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Friday, November 30, 2018

Was Jesus Born Of A Physical Virgin?

With respect to the portrayal of Mary as a Virgin -- I replied to a post on FaceBook with the following:

The allegorical portrayal of virginity has an important spiritual meaning -- and this is why those who have achieved purity of the flesh, are always portrayed as virgins awaiting the BrideGroom.  This is ultra-important because the original followers and disciples of Jesus did not believe that he was born of a physical virgin (see The Ebionite Nazirenes ) -- and it should be noted that the family of Jesus as Ebionites, did not ascribe to the physical virgin birth -- (quoting): It must be noted that the mother and family of Jesus were all Ebionites -- as was his brother Jacob who they call James, and was the leader of the Ebionite Community.   In the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon notes that the teachings of Jesus was “…embraced by great numbers of the Therapeutae, or Essinians…”, and wrote that: “Le Clerc (Hist. Ecclesiast p. 477, 535) seems to have collected from Eusebius, Jerome, Epiphanius, and other writers, all the principle circumstances that relate to the Nazarenes or Ebionites. The nature of their opinions soon divided them into a stricter and milder sect; and there is some reason to conjecture that the family of Jesus remained members, at least, of the latter and more moderate party”.   The Ebionites who were totally faithful to the Original Gospel teaching, understood that the Kingdom or Second Coming can only come within the mind and body of the seeker/disciple who lives the necessary Consecrated Life in TheWay  (see The End Times - Armageddon/Rapture - The Coming Of The Kingdom ).

Quoting from : The Shepherd of Hermas that it was "...the most popular books, if not the most popular book, in the Christian Church during the second, third, and fourth centuries...", it remains unknown to the modern Church. Why? Why was the book that is representative of the core Gospel of the earliest Gentile Church, no longer is use today? Because while Hermas reflected the original teachings of Jesus and TheWay, it would be deemed heresy by the modern Church. And when rightly understood, the fact of the matter is that it is impossible for the modern believer, critic, biblical expert or scholar to in any manner understand the message that Hermas bears. Which means that if the Shepherd of Hermas was indeed the most popular scripture in the Gentile Church over the first three centuries, then it can rightly be stated that the modern Church has virtually nothing in common with the pre-Nicene Gentile Church.

In the Shepherd of Hermas a reference is made to a tower, of which it is written: “And the tower, I asked, what does it mean? This tower, he replied, is the Church. And these virgins, who are they? They are Holy Spirits, and men cannot otherwise be found in the kingdom of God unless these have put their clothing upon them: for if you receive the name only, and do not receive from them the clothing, they are of no advantage to you. For these virgins are the powers of the Son of God. If you bear His name but possess not His power, it will be in vain that you bear His name”.

In understanding what is written, it is most important for us to be aware of the continual message found in the words: “If you bear His name but possess not His power, it will be in vain that you bear His name”. Thus, if you call yourselves Christian, but fail to purify and develop your mind and body from the defilements of this world -- and do not possess the true Knowledge of the Spiritual Christ -- and have not yourselves inherited the same higher powers of mind that the Son of God promised all his followers would possess -- then “it will be in vain that you bear His name”.

The allegorical symbolism of the Virgin birth is representative of the purified flesh and lower nature that must be fertilized by Joseph, which is an allegorical portrayal of the Generative Power of the Kingdom.   And unless you are yourself born of the purified lower nature and the Generative Power of the Kingdom, then you cannot achieve the next stages of Birth.  And the reality correctly portrays the modern quasi-follower of Jesus when it states: “If you bear His name but possess not His power, it will be in vain that you bear His name”.  In view of the fact that modern Christianity has absolutely nothing in common with the Original Gospel teachings (see ), it is in vain that modern believers even call themselves Christian. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Paul The Apostate

I had made the statement in one of the Nazirene forums that Paul was a spiritual fraud. I was asked to clarify this, and wrote the following in clarification:

When I said that Paul as an Apostle, was fictitious, it was because the scriptures are not historical -- they are portrayals of the body, mind and spirit. The events reported are allegorical, and they did not historically happen. What was being presented in the Book of Acts was the evolution of Conscious. Quoting from Inconsistencies Intentionally Written Into The Scriptures 

In order to force the reader to stop, and contemplate the inner spiritual message, a conflicting account is purposely entered into the scriptures: Acts 9:7 reads: “And the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man”. Yet, in Acts 22:9 the narrative reads: “And they that were with me saw indeed the light, and were afraid; but they heard not the voice of him that spake to me”. It means absolutely nothing for the modern reader to believe that Saul was converted on the road to Damascus -- there is no spiritual edification or uplifting when we relate this knowledge to an historical event at the beginning of our Common Era. But what is conveyed spiritually is of great value to the disciple in search of the Light -- and must bring about a change of mind in his quest to open the door to the Kingdom. Thus the disciple begins to see his own transformation from the death of Stephen as spirit became clothed with flesh, to Saul -- from a Jew to Paul (the name means "little one" -- from Paul the little one, whose blindness was healed by Ananias -- the gift from God.

