.

The differences between philosophy and religion can further be understood when one examines the difference between faith in relation to sure spiritual knowledge which is Gnostic, and this is demonstrated in the quote by Clement of Alexandria as found in Smith & Wace's Bible dictionary: “Faith is the foundation; knowledge the superstructure, by knowledge faith is perfected, for to know is more than to believe. Faith is a summary knowledge of urgent truths; knowledge a sure demonstration of what has been received through faith, being itself reared upon faith through the teachings of the Lord. Thus the Gnostic grasps the complete truth of all revelation from the beginning of the world to the end, piercing to the depths of scripture, of which the believer tastes the surface only. As a consequence of this intelligent sympathy with the Divine Will, the Gnostic becomes in perfect unity in himself, and as far as possible like God. Definite outward observances cease to have any value for one whose being is brought into abiding harmony with that which is eternal; he has no wants, no passions; he rests in the contemplation of God, which is and will be his unfailing blessedness.”

When Clement portrays the Gnostic Christian as being in “…unity in himself”, and developing and expanding his mind and being to the mature and perfected state the person has become “…like God” and “…brought into abiding harmony with that which is eternal”, he is portraying the necessary mindset and lifestyle that is able to bring this higher spiritual reality about in the life of the seeker. So while faith is philosophical, because it is opinion and speculation, Spiritual Knowledge is the Gnosis that is the product of Genuine Religion -- which is the mindset and lifestyle that proves the Truth. Where the people of this world dwell in a carnal stupor that the Bible calls the "outer darkness" (see Outer Darkness), the purpose of religion is to free the lost prodigal sons from the shackles of ignorance imposed upon them in this, the Far Country, and open the inner "narrow gate" to the Kingdom ( ). But modern secular philosophers and authorities have been so alienated from their own inner soul and the Kingdom, that they are totally ignorant of this deeper reality of human potential of mind and being. Further, modern faith-based religion which is the offspring of secular imposed doctrines of belief, is the result of man becoming so alienated from the Truth by manmade Church dogma, that man's philosophical beliefs have become obstacles to the acquisition of Gnosis. The result is that believers live under the philosophy that they can only know the truth when they pass from this life. And this faith-based fallacy is rejected in the Gospel of Philip where it warns: "Those who say that first they shall die and (then) they shall arise are confused. If they do not first receive the resurrection (while) they live, they will not receive anything (when) they die" ( ).

Our Constitutional Forefathers were Deists and Gnostic -- and the religion that is protected by the First Amendment is not physical belief -- but rather, the practice of Spiritual Religion -- which is the mindset and lifestyle necessary to connect with one's higher soul-self, and the Inner Kingdom. The environment of the secular schools so alienate the child from their inner true self that our modern secular progressive culture is totally ignorant of, that the child is incapable of overcoming the spiritual damage that has been perpetrated upon them, with the result being that they are deprived of the Life that Jesus taught about. Thus, the California Judiciary has imposed a (spiritual) death sentence upon the children -- and deprived them of the opportunity of Life as revealed in the teachings of Jesus. And in their very limited understanding of religion as defined by the state of California, the First Amendment protection of the practice of religion has been totally thrown out. While philosophy is speculation and belief, the practice of religion is the thinking, mindset and lifestyle that enables the seeker to become the Final Temple (see ), which enables the Kingdom to Come within the seekers mind and being, and the process of second birth to be achieved. This necessary mindset and lifestyle which is the true practice of religion, has been banned by the state of California.

Brother Of Yeshua

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spiritual Christianity Outlawed!

Why is California outlawing Homeschooling? And like Germany which is still operating under laws enacted under Nazi rule, is forcing sincere believers to flee the state? Because the Christian Church has failed to restore the teachings of Jesus. There is no other reason? Further, because all secular progressive socialistic states use the schools to mind program the thinking and lifestyle of the child, the agenda in California to outlaw Homeschooling, will very quickly move into other states that are controlled by the Democrat Party.

As detailed in a previous letter to Jay Sekulow (see Letter) and the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), I demonstrated how the battle for School Choice could easily be won -- and especially a parents right to Homeschool their child. And while the majority of the modern Church has the right to embrace their faith-based doctrines of belief, both the historical facts and the Bible itself demonstrates that the true religion of Jesus was Spiritual and Gnostic, and this is confirmed on the Ebionite web site (see ). Which means that in the secular socialist environment of California, the true religious teachings of Jesus have been outlawed.

In a recent letter to Bruce Shortt entitled Exit From Government Schools, I demonstrate where it is impossible to be faithful to the teachings of Jesus, and send your children into the public school system that Mr. Shortt describes in his book The Harsh Truth About Public Schools (see WND article On The Sin Of Sending Children To Public School). Additionally, there are three articles on the Brother Of Yeshua Blog on the failure of the Church to protect and preserve parents rights to embrace the teachings of Jesus (see Blog).

The war on Homeschooling is not new in California and many other Democrat controlled states. On July 16, 2002, the California education department issued a memo that stated: In California, home-schooling – a situation where non-credentialed parents teach their own children, exclusively, at home whether using correspondence courses or other types of courses – is not an authorized exemption from mandatory public school attendance." Roberto Casas, director of child welfare and attendance for the Chino Unified School District in San Bernardino County, east of Los Angeles, wrote a letter to Homeschooling families which stated: "If your school is conducting a home-schooling program in which children are being instructed exclusively at home by non-credentialed persons, using a correspondence course, or another type of curriculum, it is likely that your school is not in compliance with the requirements of the compulsory school attendance laws of California." What is important here is to demonstrate that in the most liberal state in the union that is controlled completely by the Democratic Party, we see an attempt by government to interfere with a parents right to choose an educational alternative for their children. Most parents choose to Homeschool their children for religious reasons, or to safeguard their children from the immoral depravity and spiritual degeneracy of the public schools. Yet, parents are continually met with the greatest resistance to raise their children in a God-Centered manner, by liberal Democrats.

In the most recent attack on Spiritual Christianity which is not at all faith-based, the ruling came from the 2nd District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles and concluded that "all children ages 6 to 18 must attend public or private school full-time until graduation from high school or be tutored at home by a credentialed teacher" (see Homeschool Ruling). And for years California's war against Homeschoolers has a threefold agenda: (1) The Secular Progressive's war on religion; (2) appeasement of the powerful Teachers Union; (3) the agenda of rich leftists such as multi-billionaire George Soros who claims to have bought and paid for the Democrat party, and his Atheist agenda to eliminate the Church and legalize drugs, prostitution, and promote the homosexual agenda.

The fact that the Christian Church has failed to protect it's members from the onslaught of rich and politically motivated Atheists who hide under the cloak of calling themselves liberals and secular progressives, demonstrates their total abandonment of the teachings of Jesus. "Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and unto God, what belongs to God" -- and to hand over the souls who have been placed in the care of parents to the morally and spiritually degenerate environment of the public schools, represents a total abandonment of what Jesus taught (see The Children Of Caesar).

In my previous letter to Bruce Shortt (see Exit From Government Schools), I demonstrate that the Church has not only permitted government to define religion and religious teachings, but in my communications with Mr. Shortt I have detailed how the Church's unfaithfulness has brought about a Spiritual Diaspora, that has deprived faith-based Christians of the knowledge of the Mysteries of the Kingdom that Jesus taught to his inner core of disciples. The true issue at hand is one of a First Amendment attack on the practice of religion by the state of California.

Brother Of Yeshua