The transformation of Consciousness is presented in the meaning of the names. And when you realize that the Gospels teach that all of mankind are born blind (see Soul-Evolution - Reincarnation And Soul-Development ), then what you are being presented with in the meaning of the names, is the evolution of Consciousness. But because of the misinterpretation of the Book of Acts, a number of Gentiles wrote and taught under the name of Paul, and they claimed to be apostles. Quoting from 

Few modern Christians are even aware of the historical dispute between Peter and Paul -- or why the original Ebionite Nazirenes opposed Paul -- or the fact that they are not following the religion of Jesus, but more so the tenets of Simon Magus and the religion of Mithraism. Under the heading of Simon Magus in the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica it states pertaining to the writings attributed to Clement, the disciple of Peter, in the Homilies: “…the common source of these documents may be as early as the 1st century, and must have consisted in a polemic against Paul, emanating from the Jewish side of Christianity. Paul being thus identified with Simon, it was argued that Simon's visit to Rome had no other basis than Paul's presence there, and, further, that the tradition of Peter's residence in Rome rests on the assumed necessity of his resisting the arch-enemy of Judaism there as elsewhere”

The whole foundation of salvation by faith without any requirement of actions -- and salvation can be acquired regardless of how one lives their lives -- has totally destroyed the very Gospel foundation. And I can't even say that Christianity is Mithraism under a different name, because the Initiates of Mithraism were known as Christians before the name was applied to the people of TheWay. Quoting from CHRISTIANITY EXISTED PRIOR TO THE BIRTH OF JESUS ( )

Today we call ourselves by the Greek word Christian -- but have we ever questioned where the term originated? And what does it mean? The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge confirms that the name "originated outside of Christian and Jewish circles". The Mercer Dictionary of the Bible states that: "By the late first and early second centuries the name ‘Christian,’ which early believers avoided using of themselves, was beginning to be accepted". 

If modern believers were truly sincere in their desire for a more intimate relationship with the Lord, they would immediately want to know and question why "early believers avoided" using the name Christian? When it is realized that even the very name Christian was in use prior to the time of Jesus, we truly begin to grasp the Pagan connection. The name Christian was a term employed to describe one who was an initiate, and understood the inner meaning of the Greek and Roman mystery religions. Thus, the early followers of Jesus refused to be called Christian, and call Jesus the Christ, because the word was used in reference to enlightened Pagans and their gods. 

Prior to being corrupted, the Epistles associated with Paul were preaching Mithraism and the seeking of becoming the Anointing (Christ). One of the first corruptions of these Epistles was when they added the name Jesus in conjunction with the word Christ. In reality, the whole of Christiandom is Mithraism that is being supported with a spiritually castrated set of Gospels.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Judgment Of Other Rligious Paths

While many critics condemn organized religion, I replied with the following for the person of Reason and Intellect to consider:

While on many points I can agree with the fact that much of Fundamentalism is a cult -- and everyone has the right to express their opinion -- if the Natural Laws of this realm is understood, there is a Higher Purpose to life that the vast majority of people are ignorant of.  And in this respect, Jesus also taught that our judgments of others will come back upon us -- which means that if we judge the Fundamentalist, then if we fail to present others with a better path to fulfill the Higher Purpose of this life, then our own judgments come back upon us and flat-line our own development.

Science has proven that this world is a shadow-image of a higher UNSEEN REALITY that mystics portray as SPIRIT (see The True Facts And Realities Of Life ). Yet, science has yet to find a path or a means to gaze into the UNSEEN SOURCE, and/or even gain entrance into the SOURCE. Yet, THE MAJORITY of those who do develop verifying degrees of the ability gain access to the SOURCE, are basically drawn from Organized Religion. So one can say that Organized Religion can be portrayed as kindergarten for developing Higher Spirituality in the life of the seeker.

Every person who walks the face of the earth has the innate ability to not only gaze into the UNSEEN SOURCE, but to actually enter into the SOURCE REALM. In fact, the graphic on the right which is used by many spiritually orientated groups, is the image of man escaping the limitations of this realm, and gaining entrance to the SOURCE REALM within himself. And the vast majority of people who succeed in making the journey, begin by seeking the Source and Essence of their own religious teachings.  In the case of Christianity, the Restored Source is presented at .

Those who understand the Natural Laws of Creation, also understand that our words come back upon us -- and when we judge and condemn others without providing a better path to achieve the purpose of life, then our own development becomes flat-lined. 

Thursday, November 08, 2018

The Path Of Spiritual Truth

The idea that all you have to do is be a good person is drawn from the framework of getting a passing grade from a deity who will evaluate the life you lived in an after death state.  The problem is that there is no after-death evaluation by any judge or deity.   In reality, you are your only judge.  And the mark of success is determined by the degree that you, as an embryonic image of your True-Self, are able to evolve to become your true potential.   And while it is good to be a good person, that is not the primary requirement of life.  That is like having a job and your idea of fulfilling the role of employee is showing up.  Or, expecting a passing grade in school because you showed up.  The minimum requirement of life is to treat others as you would want to be treated.  To do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.   That is the minimum requirement.  As an employee, you not only have to show up, but you have to fulfill the requirements of employment.  What is the purpose and objectives of life?   If you went to school and just hung out and was nice to your fellow students, your exemplary behavior would not fulfill the purpose and objectives of your attendance as a student.   In like manner, treating others as you would want to be treated is the minimum requirements that set the stage for you to fulfill the purpose and objectives of your presence in this life.  Quoting from the article on the Tree of Life ( 

To accomplish what the historical man Jesus did -- and fulfill our own Destiny -- we must ourselves evolve through four (4) stages of the birth processes -- wherein, each womb environment is necessary to both evolve us, and prepare us to bring about the next subsequent stage of birth.   Holographically, when you emerged out of the womb of your mother, you entered the Cosmic Womb of Mother-Earth (see Mental Womb) -- and it is in this world that is a Mental Womb, wherein you are striving to Enter The Kingdom Of Man.   The United States Supreme Court has ruled that a fetus is not a person -- and to some degree the ruling portrays the plight of the vast majority of the people of this world.  Quoting from the foregoing link: In the same way that the fetus has an undeveloped human body that is in the process of physically developing in accord with the Laws of Nature, when we are born into this world we dwell in a mentally-infantile condition that through the interaction of the Natural Laws, we have the potential to bring about the next stage of birth -- i.e., Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” (see Mental Womb).   Where the formation of our physical body can be portrayed as a cookie-cutter process, this would not be true with respect to the process of mental development.   Why?   Because the development of mind requires choice, freewill, and the living out of the choices we have made in order to learn through our experiences.  Therefore, there can be no cookie cutter interaction with the Natural Laws that bring about the next stage of birth.   While the Laws of Nature can provide a physical body for the Soul to inhabit, the development of mind requires a very different and complex interaction of the Natural Laws in order to respond to our choices, exercise of freewill, and the mindset and lifestyle we have chosen to live out.  Just because we are born in the image of man, that does not mean that we have attained the Kingdom of Man.  And this is seen in the statement in Genesis: "Then God said, Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground" (Gen 1:26).  Which is followed by: "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." (Gen 1:27).  While it is true that we were created in the "image" of Creator-God, what is portrayed in the term "likeness", is a higher reality that must be achieved. 

One of the realities that can be drawn from the Near Death Experience is a number of people who stated that when they were out of the physical body, they possessed a greater truth than what exists in this world.  And the thought they were imbued with when they returned back into the body, was the need to seek Knowledge -- not the knowledge of man or academia -- but Higher Spiritual Knowledge.  Before you can begin to understand higher-reality concepts, you must first be exposed to them.  When you are exposed to them, then your Higher Soul-Self can lead you onto a higher level of comprehension through the development of your latent areas of mind.  When many people read the websites associated with this group (see ), they often say that what is revealed to them they feel was truths they already possessed that was brought to the surface of their comprehension.  And it is not until we begin to develop the spheres of mind that enable us to utilize the process of Anamnesis  (see The Innate Knowledge Of The Truth Of All Truths: ) -- that we can begin to tap into the Higher Source of Knowledge and Being within us.  And in this respect, modern academia which is little more than Linear based mind-programming, has inhibited more people from finding Truth, than the corrupted religions that obstruct man's path to Truth.  

It is important to understand why the person in a Near Death Experience knew far more when their consciousness was freed from the body, than when they are in it.  The genuine religious/spiritual paths enable the seeker to begin to transform the physical body, so it can vibrate at the frequencies of Higher Spiritual Reality -- and this process is explored in great detail at The Evolving Soul , AND especially at Soul-Breath And The Common Ground Of The Fourth Kingdom   In order to fulfill the purpose of the life we are living, we must transform the body to enable it to be the environment that allows us to bring about Wholeness (see Wholeness of Mind & Being ) -- and only with Wholeness can we bring about the next stage of Soul-Birth and overcome the division between the three-dimensional person we are in this world, and our True twelve-dimensional Higher Soul-Self.  And since each of us possesses a Source of Higher Truth within us that we possess the innate ability to tap into, in most instances the framework of linear-academia and doctrinalized religion are anchors that insure our failure.